What Tevez wanted to retaliate: the Argentine figure with whom he shared double technical

Carlos Tevez advertised his return to professional football and continued league in sports from one place to another: ¿What is a double-edged sword?

Carlos Tevez - West Ham

El retro de Carlos Tevez from the professional practice of Saudi football to the world of sports in the latest times. There is a year, in which water falls on the Bombonerael Apache announced at the conference on Boca’s page and from this essay there is currently no new violet of a game field: tracing its announcement in Animal Seltos, in dialogue with Alejandro Fantino, the ex-footballer is assured that he will be deported, but from somewhere else.

Be sure to direct: the Argentine figure with whom the project is shared

Además de confirmar su retiro, Carlos Tevez affirm in interview with Alejandro Fantino who follows football league as an intern and affirm that you are working with Carlos Reteguiex entrenador de la Selection Argentina de hockey masculina y femenina. El Chapaas lo apodan, tiene un gran pergamino siendo DT y viene preparándose hace tiempo para afrontar el desafío en el fútbol profesional.

“I was very enthusiastic about a project with my friends and Chapa Retegui. Voy a dirigir. We have a lot of work time. We aim for a very good project, integral, with enthusiasm, we are engaged ”, assured Tevez in Animal Sueltos.

Además, Tevez affirmed that he wanted to join La Bombonera as Boca’s technical director:

“Tengo el mismo cosquilleo de cuando jugaba, puedo ayudar a los chichos a integralos al boltbol. “The girl could not hear me because she was in a trance,” said Carlitos.

Tevez reveals that he is the technical director


Tevez reveals that he is the technical director

Who is Chapa Retegui, who supports double technology with Tevez retouching game

Carlos Retegui only 52 years old who has the experience of defending the colors of the selected Argentine in the world of hockey. As a leader, I joined the Selection by 17 years old (from 1989 to 2006) and participated in three Olympic Games consecutively, with a balance of three gold medals y una de plate en los Panamericanos; measurements obtained by DT speed, running in 2009 Gabriel Minadeo in the feminine combination. Allí tuvo un muy buen desempeño: se consagró en el Championship Mundial 2010también obtuvo el Champions Trophy 2009, 2010 y 2012fue medal de plate in the JJOO de London 2012 y en Tokyo 2020. In the masculine selection, close the medal oro in Rio 2016 and in the Panamericanos of Lima 2019.

Lungo de ganar practically all in hockey, el Chapa enter the technical direction of Argentina and exchange habitats to download in the world of football. The title song in the school of Luis Lescurieux says: “When it comes to the process of making girls in Tokyo you go and train in football, without any hesitation. It’s all that motivates me a lot. Tengo grandes amigos en el fútbol, ​​y me estoy preparando. Football is different, it is a very professional sport. Sos mirado por todo el país. Hoy sos Dios y mañana el Diablo. In the media hour Dios otra vez, or in the media hour sauce otra vez el Diablo. It’s a sport in which I prepare mentally and which is an important emotional exercise, when I tend to have a content before my critiques”, Express the trainer.

Retegui captured the interview Leonas India Tokyo 2020

What Chapa Retegui says about the power of directing Boca

Reteguiin an interview with Infobae in 2020, manifest your work from the intern Xeneize: “It’s one of the biggest teams in the world, but it’s hard to beat me, even though I have to experience and fall for DT in these places. Carlitos (by Tevez) es mi amigo, él sabe que cuando quiera tomar unos mates, me manda un mensaje y nos sentamos“. Do you want to share a double tech with Apache?

Tevez’s Dollar announces how to play football

“Dejé de jugar porque perdí a mi fan número uno”, reveals Tevez, between tears, to record the death of his father Segundo. “Yo tenoa cho años y el que me venía a ver era él, entonces decia: ‘¿Para qué más?’. Me levanté y dije: ‘No juego m paras para nadie’. “I’m a fan of No. 1 and I’m so excited that I’m not going to win much,” said Apache.

Tevez confirm their return:


  Tevez confirm their return:

Así anunció Tevez que dejaba de jugar de manera profesional al boltbol

Tevez advertise on retro professional football


Tevez advertise on retro professional football

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