United States: Joe Biden flashes and prohibits automatic weapons | In a televised discourse you repeat the phrase “is sufficient”

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, you are a young man in a discourse against the nation that guards the assault rifles and high-capacity loadersmientras el país sigue traumatizado por the latest massacre in Uvalde, Texas, in which 19 men and part-time legislators discuss the control of firearms.

“Necesitamos prohibit asphalt weapons and high-capacity loaders. Y, if we can not prevent the asphalt weapons, we will increase the age for the comparison of 18 to 21 years“, says Biden in a pronounced intervention at the maximum audience time at 19.30 local time.

“It is sufficient”

In a circular discourse of 20 minutes per que repeats one and the other “is sufficient”Biden launches a series of petitions to lawmakers about how many concretes there are to control weapons in the country, following the recent claims of Uvalde, Buffalo (New York) and Tulsa (Oklahoma).

In particular, solicitations which refer to the verification of precedents of potential compressors, which are applied in order to guarantee the safe life of the weapons and which “derogates the immunity that protects the manufacturers of the weapons”.

“¿How many carnivores are there available to receive? ¿Do you want to see more of the unsuspecting staunchesters arrebatadas antes de digamos basta? “

“No se ha hecho nada”

Según Biden, the super-survivors of the massacres, gave a message to the politicians: Columbine, Sandy Hook, Charleston, Orlando, Las Vegas (…)“, says Biden with reference to the main mattresses that in the last ones were rolled in the country.

Situated on the edge of a red and white alphabet formed by 56 eagle arches representing the victims of the territories of the states and territories of the United States, Biden insists that the second step of the statutory constitution, on the right and on the position of the arms, “as all the righteous, is not absolute”.

“They do not treat their children and grandchildren. They protect their children, they protect their families. It seeks to protect the communities involved. See tractor nuestra libertad para ir a la scuela, a tynda de comestibles, a un iglesia “sin ser assesinado a tiros, dijo Biden.


Your intervention coincided with conversions in which the following week participates in a group of new Republican and Democratic senators to negotiate means of control of firearms who can reconsider the legacy of party legislators.

The media are much more modest in that they prevent the production of asphalt from defeating the majority of democrats, including Biden, and centering on reinsurance in schools and financial mental health programs, ambos requisitos de los republicanos.

Compasses should be extended to antecedent propulsion in order to purchase firearms and incentives in stages to allow layers that allow authorities to confiscate the weapons of the individuals concerned.

Precisely, it is the Judicial Committee of the Chamber of Representatives — the Chamber of Congress — that finds itself debating a series of weapons control means, recognizing its title Acta para la Protección de Nuestros Hijos.

Las medidas buscan introducir una load limit limitation by loading, increasing the minimum order to purchase a semi-automatic range of 18 to 21 years, and incentives in stages to approve weapons confiscation weapons.

Ghost weapons

Also used to limit the use of “ghost weapons”, which can be compared internallythey can be mounted in a house, with which it is impossible to straighten it no tienen número de serie.

The debate over the media has taken place over the majority of Republican representatives, which may be intentional in order to limit the capacity of its stakeholders to buy firearms, but only by repeating the typical conservative message that “the only one who has a small type with a weapon is a good type with a weapon”.

Given that the totality of the Cámara of Representatives, while the Democrats have the majority, the debate is a package of media the semen that comes.


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