“Today I am not a candidate to lead Chile”

Since the Chilean national team was left with no chance of qualification for Qatar World Cup 2022 and it was decided to move Martin Lasarte from the squad command, there are several names in the folder to take his place. One that sounded loud was Sebastián Beccacece although, on his trip to the trans-Andean country for South American Cupassured that he does not have in his plans to lead the neighboring country.

Beccacece was Sampaoli's assistant in the Chilean team.

Beccacece was Sampaoli’s assistant in the Chilean team.

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“Today I am not a candidate for La Roja, I am focused on Defense and Justice“, condemned Halcón’s DT at a press conference after his team’s victory against Deportes Antofagasta.” Yes, I thank the players who feel they can accompany this moment, but I am convinced that the people who direct you must love you and at the time they did not choose me, they preferred another option and it is respectable“, He added.

“To be honest, we got excited at the beginning of the yearbecause there we talked to Christian Bragarnik who had talked to the council and before Martín Lasarte took over We were serious candidates together with Matías Almeyda ”, explained the possibility he had of replacing Reinaldo Rueda before choosing the Uruguayan coach.

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In addition, the former assistant of Jorge Sampaoli in La Roja analyzed: “I know the idiosyncrasy of the place, I am grateful for Chile and Peru which allowed me to grow professionally. We wait until the end to get a club. “

And he added: “I tell you, for the knowledge of the squad and for having accompanied that generation that has given so much to Chilean football, there was the Copa América, there was time to work and it was a good moment. “

“I feel that this is not the time, because I felt that in the worst scenario of the Qualifiers it had to accompany the pain, because it isWe have many links with the footballer. The process of the U and the projection in the national team have generated a very strong bond not only with them, but also with the people of ‘Pinto Durán’, and beyond the sporting achievements, we have reached the heart of the player “. he concluded.

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Although Sebastián Beccacece was one of the main options to replace Lasarte, the truth is that in La Roja there are several Argentine candidates who could fill the position left by the Uruguayan.

Ariel Holan

From Mexico, various media have announced that there is already interest in a Liga MX coach: Ariel Holan. “In León they know that Holan is a firm candidate for the Chilean national team“ESPN Mexico reported.

The Emerald Directive is aware of the Andean interest in Holan’s services, who has a contract with the Esmeraldas until May 31 and so far there is no renewal agreement between the two parties, hence the possibility that the Argentine strategist will leave the team in the near future “they added.

Will they try to go for Holan?  (PEDRO PARDO / AFP)

Will they try to go for Holan? (PEDRO PARDO / AFP)

The 61-year-old DT, former Defense and Justice and Independent, just lost the 2021 Apertura final with León against Atlas on penalties and did not get off to a good start in the new tournament, as well as being eliminated at the Concachampions. It’s because he recently filed his resignation, denied by the club board, and his future is unknown. In favor, the title in the League Cup in 2021.

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Matias Almeida

As detailed by the Chilean news portal RedGol, one of the first contacted to find out about his availability was the Argentine Matías Almeyda, with whom they had already negotiated before Lasarte’s arrival. Pelado’s situation has changed since he was last contacted as Major League Soccer’s San José earthquakes did not let him go at that time.

Almeyda already interested before Lasarte.  (Daryl Dyck / AP)

Almeyda already interested before Lasarte. (Daryl Dyck / AP)

Now the former River Plate has an exit clause after a conflict with the American team. “My contract could expire tomorrow because, after saying no to the Chilean team, I was able to speak with the owner and he, in his words, told me that when I think there is time to leave he would have no problems.“He said in an interview with Fox Sports a while ago.

Eduardo Berizzo

In the last few hours, the name of Eduardo Berizzo has emerged as a possible substitute for Lasarte to put the Red diver on, as revealed by El Mercurio. He also knows the Chilean national team after having worked as an assistant to Marceo Bielsa, the former O’Higgins has a certain ANFP appeal.

El Toto, the latest candidate to emerge.  (EFE / Juan Karita)

El Toto, the latest candidate to emerge. (EFE / Juan Karita)

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Tata comes from the direction of the Paraguayan team, where he was fired after failing to perform well. In total, he has been at the helm of Albirroja for 31 games, scoring seven wins, 13 draws and 11 defeats. Who will arrive?

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