What is the end of the week? Borgen’s time frame ratifies the temperature of the Danish series, which is volumetric and phenomenal all over the world

If you are not sure what to expect when it comes to timing, Borgenthe danesa series that reinvented political drama on TV, is regression. Most importantly, if you have any new episodes available on Netflix, justify your return. Not only because of the satisfaction that they give when the epilogue is related to what most people – or detached – of the person are doing. In this case, it takes a while to focus on the height of the work that has been done while temporalizing Adam Credor’s crew and acting Sidse Babett Knudsen, the star of the program. With many cans and other scrapped menus, Birgitte Nyborg, the central character, repaired on stage and as a successor, is impossible to follow in any of your passages.

Now, the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs is the Minister of External Relations of a coalition government commanded by Signe Kragh (Johanne Louise Schmidt) who, as the media does not record, is much like Ella. In the first scenes it is clear that the convenience pact between them is not fluidly dissipated: the boundaries of the territory to stabilize the limits of their respective weights. A hot wind that blows over other oil-rich lucrative fields in Greenland, a territory governed by its distance from the Danish region, which is dependent on the Nyborg ministry.

Planted the geopolitical conflict of the goblin’s oil, the relation being inflated in the media and especially in the return of Katrine Fønsmark (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen) on TV1, the informational scenario of the buena part of the tram in the first three times. Returning as a news director, the periodical notes that all the personal characteristics that hack a professional’s ayudan demasiado when trying to be the leader of their excompreser.

  Borgen is back on Netflix
Borgen is back on NetflixMike Kollöffel

Clear that most of the detail and fascinating story about the hills of power in Denmark, Borgen be destabilized by the ability of the gionists to interrupt the personal screws of their characters in the sense that they are more rick and profound thanks to this. I find that when a decade has passed, the result is as attractive as any. In the case of Nyborg, the drama takes its toll on demonstrating that there is no separation between the wife and the minister: in one of the most significant scenes of the first episode, the character must momentarily abandon an important reunion when trying to feel menopause. As the number is successive, the story is incorporated as part of most of the struggles that constitute your identity.

Birgitte Hjort Sørensen and Lars Mikkelsen in Borgen
Birgitte Hjort Sørensen and Lars Mikkelsen in BorgenNetflix

“I do not have any specimens, I do not have any bonds. Tengo mucha energia para gastar en el trabajo ”, says the protagonist Katrine, who is in pairs with the economist Søren Ravn (Lars Mikkelsen). Aunque Nyborg some of the screws of your “without bonds”, because it is that the water flows in relation to the final of the matrimonial and the time that the dedication to its shadows does not displace the whole. The guys, or not the guys, are all over the place: especially Magnus, which is more compromised by the ecological cause, which eventually creates more of a problem in the mother.

Asger Holm Kirkegaard (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard), the young Danish ambassador sent to Greenland to negotiate with me the most experience, with all the configuration of the Nyborg councilor
Asger Holm Kirkegaard (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard), the young Danish ambassador sent to Greenland to negotiate with me the most experience, with all the configuration of the Nyborg councilorMike Kollöffel

With the focus on this trauma in Greenland, the series -bottom on which the Covid passages are not found in the sea-, is covered by the abbey of their political preoccupations in Denmark. The fictional apparatus deals with themes such as the alliance with the United States, the Russian amnesty -about that Price describes anticipating the invasion of Ukraine-, and the colonialist passage given that the mantle of Greenland lies in it. These are typical tips that can be used to create results quickly, to create a series of internships, prices present with a remarkable veracity and humanity. The ensemble family and complication of Hans Eliassen (Svend Hardenberg), the Minister of Minerals of Greenland, decided to push for the conclusion of the oil negotiation, which is supported by the final liberation of the country, and the petitions of Asard Holkel Kirger ( Følsgaard), the young Danish ambassador, envied and confronted with the experience of disobedience, the apneas algunos of the most-constituent components of a narrative formula that, rather than the transcurrent time of the air flow, have resulted in a very clear and effective effect.

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