What Eduardo Domínguez says about Gallardo to Aliendro’s lagoon: the juggernaut fired by the Independent is on the River Plate

One of the great novels of the current market is like Rodrigo Aliendro’s futurist, the footballer de Colón of Santa Fe that you want to pass on to you at the end of my essay. Que lo tenía cerrado Independiente, que Vélez Sarsfield se interesó, que Boca Juniors it is said that it has the mass representing that of Juan Román Riquelme and the ultimate chapter, that Marcelo Gallardo communicate with the 31-year-old flywheel and the term convenient for summing up River Plate.

About these rumors and transcendents, Eduardo Domínguez refreshes at the conference de prensa luego del gran triunfo de Independiente ante Estudiantes de la Plata en Avellaneda. “The real picture is not there. Hace dos d queas que estoy encerrado pensando en esta partid and we have the inconveniences that we abamos to find and tambourine those inconveniences that we only have as a team at least mediocre that which we have with Argentines and against us gent. Show what you want to show the guy. Optionally, the last few minutes will suffice as generally searching for these last few minutes, if not suffocating, is important. As the frame of the situation lo desconozco “, commented Barca, in a way of analyzing the present of your team.

Without embargo, no matter what the outcome and the subsequent interest in the River Plate, there is a secret agreement: do not light the attenuator if the River trainer turns on, like the Boca trainer, which is not the taste of electricity. I do not want to measure and think in the same light or the other trainer … No, we only have to train for the Independent. For our creations and what the demos are looking for in their clubs. I do not want to poner and investigate if you are actually talking or you are not talking to Rodrigo, do you want to ask ‘¿te llamó?’. Yo qué sé, es tema de el y de los otros clubes ”.

“We do not have to worry about, prioritize, focus and improve on all that is the topic. because we follow the mass form, we are paradoxically in the mismo lugar y eso quiere decir que no estamos avanzando, y nosotros debemos avanzar”, Recalls Rojo’s technique, which suz vez aclaró que Aliendro, who flies to Col Fen de Santa Fe, now insures that you go to your club. “La decisón la toma el jugador. .L en ningún momento me dio la palabra, pero le enthusiasm y gusta nuestro project. When it comes to Colón’s books, you can change and then go with it. Nosotros podemos hacer hasta cierto punto. Til tiene que estar tranquilo para decidir. I’m not interested in importing River llamó a Aliendro. “Every lab for your club”.

Returning to La Plata Students, Eduardo Dominguez said: Hoy nos gustó cómo jugamos. Arrancamos mejor en el segundo timo y golpeamos en los momentos justos. Pudimos control a very different rival. We are waiting for the moment, de eso se trata ”. Además, on the debut of Iván Marcone, who wrote in the last few minutes of the final, said that “se lo ve con muchas ganas”.

On the other hand, the ex-southern city of Lanús, Boca Juniors and Elche de España, confessó: The flywheel debuts in the car that is fanatical. “Soy hincha casi desde antes de tener uso de razón, y por eso est e su suñño kumplido.” you are a bunch of complex screws. When you feel the moment to enter, you just go, because the sensation of playing with this shirt has no precision ”, destacó, excited, in dialogue with TNT Sports.

“The technician Eduardo Dominguez told me that collaborating in the recovery to make up for the students’s embassies, which are all done, and all of them are complete because we have three points that are very necessary”, he said at the time . Minds that the figure of the can, Leandro Fernández results that he feels “every time with a better performance and with a yield that is in the algae. “But convert the second penalty kick into more than one goal.”

“Era muy necesaria esta victoria, pero esti equipo e para ir paso a paso y para seguir en alza necesitamos refurzos, porque ahora tenemos que jugar el juueves en Jujuy contra Athletic Tucumán por Copa Argentina y ese is a torneo muy important para meters Libertadores. Hacen falta para eso dos jugadores por puesto ”, remarcó, lanzando así a fuerte mensaje en el final de la charla.


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