These are the four most viewed dramas on Netflix in the world

These are the favorites of Netflix subscribing audiences around the world right now.  (Netflix)
These are the favorites of Netflix subscribing audiences around the world right now. (Netflix)

The most chosen fiction by consumers of Netflix and a Latin American fiction, the Argentine production, has slipped in that ranking, to the top of international films Granizo (all hail)protagonist William Francescathe Oscar-winning actor The secret in their eyes. And, as expected, the second season of Bridgerton it also reached number 1, with mind-boggling numbers.

In the second season of “Bridgerton” the story focuses on Viscount Anthony and his search for a wife. (Netflix)

After a great first season – which brought the universe of the series up to the Korean phenomenon of the game of squid-, this second installment of the series created by showrunner Shonda rhymes, the queen’s crown ranks with nearly 252 million viewing hours, making it the most viewed title in a week on the English spoken fiction list. A good figure to compete with the historic number 1, Squid game in fact, which dominates with almost 572 million.

Bridgertonbased on the novels of Giulia Quinnnot only captivated audiences enough to make it into the Top 10 in 39 countries, but also brought the first season back to second place, with 53 million viewing hours. In position 3 he was followed by the reality show Is it a cake? (Is it a cake?), with 26.5 million.

Ryan Reynolds stars in this futuristic story in which he is accompanied by Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldaña and Jennifer Garner. (Netflix)

Among the films in English, the Adam projectprotagonist Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldaña Y Marco Ruffalò, took the top spot with nearly 18 million viewing hours. This also allowed it to become part of the group of the most followed fictions in the history of the platform: it was ranked 5th, with 227 million.

Another fiction he is trampling on is The bubble (The bubble)the new comedy Judd Apatow, which managed to position itself in position 2 with over 12 million hours displayed. Meanwhile, the documentary Do not trust anybody: on the trail of the king of cryptocurrencies exceeded 12 million.

Guillermo Francella, the actor of the Oscar-winning film “The secret in their eyes”, is the protagonist of the great success “Granizo”. (Netflix)

As for international fiction, Salutations Y Job offer (Business proposal) conduct respectively between films and series. the film with William Francesca (The clan, My masterpiece) appeared in the Top 10 of 32 countries and was first in the global ranking with over 24 million viewing hours. It tells the life of a meteorologist, Miguel Flores, who errs in forecasting the weather and does not warn the population of the fall of the hail, which transforms his popularity into collective hatred and pushes him on a journey of emotional discovery.

Another film that measured itself very well in this category was black crab (Black crab)protagonist Noemi Raptor: entered the Top 10 of 78 countries and accumulated more than 11 million viewed hours. That did the job of Adam Bergfollowing six soldiers in a post-apocalyptic world as they perform a mysterious mission, will rank 5th in the world’s most popular fiction list.

Korean series continue to fascinate audiences: “Labor Proposal” has been number 1 for four weeks. (Netflix)

Perhaps as a legacy of the great impact it has had the game of squidthe Korean series manage to reach high levels of audiences. Job offer is an example: this fiction, which revisits the plot of the poor boy rich in girls in a modern and intelligent way, has been firmly in the first place of international television productions for four weeks with 32.5 million hours of viewing.

It is not the only South Korean title in the standings: others that are measuring themselves very well are twenty five twenty one (Twenty-five Twenty-one), Juvenile Court (Juvenile justice), The bad weather of love (Forecast of love and weather) and the zombie series We are dead (We are all dead) qe after 10 weeks it is still on the list with almost 9.5 million hours viewed.


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