Wanda Nara visited her premises: the bond with Mauro Icardi, the proximity to Maxi López and the relationship with Antonela Roccuzzo

Wanda Nara spoke to LAM about her local Abasto

“Today 19 hours. Supply. New products. surprises. Sweepstakes too. Goodbye. ”What It happened in December when she opened her cosmetics shop, Wanda Nara the pace of Shopping Abasto has changed again. With a story on her Instagram account of her, she put together a date when she felt the love of her fans once again.

The business woman took advantage of her lightning-fast journey through the granddaughter’s birthday Angelsthe daughter of Zaira And Jakob von Plessen, to visit the shop that opened at the end of last year in the famous mall. More organized than on that occasion, Mauro Icardi’s wife welcomed the fervor of her followers, took pictures with all those who asked her, she gave her a cell phone with LAM where she answered all the questions.

Wanda Nara received the love of her fans (Photo: Ramiro Souto)
Wanda Nara received the love of her fans (Photo: Ramiro Souto)

“Maybe those of the brand have paid a little more,” Wanda began, joking about the hundreds of people who came to greet her. “I never imagined I had a place, the idea was to have it just for Christmas and it spread. Now we are opening another one and I am happy to bet on my country. This is not comparable to anything. ” added more seriously.

During the makeshift cell phone, the business woman answered everything. She denied the alleged marital crisis of her sister Zaira and explained that Mauro did not accompany her because she is training in her team: I’m fine, these are things that happen. The problem is that I say everything, or almost everything“, He stressed about the crisis he had with the PSG player and which he spoke about first on his goals and then in a special memory with Susana Gimenez.

“It seemed hypocritical to me to do a special with Susana at a carnival, as scheduled, without being clear about the situation we were going through. I asked him to ask me what he wanted”Revealed the entrepreneur. And when Yanina Latorre asked him if it was more convenient to talk to Susana than with someone like de Brito, she didn’t throw a tantrum: “they paid me a fortune”, He explained between a laugh.

Wanda Nara visited her cosmetics shop
Wanda Nara visited her cosmetics shop

“Mauro regretted having participated? Because they killed him in the nets, “the driver asked.” They even hit me with a pipe, and if I didn’t give the interview they would say I was for a birthday. When you expose yourself, you also expose yourself to being killed. I have been in this for many years“, Minimized. Speaking of which, he said that he is about to sign a contract for a series about his life, which he hasn’t given too many details about. “Certainly my children are there, friends. Very focused on me, “he told her.

“Has what happened with China already passed for you?” continued de Brito. “There’s nothing else to talk about, it’s about everything, things that were real, things that weren’t. I have a hard time taking care of her, what happened”, He replied a little uncomfortably and expressed it. “This wasn’t planned,” she added with a laugh. “Is the marriage healed or are the accounts still over?”the driver asked. “There are no bills, no one owes anyone anything, I know the characters in this story, everyone knows how they are handled,” Nara replied before a funny moment occurred. It was when Estefi Berardi asked him if they were planning to have another child and the shout from the fans covered the answer. “Journalists out!” was the slogan that made everyone laugh. “Team son Mauro”joked the businesswoman.

Wanda received gifts and applause during her visit to the Abasto
Wanda received gifts and applause during her visit to the Abasto

At the moment, Pia Shaw He asked her about her relationship with the wives of other footballers, if it was a myth that he didn’t love her. And the business woman took the opportunity to rectify the information provided by the reporter. “Last year, the wife of the player you mentioned wrote to me privately,” she explained. The reference was a Camila Galante, partner of Leandro Paredes. “I have no problem with Camila or with any woman. I work a lot and when I can I go to events “, she explained. “Do you get along with Antonela, Messi’s wife?”asked the little angel. “Well, we share birthdays, she shares my children’s birthdays, I share her. Do not think that the wives of the players go to the restaurant in the evening, because nobody does.He added.

Wanda's look during her visit to Abasto (Photo: Ramiro Souto)
Wanda’s look during her visit to Abasto (Photo: Ramiro Souto)

She was also consulted about her current relationship with Maxi López, the father of her children, with whom she has been closest in recent times. “It’s part of the maturation. I’ve never changed I have always tried to be friendly for the welfare of my children, but it hurt me when I said I didn’t see them. There were no holes, more than the normal ones of two people living in different cities and each has its own agenda, ”he explained. And as for the keeper AGustin Longueiras, to which he was romantically linked during his holiday visit, was definitive. “I didn’t hire him, I hired a company,” she said, adding that Mauro was never jealous of him, as she too was leaked.

Long last denied that he hacked himself the Instagram account weeks ago, when aggressive messages appeared against China Suárez. “I’m the least technological there is”, summary. She added that not only have they hacked her, but also a friend she goes to Ibiza with, who tried to do it with Kennys Palacios, her personal assistant, and that she still hasn’t been able to recover an account. e-mail.


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