‘Upgrade’, ‘Too a la vez en todas partes’, ‘Retrato de una mujer en llamas’ and more

The end of the week is in the direction of the spine and in Espinof at the moment of making a repression in China more destined for these days. Hoy os traigo x Imprescendible movies for watching movies, streaming, physical format or a TV channel español de alcance nacional. By the way, I gustaría avisaros también de que será la tltima entrega of this section on the web.

In China

‘Todo a la vez en todas partes’ (‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’)

The fame can be that it is haya llevado ‘Doctor Strange in a variety of places’because the film that actually exploits all the possibilities of the multiverses is at the very least the science fiction of the directors of ‘Swiss Army Man’.

Critique of ‘Todo a la vez en todas partes’

In streaming


This is a fictional science and action movie that has no decryption at the moment, but only in the catalog of Netflix is the opportunity to recover a movie that flirts with the movie of superheroes. Violent and entertaining in parts iguales, también tiene a lard more chemical and distendido that the sense of light. Y si ya la habéis visto, ojo a este repaso al mejor cine de la platforma while we were crying.

‘Upgrade’ Critique

‘Freaks Out’

Freaks Out

Other atypical acreage in the cinema of superheroes that is a case in point in Spain Movistar +. Situation in Italy in the II World War and with one of the circus artists as great protagonists of the function, is a movie that arranges with a lot of money to play in terms of training level. Pese a ello, el buen work of the ward and its attractive acabado visual logran that its vision mrezca the pen with cracks.

‘Freaks Out’ Critique

In physical format



An’s ó ó ó ó ó ó ó ó ó ó ó í ó ó ó ó ó ó ó ó ó ó ó í ó í í Bigas Luna demonstrate its capacity to offer a passionate and nurturing work around the obsession of a piscipata with a prostitute. Especially recommended for those who love the titles of perturbadores.

On television

‘Death of a cyclist’

Muerte De Un Ciclista

One of the most acclaimed movies in the history of Spanish cinema Juan Antonio Bardem is potent drama con Lucía Bosé and Alberto Closas dando vida a unareja -aunque ella esta casada con otro- haciendo lo imposibu para ocultar que han atropellado accidentalmenten a un cyclista. Among other things, a retreat without the foot of the national prison of the era.

Friday at 22:05 in La 2

‘The hombre tranquilo’ (‘The Quiet Man’)

El Hombre Tranquilo

One of the most reputable gran movies John Ford and one of the most accessible, which in the background is not the story of a boxeader who regresses to his place of origin in order to take a single tranquil screw without the tocarle of the narcissus. Obviously, there is much more to it than just the base, and all the talent of the implicated is much more likely to conquer the spectator.

Friday at 22:15 in La 2

Cricket de ‘The hombre tranquilo’

‘Sleepy Hollow’

Sleepy Hollow

One of the latest cell phones Tim Burton is a cinta of gothic terror with countless pieces in which the ball creates a special atmosphere, ideal for summing up the story of Ichabod Crane interpreted by Johnny Deppthe actor with the best being the director of joys like ‘Eduardo Manostijeras’ o ‘Ed Wood’no por casualidad ambas protagonizadas por el hoy defenestrado interper.

Saturday at 19:50 in Paramount

‘Sleepy Hollow’ short ‘

‘The Invention of Hugo’ (‘Hugo’)

The Invention of Hugo

Martin Scorsese the board with this declaration of love at the septimo art bears the form of an extremely infantile fable. It turns out that I want to see a film more blurry than the one coming from here, but it does not stop at the meter and it is a great distance to see if you want to show all your talent when it comes to what to do. which is supplied with a primary unit.

Domingo at 21:55 in Paramount

Critique of ‘The Invention of Hugo’

‘Returning a woman to a sheet’ (‘Portrait of a young girl on fire’)

Retrato De Una Mujer En Llamas

One of the great French cinema sensations of the last years to convince Céline Sciamma one of the cinemas to follow from parts. Alabada por su belleza, tanto visual como emotional, y por las interpretations de Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenelthe protagonists of the function.

Saturday at 22:05 at La 2

Critique of ‘Retracting a woman in sheets’

‘Fast & Furious 6’

Fast Furious 6

It is the end of the week to see abirto cellular variations of this popular franchise starring Vin Dieselpero yo he preferred destacar solamente mi favorite de toda la saga. A frenetic and locking exercise, ideal for flipping a button against the pants.

Saturday at 22:15 in Cuatro

‘Fast & Furious 6’ short ‘

‘Aguas oscuras’ (‘Dark Waters’)

Aguas Oscuras

A legal drama that leads to a scandalous real case of precise form and sinfulness in the error of having to relate to the spectator. Bien led by a solvent Mark Ruffalowe are against one of those adult dramas that seems to be the ultimate in Hollywood, and it is a pen, because we only have a perfect copy of the film in which it is not intended, not to mention concessions to make it more cinematic.

Domingo a las 22:35 en La 1

Cricket of ‘Water urchins’

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