There is another global train that we want to get off the ground and we will pass

The statement came as Henry Kissinger argued at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that Ukraine should cede territory to Russia before the deadline, but that the Oslo Freedom Forum was organized by dissidents and dissidents. ruso Gary Kasparov, the present-day Ukrainians insist on repeating the phrase “we want to prevail” (“we will prevail”).

Atros, the results of the wars and the boards of the countries are decided not only in the battlefield, but also between four elites, such as the Kissinger, who voluntarily gave up the plow. Hoy, in terms of social networks, this series is very tolerant of Ukrainians, that suffocates the most horrible atrocities from part of Putin’s air.

The conclusion, the practical effects for Argentina, is that podemos predecir que la guerra va para largo. If Russia does not advance, it is in Ukraine’s last state, the Ukrainians all over the place, with the help of occupying weapons, exploring the Russian air force in its territory. More important a ,n, no cister ningún territory is available for lograr la paz.

The persistence of conflicting pressure that the problems of global abasement of algunos food and continental energy at a constant pace. Russia and Ukraine combined accounted for more than 30% of world exports of triglyceride and acetic acid, more than 15% of oil and 11.6% of petroleum. Russia also supplies 44% of the natural gas that Europe imports to the conflict.

From the beginning of the conflict until the game is over, The prices of oil, gas and natural gas – imported from barge – were 16%, 18% and 85%, respectively. These numbers include what is currently on the market, whether it is filtering planes for which Ukraine can export its production, or oil, receiving reports that Saudi Arabia is available to increase production.

The impact of the conflict on the production of food in the full term. Russia and Belarus, both of which are exported from Russia to the world, accounted for about 40% of potential exports of fertilizer, and between 15% and 20% of the total production of fertilizers, nitrogen and phosphorus. .

La global availability of fertilizers permite augurar a reduction of food production inclusive of the heating zone. The latest report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows rates of 0.6% and 2.9% in global high and low wages before 2022/2023, partially offset by a major soybean production. Climatic factors in the northern hemisphere as well as in the hemisphere suggest that the proximal report traces the news. It is no coincidence that the cover of the magazine The Economist of May 21 haya sido sobre “the catastrophic food that avecina.”

“The small global availability of fertilizers permeates a reduction in food production.”

The invasion of Russia and Ukraine divide the debate on food security and energy security on a global level. These are the biggest trends. One is the relocation of production from both autocritical and potentially hostile countries, such as China, to other accessible countries (for the Occidental release dates). En lleman in English “Re-shoring”in opposition to the process “Offshoring”, the transfer of production of pipes and services of the parts derarolled hacia parts of the cost as China, which has a variety of decays. The Secretariat of the United States Theory, Janet Yellen, recently reduce the vulnerability of Western democracies to China mediating the relocation of the cadmium chains hacia países amigos (“Friend-shoring”).

The second tendency in which to start is debate is one of them energy transition. As long as it is converted to a shock of reduced oil demand to increase electrical power, it is now more likely to be a shock of reduced supply. Follow the FMI, global inversion of oil and gas is 55% between 2014 and 2021, partly due to the pressure of inverters that do not seek financial support for petroleum.

These tendencies present a tremenda opportunidad para la Argentina. With Vaca Muerta, abundant reserves of lithium and other minerals, and the possibility of raising the production of granules up to 200 million tons in small quantities from about 125 million current, Argentina has a privileged position to respond to energy security and food security issues, and can be converted into a lasting strategic actor and the game of energy transition.

Solo faltan dos details. Uno, tener las condiciones económicas para realizar ese potencial. El segundo, poder be part of the essay lots of compatible parts, friends of western and democratic world.

“With reviews, quotes, export controls and an imposing confiscation system, Argentina is now looking for a solution to its food security and energy problems.”

The latest vicissitudes of President Alberto Fernández on the international stage nos hacen todo, menos confiables. In the gira europe mass offer as providers of food and energy, pidió and the European leaders that the term guerra, as well as the Russian invasion cruel pudiese olvidarse sin more. However, it is speculative that it is the antecedent of the Cumberland of America, which is celebrated in the United States between June 6 and 10. In spite of the dictatorships of the region, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, leading leaders without invasion, Fernández once again confused about his participation and wanted to create a parallel parallel to the Commonwealth) including the dictatorships. Cuando hay guerra no hay tintes medios. It is not from a ladle or it is from another. A big problem for a president who zigzags depending on who he is as an interlocutor, and for a president who is the other leader: admires Putin and the Chinese regime.

With reviews, quotes, controls on exports and an imposing confiscation system, Argentina now works as a solution to its food security and energy problems. The numbers are clear. The area’s stem and volume are cut from the main cultivars such as soybean, corn and sorghum expanding vigorously in periods with curvature and retention, as in the carols of Carlos Menem and Mauricio Macri, and keep pace with the expansion. lethal combination of angles, controls and retensions. Algo aún m mars markado ocurre con la exports carne: crecieron 70% en el gobierno de Macri, pero cayeron en el de Fernández. The external energy balance has surpassed the 90s, marking a record US $ 6081 million in 2006, a US $ 6579 million deficit in 2014, and a balance in 2019, y is due to a new deficit. It is possible to know how to ration gas in the industry.

The Gobierno recently levantó el cepo for the companies of the hydrocarbon sector which inject to increase gas or oil production. If they do not have the right impact, they are more than just marginal. Counters only gobernos deriveon benefits or schemes regulators and impositives that play elos mismos, or their respective authorities derogaron.

Deficiencies of the economic model of kirchnerismo not only impacting the cracking of the median plaza; también ponen en jaque a la supervivencia del model en el corto plazo. The exchange office is located in Banco Central to make reservations and to record exports of granules. Central bought at US $ 900 million a year, compared to US $ 5758 million in the current period of 2021, and per year, net of the FMI’s fundraising, US $ 4681 million in reserves in 2022.

Leading exports of soybeans and marbles to try marble, in one week, Banco Central is looking for reservations to book international reserves and to avoid devaluation of the peso. By 2021, by country, US $ 2300 million between August and year media.

The reverse model and climate do not allow much of the restrictions that the imposition will have on the triangular condition to take advantage of. The projections apuntan a a gap in the production of 10% of the circus with respect to the anterior angle. If the total value of this subsection is due to the high international prices, it does not serve the point that Gobierno needs to take in the choices.

Any other global train that supports the creation of our country at last is available. How about other occasions, the impromptu rental internado model has been welcomed from the internet, mientras rationelos aquello que nos debería sobrar.

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