The VoxPop vocal and humorous band celebrates 20 years

Se jactan de ser a rock band without instruments. Gusta decir eso, porke se creen muy rockeros. Including when a two-year-old performs a concert that hits people and others: “You are not a rock band, you are a rock band”. And how do you lock a gun?

VoxPop complete 20 years in the scenarios and the party with a cycle of shows in Border, which combines music with instruments, humor and a repertoire with original themes and bow songs even a fiesta available with the participation of the public and invitations

“For this spectacular tiramos all carne al asador. We have classic rock songs that are always up and running, and we only have a moment in the spectacular dungeon where the public can live in the song that wants to download an application in the mobile. We call ‘VoxPop a la carte’; moments when we need to sing to the public and we still animate to share the original themes created in pandemic ”, anticipa Axel Jeannot, one of the integral members of the group chapel music group, led by Javier Diez, Mariano Avruj, Matthias Hilaire, Pablo Kaloustian, Hernán Laperuta and Oscar Llóbenes.

Axel Jeannot, Javier Diez, Mariano Avruj, Matías Hilaire, Pablo Kaloustian, Hernán Laperuta and Oscar Llóbenes at VoxPop
Axel Jeannot, Javier Diez, Mariano Avruj, Matías Hilaire, Pablo Kaloustian, Hernán Laperuta and Oscar Llóbenes at VoxPopDIEGO SPIVACOW / AFV

The repertoire is very varied, from rock and pop national and international, reggae, disco, zamba or reggaeton; and its hit is one of the most different songs to interpret: “Rapsodia Bohemia”, by Queen.

“Aunque hacemos todos los styles always like defined as a rock band without instruments. We do not live in the middle of rocky creeksy más aún cuando ya pasaron 20 años ”, bromea Jeannot.

Á What is the secret to transforming a body into a rock band? “We explained how we got rid of the secret salsa night recipe”, says Javier Diez, one of the company historians who elaborates these classic themes with a solo instrument: the voz.

“In reality, there is no mystery, but there is a lot of confusion and error and miles of practice time away from them. The handles typically sing the letter o ‘ues’ and ‘aes’ of the armchair in distinct vocals. Pero nuestro objetivo es romper un poco con el sonido coral ”, said Diez.

The base of VoxPop is the battery, one by one (Pablo Kaloustian), and the sono by (Mariano Avruj), the only integrals of the group that have “instrumental” threadsa quienes luego se suman capas superpuestas de brasses, teclados, guitars and the turn soloist. All the sounds are ejaculated in vivo, without effects, using more than the human train and a microphone.

“Assuming the microphone is important in the soundtrack; it is not possible for me to sing as much as I can because I can sing loudly; cambian los armónicos, la equualización, todo. Each of these forms forms the base of the sonic night. See a box where you can find the result by swinging your elbows and squeezing. We do not practice practicing one and the other with rare sounds “, Diez explicitly.

Members of the junta, the majority of their integrals tocaba algún instrumental, share script tocando in bands, working in theater or musical comedy. The whole idea of ​​forming this band, like a chariot in the dressing rooms since 2000, led in Europe and the United States, was designed to cover the “Contemplaneous chapel”, a style that potentially explores the desolate rolling hills of music-making wild music . The resulting sonaba cada vez menos as a body and more as a band. And if you play like a game, you will be convinced in a concrete project that you will complete the decades.

Empezamos scouting and pulling arrays of other fine vocal bands from the late 80s and 90s like Bobby McFerrin, Rockapella, The Real Group, The Swingle Singers, Neri Per Caso. Our first passers-by sang hymns. Do not search for coral sonority, but clear the limits of what can be done with the train. Selected groups of Argentines from the ages 60 and 70 such as Buenos Aires 8 and Opus 4, or groups of jazzers such as Take 6. We are fed up with influential struggles and we are still struggling to make a lot of money. Luego, incorporating Pablo into the battery and changing the sound definitively, we found our own imprint with rock and humor. Hoy somos 70 per ciento, band de rock sin instrumentos y 30 per ciento humoristas. We do not like the idea of ​​making a recital in a stadium like making a tempo in a theater “, Diez explicitly.

It’s a comedy, the work with the humor that is most present in your spectacles, is the result of a conjunctural work, with Alfredo Allende in the authorial collaboration. “First surge from the musical, we go with mezclar songs but have chords or a similar groove and we mashupeamos or change the letter. We also play with the character of anti-heroes and we carry a lot of nosotros mismos. Improvisamos la idea y después todo se baja a libreto. Write the dialogues and the score “, explicitly Jeannot.

VoxPop celebrates 20 years in the Border
VoxPop celebrates 20 years in the BorderDIEGO SPIVACOW / AFV

Conclude: “Celebrating a 20 ° flight with VoxPop is a complete waste. There are not many bands that can be fastened at any time. Having reached the finals of the past, we have been able to get much out of the pandemic, we are trying to score in the show of 2022 and we are not aware that the past has been lost, we have not created it. Our rhymes, our abrazamos, our empezamos and we remember a lot of anecdotes and our sentiments that are orgullosos from the recurring chamber ”.

VoxPop 20 years old

Arreglos y musical direction: Juan Serruya.

Desde hoy, los sábados de mayo, a las 22.30. Border, Godoy Cruz 1838.

Intradas, 1800 pesos

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