They applied the right of admission to the 319 River bars: the video for which the accused of having launched the marine rockets before the fall of the Boca

They put him on the right of admission list

The image is shocking. Sebastian Alberto Sohar Tejada starts from the main avalanche deflector of the barra brava di River and start walking on the right side. Just finished the second half of Super classic but it has a mission set: fires marine rockets. In the video he managed to discover the Monumental Operations Control Unit (UCO), where the Municipal Police and the Judicial Investigative Corps collaborate, the moment is registered. AND It is the key evidence to indict this bar near Godoy Cave and charge him with attempted murder. It is the moment before what could have been a tragedy and fortunately it was just an anecdote of what can happen on the pitch if the bars dominate the territory, as it did that day. Tejada decided not to testify and although the prosecutor of the case, Celsa Ramírez, asked for his arrest, the judge decided that he would continue the trial at liberty. A matter of purpose, they tell him.

But even if it is free You will no longer be able to enter the Monumental: the Ministry of Security of Buenos Aires has just applied the right of admission and with it also other 318 river bars of the official and the dissident will be on the list of prohibitionsaccused of illegal association. Most of them are latecomers of the four buses that left for the Copa Argentina match in Salta against Laferrer on March 9, and weapons and drugs were found in the preliminary search of the Pan-American. And there were also on that list 20 members of the dissident faction that tried to create riots against Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata, in the match before the Superclásico played at the Monumental.

Therefore, the Ministry’s decision is a severe blow to Los Borrachos del Tablón, who were reorganizing, bringing unprecedented people of violence into football, both from the Ascenso teams and the suburbs, to try to take control of the Sívori again. , which from the end of 2018 until the end of 2021 was a free zone. But what’s more, the investigation is putting some of the club’s outsourced contractors under the magnifying glass, who allegedly lent a giant hand to the bars to get into the pyrotechnics one day before the game, which is why they avoided a police search. the day of the clash with Boca. According to the information managed by the Municipal Prosecutor for Major Events, The rockets, including the two from the navy, were stored in styrofoam boxes that were brought in vans belonging to an alleged drug dealer without the knowledge of management or the police., and were kept in a warehouse in the lower grandstand until the time of the match. Yes, a real scandal.

The marine rockets fired at the Monumental

The resolution signed by the Minister of Justice of the Municipality, Marcelo D’Alessandro, implies that Sohar Tejada will have a 4-year ban on entering any stadium. The remaining 318 are divided into groups whose restriction ranges from six months to four years, depending on the rank they hold in the brava bar. “We made this decision together with River. We want stadiums free from bars, “D’Alessandro said Infobae.

The provision will come into force from tomorrow in the official bulletin, so they will no longer be able to access the next home game of Gallardo’s team, which next Sunday is against Argentinos Juniors. And among the names that stand out is that of Leandro Ferreraleader of Beccar’s group. Gustavo il Tachero Luzziwhich was the link with the management at the time of Daniel Passarella as president, José Martin Vallejosthe famous Martin de SoldatiAnd Mariano César Patanchon, aka Golò. All from the inner circle of the bar boss, Héctor Caverna Godoy. And all from now on with a four-year ban to enter the field. Of course, the challenge now is that they don’t actually circumvent the provision. Tejada himself was banned from participating because he had fallen in the cause of the frustrated Copa Libertadores final against Boca and even so, as evidenced by the video he obtained Infobaehe can be seen walking very calmly along the popular street and carrying with him one of the rockets that a few minutes later would have crossed the air of the Monumentale and which did not kill anyone by chance.


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