“Which planet do you live on?”: Human Rights Watch responds to Venezuelan Governor

The ONG defense of human rights Human Rights Watch cruise to Gobierno argentino by its destination normalize diplomatic relations with the goblin of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. In particular, a phrase from the presidential voice, Gabriela Cerruti, that caused the indignation of Tamarra Taraciuk, the title of HRW for America.

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Cerruti affirmed at the press conference that “evidently the situation in Venezuela is changing”. “Recently, we have chosen elgunos distritos in the places where Gobierno (by Nicolás Maduro) perdió. “Different news of a country where there is no democracy where officialism goes to the choices”, added the portavoz.

“Alberto Fernández’s semana dijo que in Venezuela los problems se habían disipado. For example, the Portuguese Gabriela Cerruti still has news of democracy. ¿Which planet do you live on? ”Taraciuk asked on Twitter.

The name of Tamara Taraciuk on the accomplishment of the great Argentinean in Venezuela.  (Photo: Twitter capture).
The name of Tamara Taraciuk on the accomplishment of the great Argentinean in Venezuela. (Photo: Twitter capture).

In the meantime, Taraciuk enumerates a series of data and information from the organization to test that the problems in Venezuela are not “disputed”, as Fernando says:

  • “Independent experts from the UN document that the Venezuelan judiciary does not solo investigate delinquents and abuses that are complex;
  • CPI Fiscalía has a course investigation against possible criminals against humanity;
  • Security forces operating abused and recently operated graves in conjunction with the ELN on the Colombian front;
  • In Venezuela, there are more than 240 political presses;
  • Humanitarian emergencies, which do not have to be a natural disaster in the midst of regime policies, have diverted access from millions of Venezuelans to health care or food. A third of the Venezuelan high food security table;
  • The exodus of 6 million venezos, which represents 20% of the population, provides a measure of the situation in the best country. ACNUR proprietorship that accounts for 8.9 million hacia final 2022 ″.

Taraciuk criticized the mandate because he said that Venezuela “has advanced in its electoral process”. “The major advance to allow the European Union to observe the elections of November 2021 for the first time in 15 years. The preliminary information of the mission should be a lapidary that exposes the country “, the retrograde.

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Alberto Fernández says he wants to “recover his diplomatic plenum” with Venezuela

This week, during the official visit to Buenos Aires by the President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, the Argentine Prime Minister announced the decision of “recover a diplomatic plenum”With Caracas y, luego, hizo extensively the invitation and actuation of the misma manera to the gobiernos events of the region.

The caravans with Caracas in the legacy of the Argentine goblin
The caravans with Caracas in the legacy of the Argentine goblin

“Creemos que es momento de ayudar a Venezuela and that, in dialogue, fully recovers its normal functioning as a country and as a society. “We do not want to be left alone, as ambassadors and as soon as possible”, said the Argentine mandate in the flow of the prince with Lasso.

Latin America has everything to offer. “On the subject of Venezuela, it is not exclusive, castigandolos, as a solution, sino sentolos in a mass of negotiation and mutual cooperation for which we can all tend to each other”, affirms Cerruti the game about Gobiern’s post.

Other organizations criticize Fernandez for Venezuelan politics

HRW is not the only organization criticizing Gobierno. Amnesty International sent her map by Alberto Fernández with long questions.

“The Venezuelan justice system, which sanctioned the violations of human rights, has served as a hindrance to cometers. Bring to this reality, their recent declarations result in summons of concern”, Sostuvo Mariela BelskiExecutive Director of Amnesty International Argentina.

Belski destacó en su misiva que, por primera vez en la historia, la Argentina preside duration is 2022 el Consejo de Derechos Humanos from the UN and the Gobierno Institution to “redouble their efforts for sign up to Venezuela’s goblin who fines the policy of repression; to allow human rights defenders and defenders to act in a secure manner; which allows full access and restrictions on the Hechos Determination Mission without further ado, and which invites Special Rapporteurs on extrajudicial ejecuciones and about torture and the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions, to visit the country ”.

Fernández’s statements are being refuted by the Venezuelan opposition, in particular by the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaidó, who on his Twitter account told the Argentine president that for victims of human rights violations ”, for sentencing: “Negar la dictadura no ayuda a los venezolanos”.


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