Veronica Ojeda’s indignation because Dieguito did not invite her to the Wembley party: “Pelean with a 9-year-old mother”

Diez’s expression expresses its disillusionment and sadness because it can no longer present the selection and damp pudding part of the scenario in Martín Fierro

El jueves Veronica Ojeda mantuvo unen extensa charla con Karina Mazzoco en A la tarde (America) where express the disillusionment that is synthesized by watching it on television Finalissima between Argentina and Italy that you play at Wembley. The mother of Dieguito Fernández contó que the 9-year-old has not been invited to the deportivo and tampoco puddle form to form part of homenaje que le rindieron al astro del útbol. In the midst of indignation and sadness, Charlie reveals the mantle with Claudia Villafañe in front of Martín Fierro 2022 and the surprise that will continue to prevail.

Verónica comens the telephone communication with the confession of all the felicity that is synthesized by the triumph of the National Selection when you want to get back to your school and the reason why the habían did not go and see the part personally. “The first time the part of the violet in the school and the women establish how places when the first goal is scored; él estaba a full porque all le gritaban ‘Diego, Diego’ ”, relató. “For this is a joy, but it does not fall on me because it does not live, and the answer that we do not puddle because it is only that it is in the school and that there are moments that can be said and others that no. ¿Who wants to respond? No Que no lo invitaron?”, Se sinceró.

”Esa es la reality, pero a mi hijo cómo le voy a decir eso. Se va a poner a llorar y se va a poner mal; y What do you think about the fact that one of your sisters is standing there, so that you can feel it?”, Reclamó, in reference to the presence of Gianinna Maradona, Benjamín Agüero, Claudia Villafañe and from the degrees to the sisters Kitty, Ana, Lili and Cali Maradona. At this point the saber-to-quench conductor is responsible for the responsibility that Dieguito does not present, and the Cora de Barbieri panelist crashes into the AFA over the entity inviting Villafañe, its shadow and its purpose.

Diego Maradona sisters at Wembley
Diego Maradona sisters at Wembley

“No estoy furiosa, it is specially deceived because it has 9 years, iodine flow. You are not always allowed, with what always seems to you all, you are talking to a 9 year old mother who is from Maradona“, Reacted Ojeda. Y agregó: “Yo solamente soy la mamá y tengo que salir a defenderlo; tambyén hablé con Diego Jr. and he does not invite, and he is in Italy ”.

About Diego Maradona’s homework in Martín Fierro, Verónica also made this detail. “Dos d antas antes yo hablé con Claudia Villafañe, que ella me praguntó por mi salud, y le agradecí gesto de haberme llamado”, reveló. “Me dijo: ‘¿Qué te parece si Benjamín sube con Dieguito al esenario?’ya mí me pareció fantastico, una bárbara, pero le sugerí que le consulte a su hija para saber si estaba de acuerdo con que suba su hijo ”, continued.

Veronica Ojeda, Dieguito Fernando Maradona and Mario Braudy in the red album of Martín Fierro (Gustavo Gavotti)
Veronica Ojeda, Dieguito Fernando Maradona and Mario Braudy in the red album of Martín Fierro (Gustavo Gavotti)

“You do not have to communicate with God or with the shadow. I have to work hard to be part of what I do, which is why we are organized and organized. From the mass form not trying to persuade me now to say: ‘Estaria bueno que Dieguito vaya con Benjamín al partido Inglaterra ”, indignation. “Nos conocemos todos y bastante”, launch with irony.

También confirmed that he was swearing “a pact of no aggression” at Maradona’s shadows, and considered that he was rompizing and intentionally harmonizing. “No ambamos a pelar, ¿y después me hacen esto? Your limits are madre, bueno, my limits are my hijo, así que basta, me cansé ”, lamentó. It is sentient, since it does not move from Dalma to Gianinna at the moment, it is clear that it is not in a good moment. “I have never had a communication with one of them and I can not afford it; yo ya estoy cansada pory soy la icanica que pelea, que sale a hablar, como loca desquiciada y después los demás quedan como los buenos de la history e y es esí; “But I know that now I am more confused with the abogados because I do not want to have more relation than I do not want to know”, concluded.


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