VIDEO.- Classified in Quarters: Student Pipes Recipe in Santa Fe

Special message to Santa Fe

Complete mission. And with the pipes. Students draw empathy with triumph and triumph during their visit to Colón in Santa Fe, whose significance is the classification of the final quarters of the Professional League Cup, the first of which are the objective plantings and principles of the year. Fue 2-2, however, that it is connected to the octave within a minute of the addition of a part formed before the infarction.

Bautista Kociubinski’s goal was scored by free kick, scored by José Sosa in 2006 in the final against Boca. It’s a goal that the team pays for its sacrifices and authorship, because it’s the best way to do it in a redesigned formation and that as a central marker when its natural position is at the fly.

Students, the fault of the faeces, is the first of the finalists. It’s the way to train your trainer Ricardo Zielinski to follow the whirlwind and darling of the starting players to search for the best in the close of the feces in the Libertadores. If so, read the moment of the important definition. Do not step on a plant that has been reclaimed in the Cementerio of the Elephants.

It is best to sample the Pincha into a collective function that is at the height. With lots of juveniles and plague of supplements hizo played against a rival who was present in the can and a team that repeated in the semester more than 80 but at a compromise by the Liberals in Paraguay against Olympia.

From a small comedy to a triumphant final

The game did not go well for the Students, who in the minutes established themselves in a 1-0 lead by Cristian Bernardi’s goal, who approved a long shot by Pourtau who wanted to make a rematch and quemarropa from a short distance from Pulga Rodríguez. The main advantages of the special fund balances on a headboard for this team. The Colombian Nelson Deossa who is equal in the south.

It’s going to blow a little bit of a coma that preserves a partial difference for Zielinski, once and for all with a little bit of a hierarchy and a rival of three points without going as far as the water in the sequence. But students have something that differs from demos, or from most ultimate teams.

Ante the indifference of many and casi all present, the empise visit to the master, with the mane sleeve and the anticipation of the second right variants. With ganas and trying to get up to speed with Burián’s arc in sync with the discontinuity of the local hinchas, which only their jugadores work to complicate a difference in the arrangement of the ball for the goal.


Bien Brian Orosco in the central area, intermittent for insisting Alan Marinelli on the equalizer, correct Jorge Morel in the middle, spicy only Carlo Lattanzio adjusted in the equalizer band … hormiga.

The 14 Toledo flights with one shot from the area and one minute from the Marinelli do not have to take off. Even if you play the goal of empathy, the game of a parade, when you do not even think about your best executioner or your catchers, you think it’s worth it. Place of a spoon on the pea Núñez se ó ó More More More More More More More More úñ. More…………….. Goal to train at the stadium, first, and play energy due to the apathetic activity of the jugadores.

No better Colón lost 1-1. Nunca se lo llevó por delante, ni siquiera al tener manyos miles de dreslares más en cancha que su rival. El Pincha, that most defensive desaccifics are not superimposed on many men. Because it only agitates and is believed in part by the expectation of alguna against the powder being the main prize.

Por eso sorprendió el 2-1 para el local. An exaggeration of the confession of the Belgian Beltrán to the fleet served at Pulga Rodríguez, which with all its category locked the fleet junto on the folded Pourtau, which nada pudo hacer. As, the jug that is a pedestal for the Pincha in the last years (brand 9 of) well in the air and your team at a rate of inspiration.

Demasiado castigo for this team is assembled and lleno de juveniles, which is hubiera aguantado one minutes more vez hubiese tenido mejores posibilidades in the complement, porka ya estaba claro que poda ganarlo si se convencíia de ello.

Promoting the second time Zielinski manda the song of Franco Zapiola and Aaron Spetale. Afuera Toledo y Deossa, los dos jugadores que m dess unaprovecharon la opportunidades y pasar a largo temempo para que la vuelvan a tener. In this game of prize and castigo, it is doubtful that they will be left with a great deal like Col cann’s can.

Cambios, sumado al ingreso del Changuito Ramírez, le dieron mayor frescura. Students are more likely to be offensive and with bastante associative game and elgunos pelotazos llevó la pelota hasta el área rival. Mucha vergüenza para estar in part has reached the final of the game. The news of alginate tendon with more experience or a small amount of toothpaste has a strong effect. Muy digno lo de Estudiantes, que in los min Addadados lo fue a buscar pese a tener enfrente a ri rival de fuste. And do not appeal to the pelvis if you intentionally aim the pelvis with the pen and squeeze the bands. Up to 53 minutes into your prize. Bautista Kociubinski’s goal, which sucks the ball, sets the time and the key to ulngulo- Goal and the classification for a Zielinski who throws in the can to freeze his jugadores. Lo merecían porque anoche se recibieron en Santa Fe.


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