Tiger Woods, live: the first round at the Augusta Masters

Woods successfully clears the 12th hole, a chapter of the Augusta national club that has ruined tournaments on many occasions. Jordan Spieth knows this well, when he suffered that collapse in 2016. The most famous par 3 in the world keeps him three behind the lead.

Hole 11 (White Dogwood) is one of the most challenging of the course; Additionally, his start was delayed by 15 yards, adding more difficulty and reaching a total distance of 520 yards. Tiger smiled after the second blow in the wind, even though he missed the green. His fast putt with a lot of fall left the ball five feet from the flag. Eventually, she got another pair that keeps him alive. Meanwhile Cameron Smith took the lead with a total of -3, after a bad start by the champion of The Players with double bogey.

Woods gets a new par on the par 4 of the 10th hole, to continue at course level. He finished with a good putt, on a heavier pitch, very different from what the players have practiced these days. If Tiger is feeling strong on the green, this is already a big step to feel likely, as the Augusta National course pushes the envelope around the pin.

Joaquín Niemann is Tiger’s partner in the thresome, along with South African Louis Oosthuizen. On the 9th hole, the young Chilean scored a spectacular eagle which now places him as the only pointer in the Masters, with a total of -3. Joaco dropped his cane and celebrated with his caddy: he pocketed it with a 105 yard shot.

It looked like the ninth hole would bring Tiger the second bugbear of the day, after a bad tee in the trees on the left. However, he found a loophole from there and ended the first leg with a solid putt that leaves him with a total of 36 shots, overall par on the field.

A new reincarnation of Tiger, in this case at Masters 2022
A new reincarnation of Tiger, in this case at Masters 2022JAMIE SQUIRE – GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

The par 5 of the eighth hole is usually intricate – it looks accessible, but it carries its difficulties. Tiger suffered, who after leaving the ball 50 yards on the right, paid with a bad approach to the green and ends up paying with a bogey, which brings him back to the full court par.

Woods had trouble at the start of hole 7 of the par 4: he sent the ball into the trees on the right. But he found an exit from that area and left the ball behind one of the bunkers defending the green, then made a great approach and closed the par with ease.

The big break came at the 6th hole for Tiger: he practically dropped the ball on the par 3 and got his first birdie of the day, for a total of -1. The spectators begin to get excited. While the idol’s red numbers are already visible, Harry Higgs (hole 10) and Talor Gooch (hole 8) are the pointers with -2.

The five-time Masters winner got off to a good start on par 5 hole 2, even though his second shot missed the green and his approach shot failed, going uphill. He did not birdie putt and left that hole par, as in holes 3 and 4, where he had no major problems. It was a start with four pairs to pick up the pace and get rid of the nerves, after 13 months without competitions. Tiger’s first smile came after the second pitch of the par 4 of 5, when he left the ball 4.5 meters from the flag. His birdie putt was almost perfect: in fact he was about to look for the ball in the hole, but at the last moment he made a turn in the circumference and did not want to enter, which made him cry. As it stands, Woods remains with all pairs after five holes.

A balanced start for Tiger
A balanced start for TigerAndrew Redington – GETTY NORTH AMERICA IMAGES

There was a 30 minute delay in departures due to bad weather during the early hours of the morning. Finally, when the time came and his name was announced, the “patrons” burst into applause and immediately came the first blow with the driver, which caused him discomfort: his inaugural impact – deflected – reached a distance of 264 yards. and the ball was left behind by a bunker on the right. The face of the golfer dressed in pink “azalea” this Thursday showed some annoyance. Afterwards, his approach shot to the green was poor: he just bit the area and the ball ended up rolling out. But the approach 30 yards from the hole was good enough and the Californian had no problem saving par, hitting a 10-foot putt. When the ball sank, the audience exploded again as it did at the start of its return. Tiger was back.

The time has come when Tiger Woods scored his first shot at Masters 2022, which meant the return of crack to official tournaments after a long absence, from that car accident he suffered in February 2021. It was a magical moment, because tee off 1 was packed with people as it was in its prime. It was logical: there was a great expectation to see the player who has revolutionized the sport since 1997, specifically to Augusta National and 21 years old. And also some concern to see if he would be up to the task, based on the difficulty in walking that he mentioned himself as a concern in the previous lecture.

The Augusta Masters 2022 is underway. Very soon, there was a moment of excitement with the legends who made the honorary tee-shots. This year, Tom Watson has joined two other giants of the past: Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. In addition to the Golden Bear jokes before his shot, at that first starting ceremony, Augusta National honcho Fred Ridley gave the opening remarks. 91 players from 20 countries play in the Master; 6 of them are amateurs. There are 20 rookies in the first major of the year and 18 champions in past results. Tiger Woods, returning after 13 months of official hiatus, is the big draw.

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