Ukraine denounces “deliberate massacre” of civilians in Bucha and Russia rejects charges | They denounce the discovery of the bodies of 410 civilians

Ukraine this Sunday denounced a “deliberate massacre” of civilians by the Russian army in the areas it occupied near kiev, in particular in the city of Bucha. The Russian Defense Ministry denied the allegations. and assured that the images of hundreds of corpses on the streets of Bucha, which triggered a series of international convictions, were “another production of the kyiv regime for the western media”. For this reason, Moscow has called for an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council for this Monday.

In the devastated city of Buchain the surroundings of the Ukrainian capital, the Ukrainian authorities reported having found the bodies of 410 civilians after Russian troops withdrew from the area. President Volodimir Zelenskyhe described the situation as “genocide”. In contact with American television, the president said: “It is the elimination of an entire nation and its people. We are Ukrainian citizens and we have more than 100 nationalities living here. This is the destruction and extermination of all these nationalities “.

Reporters from the French news agency AFP saw at least 20 bodies, all in civilian clothes, lying in a street on Saturday. Three of the bodies were entangled in bicycles, while others fell near crushed vehicles or vehicles with bullet holes. One had his hands tied behind his back and his Ukrainian passport was open next to his body. “All those people were killed”said the mayor of Bucha, Anatoli Fedoruk. “These are the consequences of the Russian occupation,” she complained.

“I am deeply shocked by the images of civilians killed in Bucha”the UN Secretary General said for his part, Antonio Guterres. According to the international organization, which calls for an independent investigation and the retention of evidence, the discovery of mass graves raises serious questions about possible war crimes.

However, the UN also said so it cannot be excluded that the bodies included those of “Ukrainian or Russian soldiers who died during the hostilities”. The UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the European Union (EU) have expressed their horror and demanded that the perpetrators be brought before the international court in The Hague.

Russia’s response

Russiainstead, denied the allegations and claimed that the images of the murdered civilians were a Ukrainian invention. “All the photos and videos released by the kyiv regime, allegedly testifying to some kind of crime by Russian military personnel in the city of Bucha, are another provocation,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“While the city was under the control of Russian troops, and even more so later, until today in Bucha, local residents moved freely around the city and used mobile communications,” says the Kremlin, which also ensures that it does not block the departure from the city and that “all local residents had the opportunity to freely leave the town in a northerly directionincluding the Republic of Belarus “.

The portfolio led by Serguei Shoigu showed that lUkrainian troops fired “24 hours a day with large-caliber artillery, tanks and multiple launch systems” in the southern suburbs of the city, including residential areas.. “We particularly want to note that all Russian units completely left Bucha on March 30, the day after the round of face-to-face talks between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey,” the defense said.

Russia claims it was March 31 when the mayor of Bucha celebrated in a video message that there were no more Russian soldiers in the city, “but he never mentioned that local residents were shot in the streets with their hands tiedTherefore, “it is not surprising that all the so-called evidence of the crime in Bucha appeared only on the fourth day, when agents of the State Security Service and representatives of Ukrainian television arrived in the city,” Moscow claims.

bombed odessa

in the meantime en OdessaUkraine’s main port on the Black Sea, explosions were heard early Sunday morning and Russia claimed to have destroyed a refinery and fuel depots. The installations supplied fuel to Ukrainian forces in the direction of the town of Mikolaiv, further east, the Russian defense ministry explained.

After these explosions, which were felt around six in the morning local, columns of black smoke were seen in an industrial area of ​​this port city. It was a missile attack that left no casualties, an official from the Southern Regional Command, Vladislav Nazarov, said in a statement. This historic southern city is considered strategic due to its large port which allows access to the Black Sea and the rest of Ukraine.

Russia accuses Ukraine of blocking Mariupol

Russia’s efforts to consolidate its control in southern and eastern Ukraine have so far been thwarted the resistance to Mariupol. At least 5,000 people have died in the siege of that other port city in the south of the country, according to local authorities, while the 160,000 who remain there suffer from a lack of food, water and electricity.

The Russian defense ministry on Sunday accused Ukrainian authorities of “hindering” the evacuation of civilians from the city.. According to the head of the Russian National Defense Control Center, Mikhail Mizintsev, the stretch of road adjacent to Mariupol “has been subjected to repeated attacks by units of the Ukrainian army and nationalist battalions with mortars and high-caliber weapons”.

“As a result, the humanitarian column accompanied by representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross remained for two days awaiting the ceasefire of the nationalists and the confirmation by the Kiev authorities of the ‘regime of silence’, which ultimately did it will not take place, “Mizintsev said.

The negotiations continue

In a possible sign of progress towards an end to the fighting, the Russian chief negotiator in the peace talks with Ukraine, Vladimir Medinski, praise on Sunday a “more realistic” position of kyiv, willing on conditions to accept a neutrality status, as requested by Moscow. However, Medinski specified that an adequate draft agreement to be submitted to the presidents of the two countries is not yet ready.

Moscow must respond to a series of Ukrainian proposals for an agreement. kyiv proposes the neutrality of Ukraine and renounces to join NATO, but on condition that its security is guaranteed by other countries against Russia. It also proposes negotiations to resolve the status of the Ukrainian Donbass and Crimea.

Such proposals were made during live talks in Istanbul earlier this week. Those negotiations continued on Friday via videoconference and a new round is scheduled for this Monday, according to Medinski.

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