What Marcelo Gallardo did with his cruise with Sebastián Beccacece in empathy between River Plate and Defense and Justice

Defense and Justice and River Plate empathize with goals in an internship attempt at Florencio Varela, for his debut in the Professional League. However, the game deals with a variety of situations, with the files being terminated as shown, and a polemical action being taken to justify the visitor, which ends with all the flashes coming out perspero cruce between Sebasti Ben Beccacece and Marcelo Gallardo.

The interns are crucified after the final part of the game Beccacece no le dejara realizale un lateral a Marcelo Herrera, to move a gear that is only programmed. The Arbitration Facundo Call the expulsion mediated by DT del Halcónwhich leads directly to the tunnel of your toilets a verbal crucifixion with Muñeco.

“I do not like the activity that measures the field and that we do not puddle south. “Silo se lo hice saber y después no pasó m ns nada”, after Marcelo’s explanation Gallardo at the press conference. The River Plate trainer, much more tranquil, minimizes incident and noise due to a situation that recovers the main portals deporting the country and the world.

At the time of the analysis, Gallardo kept track of what his team had to say about the Florentio Varela three-point shot. “It’s not enough to go and search with more decisive, all in one second time. It seems to me that he is a just empath. “Most of the auctions, we do not intend to swim and the team responds.”

Other phrases from Gallardo at the conference:

The great part of Ezequiel Centurión: “It is not easy to put in a box of large imports and creations that come with good presentations. If you respond well, then you have three important attachments. Le viene bien para agarrar confianza y madurez. It diffuses when no venus is added and repositioned as an armani as Armani. This content is there ”.

The goal scored by Brian Romero: “There are more and more things that can be found in the confusion and the forms that can make you feel like a juggernaut as a valid alternative to our bodies. I have one of the most important and important actions … The one that works hard … If you train for it and if you are a professional, you train for the better ”.

The cambiums on the lateral right: “There are points that have to be used to gain access to internal competencies, which are generated. The resolver game is considered to be that of the footballer before being inserted into the team. Only a little bit, like Vigo ya Herrera now, but it is normal and it is patient. No matter which place you choose it is, which is the best alternative to these places and other positions. Mientras haya posibilidades las seguiré teniendo en cuenta ”.

Cycle on the River Plate to get rid of acos: “No creo que sea hoy el d paraa para hacer el balance, es difícil hacerlo. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into retirement as it sounds in Argentine football, with complexity, being set up in a club as in what we are is much more than that. We follow and in the search box you can find and comprehend. Le agradezco al club que me dado la posibilidad, más allá de si gani o no gani. It is to follow a process and aggravate the hincha that is present in each part and reconcile the sentiment of competence and brinda the caricature and effect ”.

Lucas Beltrán’s contractual situation: “You are managing the conductors with Colón intending that the jugador and venirr incorporate. We do not have to be now, this week or the end when the final terms of the contract are finalized. Hasta ahora se han acercado las partes y están en eso, tarde o temprano se va a incorporar con nosotros ”.

Beccacece’s word in the princess’s dress:


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