The unexpected end of the shirt that Steve Hodge gave to Maradona the day Diego scored his two goals against England in the 86 World Cup

The jersey that will go to auction and the protagonists: Maradona, Hodge and Garré
The jersey that will go to auction and the protagonists: Maradona, Hodge and Garré

A jersey has inhabited the Manchester Football Museum for 20 years and will be at the center of a competition organized by the famous auction house Sotheby’swhat do you expect to receive between 5 million and nearly 8 million dollars. The fate of the other protagonist of one of the most iconic exchanges in the history of this sport is a real mystery …

The controversy has settled: the British Steve Hodge is willing to sell the jacket he traded with Diego Maradona after his most inspired performance, the two shout to England, the “Hand of God” and the “Goal of the Century”, in the duel for the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. The former midfielder assures that it is the shirt that the champion wore in the second half, when he left his mark in history. Dalma Maradona Y Claudia VillafaniPelusa’s ex-wife, they deniedclaiming that it is actually what he used early on.

Sotheby’s, as a guarantee for the auction, he reported that he had carried out an in-depth study to verify that it is precisely the clothing with which the Ten distinguished themselves in the second 45 minutes of that 22 June at the Azteca stadium. He hired an “external firm expert in Resolution Photomatching” to compare the piece with the photos and confirmed it. in that process he found “more conclusive matches” with which Maradona scored his two goals, such as “frayed threads and seam imperfections on the front patch of the shirt.

Behind the fight for the stage where Diego wore that jacket there is another story. Because to get the uniform with which Maradona took the ball in ecstasy, Hodge handed over his own, with the number 18. So he told it in the book he signed with his story, forever linked to that event, to the point that he titled it “The man with the shirt of Maradona”.

A fundamental work to deepen the milestone represented by Argentina-England is “El Partido”, by the journalist Andrés Burgo. There, he details that exchange for posterity … Above all, for English posterity. “In the end I wanted Maradona’s shirt, but there was a bit of a queue, a lot of suitors. The tradition is to trade it with the closest rival you had in the game and Steve Hodge scored Diego in the last five minutes, so he kept the shirt, “prologue John Barnes in his bio.

“When the game was over, a couple of teammates wanted Maradona’s shirt. At first I didn’t even think about it. I had never done that in the World Cup and just wanted to get away quickly. The Argentines celebrated like crazy. But since we were already eliminated, I said to myself: ‘Well, I can try’, and I went to shake Maradona’s hand. Chris Waddle was on the same page. In this they asked me to speak to Gary Newbon – the interviewer -, and that delayed me, so it took me a couple of minutes to leave the field. The teams had two separate tunnels, but they joined underground and took us to the changing rooms. Going for mine, I see how Maradona goes for his too. We looked at each other and I pulled my shirt off, as if asking for a change. He nodded yes and voila. It was pure chance. He folded his hands in thanks and walked awayHodge narrated.

The “Hand of God”: Diego has already surpassed Peter Shilton, with malice as his flag (File El Grafica / Getty Images)

“When I returned to England I put the shirt in the attic of my house and it stayed there until 2022, when I saw news that caught my attention: one of the T-shirts that Pelé wore at the 1970s World Cup went up for auction and sold for £ 150,000. I knew that Maradona’s in 1986 could be comparable and the shirt he wore became a topic of conversation. I was invited to a TV show in London and traveled the day before. At eleven in the morning they called me to ask if I had brought it. I didn’t have it, so I called my mother-in-law to find it and send it to me by motorbike by courier. I got very nervous until he was delivered to me at two in the morning. In another program, one of the drivers wanted to put it. Like all clothes of that time, Maradona’s was very small, so I started sweating more for it than for the lights in the studio. I was afraid it would break and that helped me decide to insure it, but it was very difficult because no company wanted to value it. So I left it at the National Football Museum in Preston. People ask me more questions about Maradona’s shirt than anything else. I’ve never washed him, he still has his perspiration and his DNA, ”he detailed his journey.

“I had offers to sell it but I didn’t want to: it is the great moment of my career and a reminder of the best player who has played this sport”, replied to Burgo via e-mail regarding a hypothetical transaction. Today, judging by the certification that will start on April 20, he has changed his mind. Now, the journey of the glory-lit piece is well known. But what happened to the English jacket, which at least up to the locker room traveled in the hands of Maradona? That act of sporting camaraderie, too, had generated the annoyance of his teammates at the midfielder who crossed Aston Villa, Tottenham and Leeds among other teams.

“There was no way I wanted to trade jerseys with any of the Argentines. Irony of fate, the only person who wanted to get their hands on Maradona’s shirt was “Mr. Forgetful” himself, Steve Hodge. He still has it and it’s worth a fortune. I wish I had it”, He described the atmosphere of the losing locker room Kenny Sansomalso in his biography.

Diego was the owner only by a whisker. It is that a jacket, or a detail of him, was stronger than him. When he walked into the dressing rooms of Argentina, in the midst of the euphoria, discovered that Oscar Garré had traded with Gary Lineker, the English number 10. And, for Pelusa, n. 10 officiated as imam. So, he offered left-back Hodge’s offer in exchange for the forward turned journalist. That is what remains today in the museum of the treasures of Maradona that his family inherited.

The fate of the Hodge jersey today is unknown. And not because the Magician has forgotten it. consulted by Infobae, Garré did not want to deepen the controversy on the authenticity of the cloak to be auctioned: “I followed the topic in a superficial way, I know from the comments, because they ask me”. But he confirmed that Hodge’s jacket is history … Literally.

The precise moment of the definition of Diego to be signed
The precise moment of Diego’s definition of signing “the goal of the century” (Getty Images)

I have no more shirts, many of my children have lost them. And, at some point, many years ago, my house was broken into and many valuables were taken away., including some souvenirs, T-shirts, ankle boots, socks; I had practically nothing left to remember, ”he complained about the sentimental content of the loot stolen by thieves.

The only one I have left is the shirt we used against Peru, when we qualified for the 86 World Cup, in the last match of the 85 Qualifiers; I framed it. And also that of Ferro, when I retired, in 94; another that I framed. Then, a disaster, because I lost, they robbed me, and now with time you realize that they were very nice things to have “, he revealed, confirming that the two pieces of an emblematic barter did not suffer the same fate .. .


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