Volodimir Zelenski confirms that Russia controls a 20 by Ukrainian citizen | The Ukrainian president retaliates against the weapon pedestal

A 100 days from the beginning of the invasion of Russia and Ukrainethe Soviet Union confirmed that Moscow has control over 20 per cent of Ukrainian territory. The Kremlin advises that it continue its offensive from Washington to Ukraine with the latest technology. The Russian air force rallied offensively in the Donbass region and attacked the western city of Lviv. The head of OTAN, Jens Stoltenberg, reunited with incumbent President Joe Biden and advised that the occupant should prepare for a long-running war.

100 days of war

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenski, announced that the Russian troops controlled a country of 20. “Yes, up to 20% of our territory is controlled by the occupants, it is said, about 125,000 square kilometers”, he led the Ukrainian government in a telematic discourse against the parliament of Luxembourg. On the other hand, warnings that even the Russian air force will retake a third of the occupied areas around 30,000 square kilometers are mined. Ensure that there are between 100 people in Ukraine and between 450 and 500 results.

The exact mandate that before the February 24 invasion of the Kremlin, 43,000 square kilometers were controlled. Russia’s control of the Crimean peninsula since 2014 has led the region to declare its independence and disassociate itself from Moscow and the Russian Federation. Además, affirm that the Russian territory’s Russian control is much larger than the surplus of countries such as Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Según Zelenski, the Russian tropics enter 3,620 localities of the country, of which 1,017 free fuers per the air of Ukraine. One part of the Lugansk region is under Russian control of the Kremlin tropics, advancing to the last city in the region: Severodonetsk. Moscow also controls a small part of Donetsk, including the port of Mariupol with the Sea of ​​Azov. The city of Sloviansk in Donetsk where the Russian air bombardment intensified this week.

Hacia el sur ejercito ruso tiene the control of cities like Melitopol in the region of Zaporiyia and Jersón ubicada in the homonymous region. In the north of the country, Russian troops take control of areas in the eastern part of the Jarkov region.

More weapons

The Ukrainian president approved the operation to repatriate the international aide’s pedophile to the defense of the Soviet ex-republic. There is a record that even the sum of small arms in the country is not capable of advancing the advance of the “invaders”. This week United States promotes long distance shipping to Ukraine. Washington assures Kiev that it does not guarantee that it will not use its weapons to invade Russian territory and that it will only be used with defensive fines.

More than any other intervention by video conferencing on the GLOBSEC forum, a Slovak think tank about global security in Europe and having a seat in Bratislava, Zelenski assured that the Ukrainian arms minister had a failed and defeated despot. The mandate has “potential for a point of inflection”.

In turn, President Oleksiy Arestovych assured that Washington’s long-distance alleys had the capacity to completely alter the rumble of the combos “Changing the radical shape of the game rules in the main fronts”, citing Ukrainian media. Añadió that with this weapon Kiev podrá disparar against systems of Russian launch vehicles. “Así no podrán acumular resursos para enviarlos luego a combate”, señaló.

Advance of the Kremlin

Russia intends to integrate its military campaign targets into Ukraine without importing the weapons shipped by the United States. “The semi-armed armistice cadre, which is more modern than Ukraine, does not change the parameters of the special military operation. realiza a diario.

The Russian government advised that the weapons that “hypothetically could be used against Russia” could make the situation difficult for a rumbo. “This is the most provocative provocation in Ukraine that complements it as an instrument in the hands of the countries that send the weapon,” Peskov said.

The intense intensification of the attics in this Lugansk region, because it confirms the Ukrainian authorities that ensure that the main objective is the city of Severodonetsk. The governor of this region, Sergi Gaidai, the 80th citizen of the city is occupied by the Russian tropics. In the Lviv region, also in Ukraine, a Russian missile is impacted against the train. The area is under siege for the shipment of weapons and other summits that lie near Kiev.

The head of OTAN, Jens Stoltenberg, assures the occupants that he is preparing for a long “war of the desks” in Ukraine. Stoltenberg has been reuniting with incumbent Joe Biden at the Casa Blanca to prepare for the fall of the occupying military alliance, which is set to end in June in Madrid.


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