The United States volvoí a advertir a Putin que si usa nuclear arms “tendrá consecuencias catastróficas para Rusia”

Vladimir Putin is advertised by the EU (EFE/Sputnik)
Vladimir Putin is advertised by the EU (EFE/Sputnik)

Estados Unidos advirtió este domingo al gobierno de Vladimir Putin de que cualquier uso de armas nucleares will have “catastrophic consequences” for Russiathat the North American country and its allies will respond “de manera decisivea”.

Así lo aseguró the National Security Advisor of the White House, Jake Sullivan, en una interview con CBS News en la que dijo que hay que “tomarse muy en serio” el posible uso de armas nucleares por primera vez desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

We have communicated directly, in private, at very high levels to the Kremlin, that any use of nuclear weapons will have catastrophic consequences for Russia, that the United States and our allies will respond decisively.“, aseguró el asesor.

In a televised speech last Wednesday, Putin mentioned the “weapons of the future” to warn NATO that Russia has a nuclear arsenal “unparalleled” that allows it to counter any occidental threat. “I want to remember that our country also has different offensive systems and, in some components, they are more modern than those that have the NATO countries,” he threatened.

El presidente de ruso volvoí a arremeter contra Occidente

En opinión de Sullivan, tanto en public como en privado The United States has been “clear and specific” about what would imply a possible use of nuclear weapons, which the Gobierno de Joe Biden “will respond with decision”, he insisted.

The United States, added the gubernamental assessor, will continue to support Ukraine in its efforts to defend the country and its democracy and record that it has provided more than 15,000 million dollars in aid to armaments and air defense systems.

A few days ago, Biden answered what Putin would say if the Russian leader is considering using nuclear weapons:
A few days ago, Biden answered what he would say to Putin if the Russian leader is considering using nuclear weapons: “No, you won’t. You will change the face of the war like never before from the Second World War” (Reuters)

In the interview, Sullivan also referred to the current situation of the Russian Army and assured that the mass mobilization of citizens “is not exactly a signal of strength or trust”, but “a signal that they are suffering much on the Russian side.” “.

How would a Russian nuclear attack be?

Analysts affirm that Moscow could potentially deploy one or more nuclear weapons.tactics“. Se trata de armas atomicas pequeñas con un poder explosivo que va desde 0.3 hasta 100 kilotonescomparadas con los 1.2 megatones de la major cabeza nuclear estrática estánico estadounidense o con la bomba de 58 megatones probada por Rusia en 1961.

Las bombas tácticas están desinadas para tener un impacto limitado en el campo de batalla.

Sin embargo los terminos “pequeñas” y “limitadas” son relativos. The atomic bomb that the United States dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 had a devastating effect of 15 kilotons.

¿A qué blancos apuntaría Moscú?

Experts believe that the objective of Russia will be with the use of tactical nuclear weapons provocate temor para obligar a una rendition de Ukraina o un sometimiento a negociaciones, y así dividir a los países occidentales que apoyan la guerra.

Mark Cancian, military expert of the CSIS international security program in Washington, said that Russia will probably not resort to nuclear weapons on the front line.

After Ukraine's successful counteroffensive in Kharkiv, Russia contemplates using nuclear weapons (Reuters)
After Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive in Kharkiv, Russia contemplates using nuclear weapons (Reuters)

Capturar unos 32 kilometers de territorio podría requirer de unas 20 small nuclear bombs. “Usar una no sería suficiente“, said Cancian.

Pero Moscú podría evitar multiple bajas detonando una nuclear bomba sobre el agua o explotando una a gran altura sobre Ukraina para generate an electromagnetic pulse que collapsaría los equipos electronicos.

O podría optar por major destrucción y muerte atacando ukranian military bases, o golpeando un centro urbano como Kiev.

Such scenarios “probably would be designed to divide the NATO alliance and the global consensus against Putin”, he wrote Substack Jon Wolfsthal, an exasesor de la Casa Blanca y experto en el tema nuclear. Pero “no está claro si ello podría tener éxito, y facilente podría ser visto tanto como un acto de desperación como de determination“, he explained.

Experts believe that the West could not have another option to respond, and that such response could come from NATO as a block, instead of a response from the United States alone. Pero cualquier respuesta debiere “make sure that Putin’s military situation is not improved with this attack, and that his political, economic and military position suffers as a result”, Wolfsthal estimates.

The United States has positioned a centenary of its own tactical nuclear weapons in NATO countries and could respond at the same level against the Russian forces.

This will demonstrate the determination and record of Moscow’s dangerous actions, according to Matthew Kroenig of the Atlantic Council. Sin embargo, “this can also provoke a Russian nuclear reprisal, elevando el risego de un major intercambio nuclear y de un major humanitarian disaster”.

Otro riesgo es que algunos members de la OTAN rechacen una respuesta nuclear, serviendo a los objetivos de Putin de debilitar la alliance.

(With information from EFE and AFP)


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