“We’ll shoot you shit”: the Independiente bar burns after Bebote’s harangue

The historic leader of the Rojo gang has threatened an open war against the official faction led by Juan Ignacio Leczniki.

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In these days we have anticipated the horror saga that was coming to the Independiente bar. Pablo Bebote Alvarez I had decided to go back to the bar, whatever happens. And he challenged the power of the official faction led by Juan Ignacio Leczniki taking people from his own ranks and inviting him to fight all or nothing. Furthermore, the key man who has killed the current leader to date is a criminal nicknamed Patita, a hitman by profession, who heads a very heavy group of Villa Jardín, in Lanús, and who also contributes to the Chicago bar. And he also sent an encrypted message to Cesare Loquillo Rodriguez, the third discordant actor, to tell him there was no room for him either. That Bebote would come back and take care of everything.

Bebeto Álvarez and the Independiente intern

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Bebeto Álvarez and the Independiente intern

And the bomb is about to explode: this morning he made an act of force in front of the Stadio della Rossa with about 300 fans who crowned him again as head of the popular and from there they walked to Avellaneda shouting “Barracas, darling, we’ll shoot you at shit” for the place where the current leaders The owners of Avellaneda.

It is called Bebote The Red Devils and that of Loquillo, We are. Three sectors that should be outside of Argentine football and, instead, are the main protagonists with the collusion of management and part of security.

First, and in front of the club-themed restaurant that Bebote opened before the pandemic and which his rivals accuse him of buying and setting up with the bar’s money, he made a speech as incumbent political leader. There he attacked Moyano, Loquillo, Juani and said “I go back to recover the grandstand for the Red team”, Accusing his rivals of being from Hurricane and River and being in charge only because the Truckers’ Union supports them. And he threw a threat: If they don’t give us the tickets, we go in anyway. Some of the protocol, the same, already has them, according to him, shown on his social networks, even if it does not seem to be the figure that says: when the bar has hundreds of them, they show them separately to show their power and not in a trellis where only the first is seen.

Independent Bebote Tickets

Justice has already opened a judicial proceeding initiated by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security and by Aprevide to find out who gave him those tickets and to try to accuse him of the crime of public intimidation for what happened on Friday evening, because after the speech they marched like an army through the neighborhood streets.

Bebote had gone to the first police station in Avellaneda last Tuesday accompanied by his second, Adrián el Tortuga García, to say that he would be back. Aware of this, 24 hours later, Juan Ignacio Leczniki appeared in the same branch, along with his henchman Roberto Illescas, to say that they did not get off and that they did not take responsibility for the incidents before, during and after the match that could be produced this afternoon.

And as if that weren’t enough, Loquillo announced that this afternoon he would gather his people at the skate park in the June 4th neighborhood, which is behind the stadium, to march from there and take the south stand. Bebote and Juani fight to conquer the North, which historically belonged to the bar.

Moreover, Bebote appeared yesterday in Justice and denounced the Independiente general secretary, Héctor Maldonado, for promising Loquillo the management of the entire popular el Rojo in exchange for killing him. And that for this he had the support of the leadership of the police of the province of Buenos Aires.

A real nonsense but he needs it because this afternoon the people of Loquillo have to be away from him. Otherwise, if there is a fight, it would give credibility to that denunciation that in the same justice of Avellaneda they looked at it with sarcasm.

Either way, a hot afternoon is expected in the Libertadores de América when Rojo will host Tigre for the Professional League Cup at 7pm. Aprevide organizes an operation which at first had to have 600 soldiers and now there are about 800. They want a day of peace, even if the three groups of the bar operate in the opposite direction and are blowing the winds of war stronger than ever.

Drinking on the streets of Avellaneda

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Drinking on the streets of Avellaneda

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