Thelma Fardin plays on #NiUnaMenos and the junta between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

It is June 3 selects all of the first moving gear #NiUnaMenos, celebrated in 2015 in front of al femicidio de Chiara Páez.

It is a particular anniversary, actress Thelma Fardin shared in social media her reflections on situations of violence against women. Además, se refirió al ya famoso fall in love with Johnny Depp and Amber Heardin part, explicitly, because of the insistence of many of its followers that it exposes itself to the event.

The interpreter, who denunciation against Justice by actor Juan Darthés for sexual abusegrab in a video, that ayer shared on your Instagram account with the phrase: “Mañana [por hoy] is the 3-J, which does not focus on us: all of them are good ”.

Laura Azcurra and Thelma Fardin in one of the many marches convened by various feminist organizations
Laura Azcurra and Thelma Fardin in one of the many marches convened by various feminist organizations
Gerardo Viercovich – LA NACION

Commenting on the post, the actress said: “Vengo bastante hinchada the ovaries porque you are much more interested in me or my compasses about the case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heardas in Argentina we do not set an agenda that is adequately loaded as for those who are preoccupied ”, says the ex-actress Patito Feo.

He continued: “The place is not where you can be moved by the sound of it in Argentina we have 117 femicidios and transvestites“Because it is absolutely not possible to update the figure in four months, it is a different order of magnitude, but it takes only about 30 hours per month, and it only changes minute by minute, but it does not work exactly that way.”

“In fact, we are against a woman who thinks, we are against an excuse that confirms the rule”, affirms Thelma Fardin in relation to Amber Heard and the judgment due to the difference that is close to Johnny DeppWIN MCNAMEE – GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

Fardin responds to various denunciations and situations that occur as a scenario. “Tenemos el caso Lucía Pérez” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>the case Lucía Pérezat which cost much more to secure a fec for the new juicer. We have ‘chineo’ cases, but I do not know what it is, chineo is the criollos that abuses the original children and grandchildren when they are between 8 and 10 years old. Tenemos el caso Buzzi, the Alperovich caseYou are not indoctrinated by this type of cosmos, as for example yo tenga que perseguir mi abusador por todo el planeta y, sin embargo, no conciga justiciawith four years of revictimization ”.

To enter, the examples of the local umbit “do not try to attenuate” and convince “try to mediate”. On the other hand, he remarked: how to exist solo for feministsas it does not bring a reality that attracts all of them, created or not, because it is not a matter of religion, it is a reality”.

“Patriarchy is not a matter of religion, it is a reality”, affirms Thelma FardinFabián Marelli – LA NACION

Actually followed, the actress reports more digits: “92 huérfanos per femicidios, 139 mujeres desaparecidos, 416 days without Tehuel88 attempts at femininity, and a number of denunciations that exist in the judicial and legislative system ”.

Newly referenced in court by the many differences that appear in the stands tribunals and Hollywood star ambassadors, Fardin reveals that he did not turn a blind eye to television. “Fui leyendo cosas sueltas, hoy intenté leer el fallo, todavía no lo encontré todo traducido, whether it is televised, which has an unhealthy audience level. I do not want to watch TV, but I do want to see the level of violence as someone who has been the victim of sexual abuse when I declare, and I do not have a permit ”, I asked.

However, the actress considered that, “If we are actually against a woman who thinks, we are against an expectation that confirms the rule”. Opinion: “All the apparatus that is being mobilized is the perfect function when the defender is an innocent man. From hecho, in Argentina, tenemos on agenda which is among these millionaires and not a few times in a class of violence ”, remarcó.

Thelma Fardin also refuses to address the consequences of denouncing aggression or sexual abuse situations. “Other consultations that I hago: dijeron que lo habían dejado sin laburo to Johnny Depp for these differences. For what it entails, the fall says that los dos difamaron. I do not know what to do, we do not have social media and we do not want to work on it, and I do not have a figure to judge this. “However, we do not question whether we are civilized or our abusers,” he said. And sum: “Our apparatus, our operatively medically acting like cobramos soldos, which is quality. We denounce publicly, constantly ”.

Finally, Fardin launched a question: “Do you think the pen reflects like this? No lo sé. But, in particular, it is not a case that I quite quite sue .o. I read more about Flavia Zagañas’s case, which we know locally, because we are always organized to see where we’s going to be, from where our humiliation takes place, and this system is unjust. Without embargo, we are trying to find what we are talking about, we want to create that because this denunciation is false, all denunciations are false. C Es cierto? No. Qu Nos quieren hacer creer eso? For suppuesto. ¿A quién le conviene? ”.

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