The unfortunate screw of the Chinese star that came to pass to triumph in Hollywood

Merle Oberona Hollywood star from the era of white and black, to fly an iconic icon in India, its birthplace. Mejor conocida to interpret the main paper in the classic Cumbres Borrascosas (1939), Oberon era una angloindia born in Bombay in 1911. Pero, as a star in the Hollywood Dance Age, mantuvo its secrets in secret, haciéndose pasar por blanca durante toda su vida.

Mayukh Sen, a writer and academic in the United States, knocked out his first name since 2009, after being released Oberon was one of the first people to be nominated for an Oscar. Your fascination with crucifixion with its cells and profusion in its passage.

Merle Oberon born in Bombay (Instagram photo @merleoberonlove)
Merle Oberon born in Bombay (Instagram photo @merleoberonlove)

“As you say, empathize with the feeling that you have to cultivate a part of your identity in order to survive in a host society that it is not actually a list to accept what it is”, Says. You need a biography to count the history of the actress from a perspective on Asia.

Dejar India: a madra oculta y su pasón por la actuation

Oberon, cuyo nombre real era Estelle Merle O’Brien Thompson, born in Bombay in 1911, epochs in which India was a British colony. Your mother wind is part of the origin of Ceylon -hoy Sri Lanka- and in part Maori, mientras que su padre era británico.

The Calcutta family died in 1917 after Oberon’s father died in 1914, and comenzó a actuar thanks to the amateur Theatrical Theatrical Society in the 1920s. Designed for the first time since a movie in 1925, the fashion movie “The Angel of the Dead”, Oberon was inspired by its protagonist, Vilma Bkynky, to be converted into an actress, by Sen.

To shoot star with her wallpaper in Cumbres Borrascosas (Instagram photo @merleoberonlove)
To shoot star with her wallpaper in Cumbres Borrascosas (Instagram photo @merleoberonlove)

They flew to France in 1928, hoping that a coroner from the ground would present the director Rex Ingram, who had two small papers in his files. The mother of OberonCharlotte Selby, who only had the most pain, the acompañó as su mucama.

A 2002 documentary released The Trouble with Merle (in Spanish, The problem with Merle) descubrió m ts tarde que Selby era, de hecho, la abuela de Oberon. The shadow of Selby, Constance, on Oberon when he was a teenager, pero the present fueron juntas cry as hermanas durant algunos años.

The choice of your “new” country of origin

The first opportunity of Oberon is the wine of Alexander Korda, a movie with the one that barks the most, which legally as Ana Bolena en The private life of Enrique VIII (1933).

Korda’s publicists’s support tuvieron that inventory a story to explain its origins. Tasmania fue elegida as its new place of birth “Since the establishment of the United States of Europe and Australia (in Australia) and, in general, the ‘British’ consideration has come to the fore,” said Marée Delofski, director of The Trouble with Merle, in her notes on the documentary.

Oberon se hizo pasar por una girl of high class de Hobart (capital of Tasmania) who could not help India after being killed in a car accident, says Delofski.

Without embargo, the pronto act to comply with an intrinsic part of tradition local in Tasmania y, taking care of the rest of the carrera, the Australian media securing the car with curiosity and curiosity. Including reconnaissance in Tasmania as its origin and raz vez mencionó a la India.

Merle Oberon ocultó sus orígenes para brillar en la actuación (Instagram photo @merleoberonlove)
Merle Oberon ocultó sus orígenes para brillar en la actuación (Instagram photo @merleoberonlove)

Pero Calcuta la recordaba. “In the decades of 1920’s and 1930 hubo short passages about ella in the memories of many English men”Which lives in the city of India, according to the periodical Sunanda K. Datta Ray. “The children who are born in the citythat the operator of the telephone exchange and that has won a competition in the restaurant Firpo ”, agrega.

The consolidation in Hollywood

How to get the most movies in Hollywood, Oberon is located in United States in 1935 nominated for an Oscar por su papel and a new version of El ángel de las tinieblas. Pero fue su actuation en Cumbres Borrascosasunder the title of Laurence Olivier’s interpretation, which consolidates its presence in the industry.

Cumbres borrascosas (1939)

Substantially la eligieron a ella sobre Vivien Leigh, otra actriz nacida in India, because the team detraás from the synthetic film that wind is a more important number, says Sen. A section of the advertised movie in The New York Times when it seems that Oberon has left “Perfectly captured the changing spirit and inquiry of (Emily) Brontë’s heroine”.

The finale of the 1930s catapulted Oberon into its great league, narra Sen. Intimate circulatory system including figures like the composer of the music Cole Porter and playwright Noël Coward.

The transformation in its accent and the color of the peel

Korda and veteran producer Samuel Goldwyn ayudaron a Oberon a change some aspects as your agent, that hubieran delatado sus origens of sur Asia, says Sen. But the secret of Oberon is not about her, but about her its clear brown color le facilitaba pasar por blanca en la pantalla.

“It simply came to our notice then sent the need to silence the frequently murmured que era mestiza. “The Chinese periodicals of the epoch notaban not their thesis more bronzeada”, says Sen. Algunos afirman reports that Oberon’s pie se dañó por trlatamientos de blanqueamiento.

Merle Oberon habría se realized realized to change the color of her pussy (Instagram photo @merleoberonlove)
Merle Oberon habría se realized realized to change the color of her pussy (Instagram photo @merleoberonlove)

Described by Oberon result in herring and scarring in the car in a car accident In 1937, the director of photography Lucien Ballard developed a technique that illuminates a way of imitating the ocurrida (Oberon divorced Corda and married Ballard in 1945).

“Algunas points out that technology has been shaped by a form of blanquear el rostro de Merle ante la cámara ”, says Sen.

The sobry of Oberon, Michael Korda, which publishes a book of family memories lit Alexander Korda: A screw of ensemble in 1979, dijo que details of your passage después de que ella lo amenazó con demand to include real name and place of birth.

“Assuming that you have enough water to get from your point of view, but you have to import a lot more than you have,” said an interviewer with the diary. The Los Angeles Times.

Las mentiras salen a flote

With the passage of time, the farce is selected more than once. In 1965, Oberon booked public accommodation and a trip to Australia desperately interested in the local periodicals have only curiosity for their precedents.

Reports from this era confirm that the establishment of the last visit to Tasmania in 1978, or that lag preguntas sobre su identidad seguían surgiendo. Pero ella nunca admitó la verdad en plicblico. Murió en 1979, de un derrame cerebral.

In 1983, su herencia angloindia is revealed in a biography, Princess Merle: The Romantic Life of Merle Oberon (in Spanish, Princess Merle: The romantic life of Merle Oberon).

Merle Oberon murió in 1979 (Instagram photo @merleoberonlove)
Merle Oberon murió in 1979 (Instagram photo @merleoberonlove)

Los autores encontraron at a birthday party in Bombaya certificate of Bautism and cards and photographs taken by Indian couples.

Through your book, You transmit enormous pressures that Oberon appears as a woman from Asia “Introducing an industry that does not have a design to adapt to and produce a job that helps you lose money.” “Lidiar con esas luchas no pudo haber sido fácil. It ás útil sentir empathy by ella que juzgarla”.

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