“This helped me get out of my comfort zone”

In January of this year, Deian Verón allow Students to borrow Central Cordoba of Santiago del Estero. The 21-year-old attacking midfielder, who came out of the Inferiores del Pincha, made his debut in the Primera de Estudiantes on 7 March 2021, in a 5-0 win against Arsenal in Sarandí. With 27 minutes into the second half, Zielinski sent him onto the pitch in place of Sánchez Miño to take his first steps in a club where both his father, Juan Sebastián, and his grandfather shone and filled with glory. Juan Ramon. Tomorrow his team will face that of his father.

-Now it’s been three months since you arrived in Central Córdoba, how are you with the adaptation?

– The truth is that very well. It was a bit difficult for me at first. It was the first time I went on loan, but the guys welcomed me well, made me feel at home, they already invited me to barbecues at many colleagues’ homes. My girlfriend and family arrived and it started to get a little easier. Once you start the tournament and travel, everything becomes easier.

-And have you adapted to Rondina’s idea?

-The idea of ​​the Egg is different from Zielinski’s, so I’m adapting and getting to know my teammates, who also play a very important role: knowing each other’s movements. But I feel very good. I think in these six remaining games I will start adding a little more minutes.

-How do you see the team after the elimination in the Copa Argentina and for the match with Pincha?

I think there is a lot of confidence in the team. I think, like any process, it takes time. Over there you can miss a pass, or miss a penalty like they did on Tuesday, and people get impatient, but we folded and I think that will make us a strong team.

With his father Juan Sebastian.  Credits: @rogrimaux

With his father Juan Sebastian. Credits: @rogrimaux

– Speaking of the match against Pincha, have you already asked him to enter the Egg for a few minutes?

-He asked me to park there at Uno, ah, so I told him to enter at least five minutes and that I would give him the space for free, ah. But yes, I hope I can add minutes. One of my goals was to play Uno there, that I couldn’t make it with the shirt I wanted, but I hope to get in. There will be my family and friends … Hope to play.

-And a colleague asked you something from your old man?

-The props. There is one, Carlos Peralta, who was on the youth team with my old man, and he told me he wanted a shirt signed by my grandfather, my old man and me, ah. But my colleagues, nothing. We have a TV in the locker room and every now and then my old man comes on, playing for the national team or for Manchester, and some questions arise, because everyone thinks that I was born in Italy or England, but I was born in Argentina. Not much more anyway. Nobody put me in an awkward situation. Yes, they can ask me about Messi or about the national team.

-I guess you talked to your old man or your grandfather about this match against Pincha …

No, I haven’t talked much. I spoke to my old man recently and he said he would like to come here at some point, but we don’t talk much about football with him. We try to have a father-son relationship. I usually ask him a couple of things. The report I entered here in Central told me: “Look, you have to do this, the other …”. No congratulations, ah. always gives me advice. But it’s more of a father-son relationship.

– Do you think this time in Central Córdoba will help you grow as a football player?

-Yes of course. It has helped me a lot to get out of my comfort zone, I was very happy there at Estudiantes and, well, the footballer’s career is like that, go out, try. I think so, It will help me a lot in my game, but also personallylearn to live alone

-And what did your old man tell you when you left Students?

-I spoke well to my father and he told me if that was what I wanted to dedicate myself to, that I proposed it, that I did it convinced.

-During your career, have you felt a different treatment for having the surname Verón?

In Students, people always treated me the same wayI’ve never felt that difference. Then yes, there will always be comments. Before I started I talked to my old man and he said to me: “Look, if you are going to go into this, you will have to endure being compared to me, to your grandfather, for the facts, the history, the surname, the number. … “. and I the truth I wasn’t very aware of it at the time. But, well, over the years, I think I’ve normalized the confrontation, which is inevitable, which will always be there, and he also accepts the challenge of wanting to create my storyit will be complicated, I know it will be complicated, but I feel capable of doing it.

Use 11, a number that is already in the family.  Credits: Córdoba Central Press.

Use 11, a number that is already in the family. Credits: Córdoba Central Press.

-And how do you see Estudiantes today from the outside?

-Great. I watch all the matches, I follow it like a sick person, like an extra fan …

-Yes, on Twitter you celebrated Pincha’s 12 years of consecutive victories against the Wolf …

-Yes, they took it very seriously, ah. But I see the team very well. I think it’s a process, people put him in the bank, the Russian has had his ups and downs, but he finally made it to the Cup, and now he’s having fun. I hope it continues like this, very well, except this Sunday that Central has to winAnd.

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