“We are in danger of extinction, but we cannot afford to become extinct”: Aymée Nuviola talks about salsa and its Grammy nomination

Aymee Nuviola
Aymee Nuviola

For the third consecutive time, on behalf of women, Latin America, salsa and Cuba, Aymée Nuviola is nominated for a Grammy. Not only will you get the chance to take home a gold gramophone, but you’ll also perform at the MGM in Las Vegas. In an interview with Infobae, the artist provided details on what this new recognition means to her and what salsa currently represents in the industry. A nomination or a Grammy win is the fuel Aymée has in her career to continue, “it’s not Daddy Yankee’s gasoline,” she says, but it’s the fuel that keeps her going.

“We had a time for sowing and a time for harvesting”, the Cuban begins speaking of her third appointment, in this interview with Infobae. And not least, her work is millimeter, perfectionist, well thought out. It is not only her music, it is her image that has made her current in a genre that, with the days, runs out more and more without exponents.

“We are interested in choosing the repertoire well, that the recording process is correct, that the tracks are well recorded (…) which above all is linked to me as an artist. Authenticity. May he not lose seeing me reflected in that work. As much as we go around music, or flirt with other genres, I always try not to get lost. This ensures that people don’t miss what they are hearing. “he highlighted.

Aymée says a Grammy brings her more responsibility. Being nominated for a Grammy the first time isn’t the same as being nominated a third time, with more years of experience and more experience in the complex industry. “The more time you spend, the more responsibility you feel. The first time you say “well, maybe it was a fluke, a coincidence, a blessing”, But, as the years go by, when you have a Grammy, like me, you say, ‘Well, now? How do I get over this? How can I go on after this? ‘ I think it’s not about overcoming it, but about doing the same, with the same excellence. Each job has its characteristics, its goal “He explained.

Colombia was not a foreigner to Aymée. In fact, it is with an album dedicated to this country that she is nominated for a Grammy. “Without sauce there is no heaven” sees him competing in the “Best Tropical Latin Album” category. “One of the things that most unites me to Colombia is Celia Cruz’s novel, the one I did with RCN, I lived there for almost six months. But other than that, I’ve been with Colombia more. I always come to Cartagena to do my shows, I did the casting there. My fan club was born in Colombia, with some girls who are now girls going to college or working. “he highlighted.

I wanted to pay homage to this land, but with respect. He didn’t want to intrude on the country’s classic genres, since it’s not as easy as it sounds, so instead of trying to appropriate it, he chose important country songs and adapted them to salsa. She is a great admirer of Petrona Martínez and Totó la Momposina.

With her husband, after searching, she chose themes such as “the cold drop”, “the land of oblivion”, “the brook”, among others. She made them of her, put them back in sauce. “Colombia and Cuba have a very strong musical bond. There is a lot of Cuban music that has influenced Colombian music and many Cuban composers with songs that have been popularized by Colombians “added to Infobae.

Salsa is a classic genre, and the current sounds seem not to want to head to create new songs from there. Aymée says, they are in danger of extinction. You have to give it a spin, however, it’s not easy.

“I think you have to reinvent yourself. One of the things that hurts the genre most is the lack of renewal, of having things to propose. Whoever does not propose leaves no inheritance, echoes and repeats what already exists, what already exists. It’s not that it’s bad, but if you want projection, you have to propose. It is risky, because every time you propose you move away from pre-established patterns, and then there are people who understand it and do not understand it. But I prefer to be like that. Music is full of forms, but there is no formula. When you put a formula to music, you reduce it to everything that is broad in the musical world, ”he condemned.

“We are in danger of extinction, but we cannot afford to become extinct”he concluded.

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