Versus Troglio: The incremental number of billiards

The ex-selector of Argentina Selection has the Versus microphones and all the variants of local locations that live under Doctor’s in Argentina Selection.

Troglio Billiards

Pedro Troglio pasó nuevamente por los micrófonos del Versus and one a series of anecdotes that live in the Argentina Selection under the mandate of Carlos Salvador Bilardo. Troglio, as all participants in the Doctor cycle in the Selection, test their location on the carp and their repetition with detailed detail in the historical ping pong TyC Sports.

Versus Troglio: The billiard room in Caniggia that made its debut in Italy in the ’90s because it also has video games:

The ex-trainer of San Lorenzo and Gymnasium to confirm confirmation the urban leyenda of the motive por él y Caniggia no habían stands at the front door in Cameroonin order for Billiards to read history at its moment. Al Nintendo, Mario Bros., for rescuing a princess. Si, quedamos afuera por eso. Billiards that goes unnoticed, inside the room of the machine and standing together. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Ver, que me saque a mí … pero que saque a Caniggia …“.

Detbién detail how era esa concentration. In that Billiards can be set up at any time, entering the room at any time as soon as possible, only observing that the wind is establishing the egg and the egg on which Maradona is instructed to “smoke”“. “What time do you listen BRUM, hasta cuando estabas dormido, BRUM se hacía un silencio y cerraba la puerta. Ya sabíamos que era él. Cinco de la tarde, BRUM, se te quedaba mirando, no decía nada, salía y se iba. Manejaba is a fantastic placerecordó Troglio.

“Yo no sabia fumar fumar, Bilardo lo mandó. Unique fire cigarette that burns, yo no sabia fumar y largaba el humo. Billiards syntió el olor y lo mandó a Diego. Y and effectively, Diego entra y nos dice “Che, fumen en la ventana”. I do not know what to do, I do not know what to do, I do not know what to do with Claudio (Caniggia) “.

Versus Troglio: Large increments of billiards, but canigia’s case of debut against Camerún in Italy


Versus Troglio: Large increments of billiards, but canigia's case of debut against Camerún in Italy

Versus Troglio: Your selection of the three best places to play Billiards in Argentina Selection:

The flaming trainer of the Honduran Olympics hizo su laslecón de las Three best anecdotes about Billiards in Argentina Selection and arrangement with the egg in which the trainer camped the world of 1986 hizo sacar a plant from the hall of its edition because of its “small tray”. “I just wanted to plant a cactus in Italy, in Rome, because the grass is so small. I did not smell a small cactus, a giant plant that blooms to cut pedestals with my hermit and saccharine that arms a revolver in the saddle. Íl decía que era mufa. “Era del portero”.

Entonces me dijo: “Mirá yo voy a venir el mes que viene, sacala porque trae mala suerteEntonces yo le dije a mi hermano “vamos a sacarla” porque me va a dejar afuera de la lista. Yo lo hice mierda y nunca m vols volvióreveals Troglio between risas.

Ya ogo testigo ocularall the anecdotes involving a the third of the campgrounds in Mexico ’86: Oscar Ruggeri and José Luis “El Tata” Brown. Esta última nada m ys y nada menos que eat Diego Maradona’s Casino Multicolor with Claudia Villafañe in 1989 at Luna Park Stadium. “The day that hugo correr a Ruggeri arrives on the plane to try out what we’s saying. “Hizo corre per pasillo de avijn, imagina gente mirando a a jugador de la Selecjón Argentina correcto en el pasillo para ver si sentia dolor tençamos tenjamo que jugar”.

“También the day he hacked Tata Brown into Careca’s laundry in Diego’s casement. Lo hace bailar al Tata to see what Iba a mark in the America ‘s Cup ’89. Después lo llamó y dijo “No, no, va a ir Ruggeri “. El tipo lo hizo salir, we are all charlando y le dice “anda a bailar al lado de Careca” y el Tata fue a bailar. Porque nosotros en ese momento, antes, hacíamos caso a todo “, concluyó Troglio, that south of 30 matches in the Selection of Argentina, all but the mandate of Billiards.

Versus Troglio: The Rising Locations of Billiards, the top 3 by Pedro Troglio


Versus Troglio: The Rising Locations of Billiards, the top 3 by Pedro Troglio

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