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The camp of la Formula 1 is the flight. The Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull) cerró un fin de semana ideal en Italia al ganar de punta a punta el Grand Prix of Emilia Romagnaarrested by his Mexican team computer Sergio Pérezwhich supports monegasque embassies Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), who despise the car and lose key positions to sum up as leaders of the championship.

In the historical Imola circuit, there is a constant flow amenity that complicates the strategies of the teams, Verstappen cerró the faience that amazement constructs victory in the first time sprinting the tempo, that the permit conceive the pole position. The British Lando Norris (McLaren) cerró el podio.

Last night, the Miami Grand Prix kicked off on May 8th.

To avoid the error that cost the podium, Leclerc was forced to run in the championship with 86 points. Pero now has a lot to do with Verstappen, which boasts 34 units of Imola and trembles from sexto to second place, which occupies 59. Third is Perez, with 54. Top 10 complete Russell (49), Sainz (38), Norris (35), Hamilton (28), Bottas (24), Ocon (20) and Magnussen (15).

Red Bull cars celebrate the end of a social week, in the box of Mercedes, their biggest rival of the passing time and the dominant of the last decade, many times away. Aunque Russel hizo una buena carrera y terminó quarto; Hamilton tuvo otro domingo decepiantione and finalize 13 °, afuera de las posies que reparten puntos. “Lewis, perdón, sabemos que te dimos an inmanejable auto. Pero vamos a salir de esta”, sechuchó decir a Toto Wolff por radio. The British contest: “Tenemos que hacerlo mejor, mucho mejor”.

Leclerc, because when he failed to get an error in the loop by the second place, he scrambled his team through the radio to cross the meta. Ferrari wants a car for the car, with the abandonment of Sainz in the first flight and a sextet of the Monegasque, which you can still do because the car’s surprise.

Norris: “A gran carrera, a muy buen fin de semana. Estoy feliz, es más de lo que esperábamos, sobre todo en estas conditioni complicadas. Se lo debo todo al equipo”.

Pérez: “Fue une pelea muy intensé con Charles, sobre todo en la midad de la carrera. Durante un tram luchamos con los neumáticos. Lo mou m importants important fue no cometer errores en esti conditioni. Así mu mu feliz por est podi y por el gran día del equipo. Hay que seguir trabajando para ser mejores “.

Verstappen: “It’s always different to see how it’s at the end of the week. Nunca sabés cuán competitivas vas a estar. era juzgar las condiciones, cuándo cambiar a los neumáticos. Todo se ha gestionado bien “.

“Fue un domingo muy lindo. Fue una gran victoria, muy merecido, muy buen trabajo de todo el equipo”, celebra el neerlandés por radio.

¡Gani Verstappen! The Dutchman plows the brooch into a perfect Red Bull semen finish, which is placed next to the podium with Perez. Norris cruza la meta en tercer lugar.

Flight 61. At the turn of the giros, Verstappen is forced to take a large unobstructed view of its competitors. Leader with 14-hour casings on Perez and with more than 32 on Norris. It is about to run a perfect semaphore, in which the pole position of the vines and the victoria in the first time sprint of the tempora, the sábado.

Vuelta 60. Leclerc no se rinde y, mientras comienzan a caer algunas gota de lluvia, va escalando algunas posiciones. The Monegasque is septimo, but only three times before the final, the podium being a utopia.

Vuelta 58. Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) go all the way to the quarterback, which is in the hands of your team, Mercedes, and Russell. With DRS abierto, intentionally not the chain. I love it almost all over British, but it’s more than mediocre.

Flight 55. Leclerc’s despotism cost Ferrari’s car, which flies to the new track and tracks the podium that has been paved. Encima avisa: “No se siente bien el auto”. Adelante, Verstappen, Pérez and Norris occupy the first three positions.

Vuelta 54. Leclerc va por el segundo lugar, pero, bajo pressure, pierde el control de auto y golpea las barreras. Logra volver on the track, pero debe entrar a boxes para cambiar el alerón delantero, dañado por el golpe.

Vuelta 52. Entra Verstappen, cambia a component blendos y regresa a la pista rapidly, sin perder el primer lugar. Leclerc hits Perez with a flight record (pound to one-second menus) and as soon as the DRS can be tested for superchargers.

Vuelta 51. With a good view of Norris, Pérez para y cambia a gomas blandas. Pero did not reach the second place and then escorted to Verstappen, at 43 seconds. Leclerc recupera el tercer lugar.

Vuelta 50. Leclerc, frustrated by not being able to cover the distance with Red Bull, having his team plan “Plan B”. On the radio, the first song that is continental on the track. Pero luego lo llaman a boxes para cambiar a neumáticos blandos. The Monegasque flight takes off on the quarter, near Norris.

Vuelta 45. With great emotional emotions, with Red Bull beautiful modes, the tension is in the second peloton, with the light between Albon, Gasly and Hamilton. The Thai, 12 °, has a second-hand menus over the French, which do not pierce Williams’s pitch and the time is defined by a difference similar to 13 ° from the British.

Flight 41. Hamilton breaks out of the spaceship in Verstappen, which is above the heptacampine and in the end a flight of ventilation. Even the panorama in this arrangement is temporal for the British and the Dutch, as it passes protagonizing a historical story by the title being the last one. The Mercedes is sure to find the flight to its new seat.

Vuelta 39. Tan rápido es Verstappen que ya comenzó a suprera los rezagados. The Dutch are about to close a flight to Hamilton.

Vuelta 34. Hamilton sighed at the second peloton. The British intend to surpass Gasly (Alpha Tauri), but the French are determined to be 13 ° below the mantle and the wind speed over the heptacampine, which is one second.

Vuelta 32. Ricciardo vuelve a tomar la initiative i entra a boxes para poner gomas duras. The Australian is finally here. Adelante, Verstappen manda con m des de diez segundos sobre Pérez y casi 13 sobre Leclerc.

Mick Schumacher pierde agarre, se va al pasto y realize a trumpet al regresar a la pista. Afortunadamente, logra evitar a los otros coches y no hay toque con ninguno. The German Haas queda .ltimo. Your computer Magnussen sigu octave, in a point area.

Vuelta 25. Verstappen sigue liderando con una buena ventaja. Perez continent with its own rhythm and, by the way, aggravates the pressure of Leclerc, which is moving towards the Red Bull of Mexico and is one of the second.

The commissars were informed that Ocon had recovered a 5-second penalty from an unscrupulous launcher, tracing the rock with Hamilton in boxes.

Flight 21. Hamilton’s flight record (1m26s695), which takes place temporarily in boxes by one token with Ocon in the saddle and travels at 14 °.

Another detour, the majority of the English pilots in boxes, including Verstappen and Leclerc. The Dutchman made a grand parade and made the first place, followed by Ferrari. Pero el monegasco, with neumatic frees, is superhero rapidly by Pérez, who flies to the second floor.

Vuelta 19. Perez para y cambia a tires medios y vuelve quartet a la pista. Leclerc hereda el segundo lugar y queda a m des de siete segundos y medio de Verstappen.

Ricciardo, which is the ultimate marmalade, is the first to enter neumatic boxes and sale with medium components.

Vuelta 17. After changing positions, Leclerc is recovering from a stroke and is one of Perez’s second-in-command, who also lies and walks down the stairs of his Verstappen computer, led by a handful of people.

“It’s a lot more to lose weight,” Verstappen told the team. The Dutch, who seem to be having problems, are lounging with the neuralgic intermediates on a track that is more than enough.

Seeking the property, the flow of water at any moment in Imola and the strategy can help to get an important paper in the car.

Vuelta 12. With Verstappen very comfortable at the point, the most exciting of the carrera pass by the porch of the quintet place between Magnussen, Russell and Bottas. The Mercedes super al danes and se queda con esa posicion e poco despoues, el finlandes le robe también el sexto, relegand al Haas al septimo puesto.

Flight 10. Leclerc gets on the podium and hits Red Bull. But the Monegasque is full of people, most of them second to Verstappen’s medium, which will mark the record of the flight and the imparable wall.

Se termin la carrera para Alonso. In the septima of the flight, Alonso enters boxes with the destroyed right pontoon (he climbs in the distance, but to one with Mick Schumacher). The Spanish man who said that his grave is his daughter. “Bastante”, the contestant.

Flight 7. Verstappen will be more comfortable with more than two seconds of flight over Pérez and more zinc over Norris. Leclerc, leader of the champions, is a quarter of a leader. A little closer, Hamilton is recovering terrain from an elevation of 11 °.

Vuelta 5. Se relanza la carrera. Los Red Bull marches adelate and the saccharon more than three seconds apart from Norris.

With the car neutralized and in a complicated arrangement, Verstappen led the way in the Auto Security following Perez, Lando Norris (McLaren), Leclerc and Kevin Magnussen (Haas). Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) approves the distance to drop from 14 ° to 12 ° places.

“Me empujaron hacia Sainz”, assures Ricciardo, that he’s ultimately with McLaren and enters the boxes to change the neuralgic intermediates, which do not allow enough agarre in the company.

Se largó. Verstappen largó muy bien y defendió punta. Perez le robó el segundo puesto a Leclerc. After that the action is over. Daniel Ricciardo lost control of the car in the first corner, lost to Carlos Sainz and all the terms created on the track. The Australian flew a meter in the car, but the Spanish slowed down at the cost of the car. Appear the primer Safety Car de la jornada.

Take the flight to Imola, turn into a sky covered with nubes of gray and on a runway that has always been agave in some sectors.

Zhou Guanyu weld from the box area to the modifications made to your Alfa Romeo in Park Ferme conditions.

All lists. You can open the boxes and the pilots are in the line of play. See the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna. You see the dripping, which comes down with the force in the current times and which helps to complicate the discharge of the probe in a circuit that is easily complicated by the asphalt. Mario Isola, jefe de Pirelli, recommended arrangement with the neumativos of “extreme lluvia”. Without embargo, the majority of teams operate through intermediate components.

To weigh and freeze, the public does not want to quote the quote in Imola. And the Ferrari fanatics cut the stands, the hope of a new victory of Scuderia, one of the great protagonists of the tempo.

Media In the media now com’s action in Imola!
The Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull) is the first to sprint from time and pole position at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Et Repeat the dingo or recover the car Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)?


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