when Tom Cruise and Tony Scott flew to find the exact film moving between planes

Top Gun: Maverick‘sigue arrasando en la taquilla since it is the end of the week, a new record set at 160 million at the national level in the first quarter of the week, marking a hit for Paramount and the Tom Cruise prop, who led the 1986 exit list with more papers iconic as Pete Mitchell, without embargo, or in which case one should be more than “spiritual” in the airplane epicenter.

True dias‘(Days of Thunder, 1990), which can be equated Apple tv, to cruise to Cruise with director Tony Scott to oversee Simpson / Bruckheimer products on the other hand about the velocity in which the actor plays Cole Trickle, a monoplastic carriage pilot who later wins in the NASCAR category. One of the differences withTop Gun‘is that contact with Oscar winner’s Robert Towne’s condolences for’Chinatown‘, and the score by Hans Zimmer. With the new sonar band established the output of the exhaust.

We have parallels in duration

On a disc made of CD John Waite, Tina Turner, Chicago, Cher or Elton John and an excellent version of Bob Dylan’s Guns N ‘Roses by’ Knockin ‘on Heaven’s Door’, because it’s not as iconic as the ‘Danger Zone’, Zimmer’s main theme is the DNA mismatch that the melodic points from the front and back are repeated by Caesar, even though Kenny Loggins’s iconic melody. Not only in Val Kilmer, but also in Michael Rooker’s dive Iceman’s tracks like the NASCAR camp that turns into a rival and friend of Cole.

Cruise to return to a team boat to essentially contour the story, a young man entrenched with entrained pattern problems that transform into ira and velocity aboard a machine. Even though Maverick is an arrogant little bit from the moment he appears only to be seen in a trousernew in a motto like the more type cool from the ground, and the film, in essence, we are both domesticated and domesticated and run by an integral cretino.


The conflict between the pilots is intact and the veterans are interested in keeping the cruise secret secret from the screw and in order to keep the chica, gana carrera and calla los all that is questioned at the moment. In this case, the argument is based on the quality of the center deportation cell in a single person, but that is what it is some similar to ‘Top Gun’ that sound like ‘Truck Days’ practically one secondor some people who open other eras respecting the original, such as ‘Cazafantasmas 2’.

Ganar is not that important, pero al final sí

As in ‘Top Gun’, Maverick’s father was a pilot who acted like he was the type to use, different constructions, but the resulting pilot, the pilots lived to escape the shadows of the pads, and Mitchell’s masterpieces find in Viper (Tom Skerritt) a paternalistic relationship that llena ese hueco, Cole find in his team leader Harry Hogge (Robert Duvall). For suppuesto Cole se enamora de unue mujer fuerte y profesional, la Dra. Claire Lewicki (Nicole Kidman)that the permite ninguna of its bobadas pero cae rendida a él a pesar de ellas.

Practically a reflection of the relationship with instructor Charlie Blackwood by Kelly McGillis, which is tolerant of Maverick’s locks. The Rowdy / Iceman relation has a matte mass, which insists that the conduction is rapidly accelerating and exposing the problem of some of the Cruise characters, the great pilots who treat the master better, but his impulsive and temporal demasias.

Carventuri Daysofthunder

Both in ‘Top Gun’ and aggressive pilots you fight like a victim and your friend Goose, in ‘D deas de Trueno’ the rivalry between Cole and Rowdy acaba in a terrible choice because those deja graves are brain lesions. Cole se recupera, pero Rowdy no, aunque no muere, nunca m vols volverá a correr, lo que coude a Cole of the manner that the death of Goose in Maverick of the mass form, which is soluble by Rowdy’s insistence that Cole drive his car on the 500 Daytona Mills.

Ultra-sterilization action from all velocity (new)

The new villa is an england Cary Elwes, who in reality constituted the military amnesty of the Mig, because the main difference is that technically ‘Top Gun’ is the price of steel and ‘True Days’ of deportation. Quitando eso, is a vehicle (s) for the Cruise and Scott splitter, which newly completes the action on the absolute protagonist, launching a new technical desk in incremental scenes of NASCAR carriages with usable shapes to capture the motion when each is more different from the other.

‘True day’ breathes in a world of CGI, and the risk of cycling not only in the plane, but also a visual revolution takes place because the solo quiz is all over the placeLe Mans ’66’ (2019). The embargo, the major abyss with ‘Top Gun’ is numerical, with the estimated 15 million dollars being multiplied by 55 million, with lots of fuel, melodrama, romance and impeccable images at a frenetic pace.

Days Of Thunder

John C. Reilly’s’s desk bag’s box in Cole’s box team, a set of Magic Man Cal Naughton Jr. en ‘Passing words(2006) and Kidman’s presentation on Cruise life. La pareja se casó ese mismo año y tuvieron dos hijos, antes de hacer dos películas más juntos. ‘True Days’ commends the status of Simpson’s Bruckheimer as producers of spectacular gran that spill out with Michael Bay’s work at the Decade that stinks. Pero if the debería file is on record it is on a vertical screen every time between the ‘Top Gun’ first and the official sequel.

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