VIDEO.- He is in the lead: the students beat Velez with kicks and touches

The students are back to being those of a long time ago. After the short break and with the return of his protagonists, he played a great match against Vélez, which he canceled from the field in the second half. He beat 4-1 to strike first, be the leader of Group C and hope for more.

He may not shine or shine in his technical gestures, but Ricardo Zielinski’s team play what they know and do very well. That’s why he has matches like last night’s against a rival from the highest hierarchy. He did not leave a single doubt, he won with authority and has every right to feel very happy.

Fernando Zuqui, Mariano Andújar and Leandro Díaz were the pillars of a team that every time they proposed it devastated the area of ​​a rival who deflated with the passing of the minutes.

The first half was lively and full of emotions. She had it all and left the question when he went to rest: what else can they offer to continue with such a high intensity? Only Pincha still had things to show.

From the start, that duel of styles was in evidence. Velez has bet on management and possession. And he attacked with six men when he recovered the ball in the middle of the field. This is how he made it to Mariano Andújar’s goal several times, the first time in 10 seconds, proving that even if Zielinski had put in five defenders, he would not have had an easy time.

But Estudiantes have a sacred fire that allows them to be at stake even at a disadvantage. Or maybe it’s not such a disadvantage, because although he has been running the ball from behind for most of the first half, he has had more and better scoring chances than his opponent.

In this sense, the still ball was the lethal weapon that in those 45 minutes of the visit he was unable to counter. Every ball that landed in the Hoyos area, especially those that came from above, was a true goal promise. Like Osvaldo Zubeldía’s team 50 years ago, Zielinski’s team took advantage last night.

Zuqui was the figure of Pincha and the party. The midfielder did everything well, in defense and attack

Thus came the first goal of the game, scored by Emmanuel Mas after deflecting a Fernando Zuqui surgical center, something more than the team strategist. This Estudiantes, without Zuqui, would almost struggle to compete with such high demands. The former Boca, after 5 minutes, blew up the stadium on his first goal with the red and white shirt.

The Vélez show has since started, with Lucas Orellano on the right, Janson on the left, and Lucas Pratto in the center. The three, also provided by Perrone, Cáseres and Florentín, dislodged all the Estudiantes, which suffered a lot and only from poor aim and another good work by Mariano Andújar was not broken before.

But everything he suffered on defense he made up for with his offensive power. Is that when he managed to recover the ball (36 percent on his rival) he came and showed him his arguments. Each foul was half a goal for Pincha, who with Noguera Rogel and Leandro Díaz himself did what he wanted in the upper part of the court.

But when it seemed that that first half was over for Pincha, a new defensive error arrived, after a cross from the right due to a foul by Pellegrini (another peak for the team) on the foul line. The central defenders fail and Pratto wins at the far post leaving the goal to Lucas Janson, who heads 1-1. Eduardo Cardozo didn’t need the VAR to see the goal.

The draw was a bucket of cold water despite not surprising many at the stadium. Vélez improved, or at least that was what he wanted, because the next ball stopped in the box he found Noguera-Díaz-Rogel willing to do his thing again. The Uruguayan, with his right thigh, scored 2-1 to grow his team and be Pincha’s top scorer in this Copa Libertadores.

In the second half the difference was greater. The students were much more than Velez. The two have continued to play what they know, but the difference is that the local team has done much better. And especially after the third goal, which enhanced his qualities.

It had been 7 minutes when Lautaro Gianetti (who should have been sent off earlier for his repeated infractions) did not jump and left Loco Díaz on the way to the goal. Tucuman’s man, who in the final of the first half had defined very badly before the departure of Hoyos, gave the goal to Gustavo Del Prete, who put the ball next to the left post. Goals for a before and after in the game.

The 3-1 gave the students so much balance that they pulled all the party clothes out of their suitcase. Every time he passed half the pitch, always with Fernando Zuqui as his emblem, he made a mess. Diaz, Del Prete, Pellegrini and the newly admitted Mauro Boselli had it. It was a football concert, perhaps not as flashy as his opponent, but so effective that it gave the fans their skin in the stands.

Mas reached his first goal in Pincha and Del Prete took off his mufa in this 2022 to shout his

Only at the end did he dismiss a match that was closed long before on the pitch. The little boy Franco Zapiola made it, with a counterattack and with the transfer of the ball by Boselli, who was not at all selfish despite the fact that he missed a goal to be the Estudiantes top scorer in the history of the Copa Libertadores. The 4-1 may be exaggerated, but that difference was there, especially in the second half. The students got a new triumph to take a step forward in the Cup, start at the top and get excited for other matches like last night’s one. Students are in the lead …

Mauro Boselli’s embrace with Franco Zapiola, who closed the victory against Vélez / Demian Alday

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