Uruguay vs United States 0-0: empathy summary by FIFA team

Uruguay vs United States EN LIVE AND DIRECT: amistoso by FIFA.
Uruguay vs United States EN LIVE AND DIRECT: amistoso by FIFA.

Uruguay empathó sinles frente en Estados Unidos in the Sporting Park of Kansas City, with the heritage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The service to try the jugadores, if you can get up to 7 cambiums away from the cottage. Ambas defensas no regalaron nada.

Diego Alonso’s team is doing well. Guillermo Varela throws the most pelleted bucket at which the wool is stored by the field outside the field. An embargo, imposed on losers (Maximiliano Gómez and Darwin Núñez), superior approves the laziness of your computer.

United States, for its part, appeals to the potential of Timothy Weah to join the Uruguay Strip. Tampoco tuvieron tuxieron alguna muy clara cuando estuvo en el campo juego (no salió para la segunda part). Very little of Pulisic and McKennie.

Unica’s clear chance goal for the South Americans at the end of the final. Darwin Núñez is still a rival ,rea, solitaire for Edinson Cavani (inside the bench) and it is almost impossible with the bow and arrow. Very little of the ambos.

Uruguay 0-0 United States: summary of a friendly match by FIFA. (Video: AUFTV).

U Final del incuentro!

90 ′ + 2 ¡Increase the goal that falls Cavani after the final!

90 ′ Just add 4 minutes.

87 ′ Rossi joins the United States’s territory. Al final le cerraron bien y evitaron su remate.

82 ′ Amarilla para Valverde por dura entrada contra rival. It is the first of its kind.

72 ′ Watch the game in Kansas City. Todavía no hay goles.

71 ′ Time of hydration, the second part.

66 ′ Cambios en Uruguay. Salen Gorriarán y Varela. Ingresan Pellistri y Rossi.

60 ′ Cambios in Uruguay. Se fueron Arambarri, Gómez y Ugarte. Entran Cavani, Valverde y Vecino.

57 ′ Gorriarán llegó sin marca y mandó la bola a las nubes.

54 ′ Pulisc dejó manotazo al cubrir la pelota y el Orbitro cobró falta a favor de Uruguay.

52 ′ Le pegó Pulisic, pero con poca puntería. Sale Muslera from the fund.

45 ′ Cambias in United States. Se fueron Weah, Long y McKennie. Entraron Aaronson, Arriola and Brown.

¡Ya se juegan los segundos 45 minutos!

Inal Final of the first time!

45 ′ Adams buscó desde fuera del área, pero Muslera estuvo bien parado y se quedó con la pelota.

44 ′ Gorriaán quiso buscar a uno sus compañeros en el corazón del área norteamericana, pero no tuvo fortuna.

35 ′ Granular physical potential of Núñez for incarceration of the south of the United States.

33 ′ Josema no continuará. En su lugar ingresará Coates.

32 ent Sentido Josema on the playing field. Enter the ‘charrúas’ paramedics.

29 ah Weah sighe as a headache for the Uruguayan-made lagoon. Whenever it stings, it has a full body.

27 ′ Se reanuda el juego. Por ahora seguimos 0-0 in el amistoso.

25 ′ Moment of hydration. Hay 26 degrees Celsius in Kansas City.

23 ′ Impression y ninguno pudo cabecear center. Igual, la tiene Uruguay.

22 ′ Ugarte le pegó al primer palo y el portero Johnson lo mandó al tiro de esquina.

20 ′ Ferreira sells the first for the North Americans. Do not dress with commodity against the ‘charrúa’ brand.

18 ′ Varela metió a pass in profundidad para Núñez, que no pudo connect.

17 ′ Dura falta de Ugarte contra Pulisic. Get free for United States.

07 ′ Varela apparatus by the door and throws a fleece over the coral of the rival .rea.

04 ′ Gran centro de Cáceres, pero Núñez no llegó a connect.

03 ′ Uruguay salió with line 5 for its second amistoso.

¡Arrancó el partido!

Uruguay: Muslera; Cáceres, Godín, Giménez, Viña; Varela, Ugarte, Arambarri, Gorriarán; Gómez, Núñez.

United States: Johnson; Yedlin, Zimmerman, Long, Scally; Adams, Musah, Weah, McKennie; Pulisic, Ferreira.

It’s a duel, los ‘charrúas’ sums second amistoso goal to Mexico 3-0 el pasado jueves. With a goal by Matthias Vecino, to open the scoring, and double by Edinson Cavani, the South Americans arranged with the foot of the FIFA goal.

Directed by Diego Alonso since 2022, the Washington tabernacle trail has been used as an agonist classification by the South American Eliminators as the third one on the board. Rehabilitating Chile and Colombia to obtain world-class health.

For the United States lagoon, the team commanded by Gregg Berhalter to Kansas with a friendly goal against the Moroccans. Aaronson, Weah y Wright anotaron los goles del cotejo. Three keys to measure the level and level with which the selection of stadium status is based on Qatar 2022.

Posterior game with Uruguay, North American players joining the Concacaf League of Nations, starting in Granada and El Salvador on June 10 and 14, respectively. Both parties are subject to serial evaluations before being classified on the global tour.

The most recent acquisitions in the United States and Uruguay include Mexican referees: Adonai Escobedo, central assistant, assisted by José Martínez and Karen Díaz. Carscar Macías heads the Quartet’s Arbitrator.

In the matter of amistos, selective embassies are presented in 5 options. The first in February 1986 and the last in September 2020. Ninguno of the incubators are flying in the South American country, United States always like that. The history of Indian markers embracing the three empires and victories for the United States in its own right.

At the level of absolute torches, they have already seen the hours. Running for the 1993 Copa América, the ball bounced off the goal with a goal from Santiago Ostolaza.

Other duels with victoria uruguaya are more than allowed in data storage. Fue for the Paris Olympic Games 1924, as part of the final octaves of the competition. The final goal is 3-0 for the ‘celestes’, with Scarone’s goal and Petrone’s double to complete the marker.

All in all, it’s all about the United States having a duel with Uruguay, including official teams and official tournaments.

With reference to the functionality of the programmed amistos parties, Diego Alonso to determine determinants of their objectives with the selection: “Somos from South America, ¿Is it the same mismatch with Uruguay as with Venezuela? We are different teams, different systems, different companies. Our systems analysis systems, game phases, with Mexico and United States. This is done with teams from the confederation misma not sentient. Las conclusions, para bien o para mal, serán muchas ”, lanzó.

“For the Uruguayan footballers, joining the selection is a priority. Always. There is no amistoso party, of any kind. Always want to go, always want to be. And this, for an intern, is a privilege “, added the ‘charrúa’ strategy.

For your part, Gregg Berhalter habló sobre la meta que tien with Estados Unidos durante is a series of international matches, tanto en amistosos as in the League of Nations, which can be served as a preparation for the World Cup: , establish a base line on how to move the group of friends and their rivals in the World Cup. “I feel that the saliva group and sample that can now be used for the moment, are vulnerable”, declared.

“Tenemos que seguir mejorando y es por eso que e juego fue bueno para nosotros, al ser un oponente muy peligroso. We are available to create variations of opportunities against a good defense “, added the technical director of the conjunctural system. Assimilation, the heat-stricken climate of the United States in some parts of the country, which is the same as Qatar, but the intensity of the game, said Berhalter, affects the plant and does not accurately acclimatize.

United States: Matt Turner, Reggie Cannon, Walker Zimmerman, Aaron Long, Jedi, Tyler Adams, Yunus Musah, Brenden Aaronson, Timothy Weah, Jesús Ferreira, Christian Pulisic. DT: Gregg Berhalter

Uruguay: Sergio Rochet; Damían Suárez, Diego Godín, José María Giménez, Matías Viña; Lucas Torreira, Matías Vecino, Nicolás de la Cruz, Federico Valverde; Diego Rossi and Darwin Núñez. DT: Diego Alonso.

– Peru: 4:00 pm

– Ecuador: 4:00 pm

– Colombia: 4:00 pm

– Mexico: 4:00 pm

– Argentina: 6:00 pm

– Chile: 5:00 pm

– Uruguay: 6:00 pm

– United States (Florida): 4:00 pm

– Spain: 11:00 pm

– United States / TUDN USA, UniMás, TUDN App, NOW and TUDN Univision

– Uruguay / DirecTV Sports and AUFTV

– Argentina / Star + y ESPN Argentina.

– Bolivia / Star +.

– Brazil / ESPN, Star +, GUIGO, NOW NET and Claro.

– Chile / ESPN Chile and Star +.

– Colombia / ESPN and Star +.

– Ecuador / Star + y ESPN.

– Paraguay / Star +.

– Peru / Star +.

– Uruguay / Star +.

– Venezuela / Star + y ESPN.


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