Who are Mariya and Katerina, Vladimir Putin’s daughters in the eye of the storm

Behind the Bucha massacreWestern countries analyze a new series of sanctions against Russia and also evaluate the two daughters of the president Vladimir Putin, Maria and Caterina. The measure seeks to increase pressure on the Kremlin as the war in Ukraine worsens.

The European Union and the United States are studying an embargo on the assets of both, according to media such as Bloomberg And The Wall Street newspaper. The specific intention is to attract the attention of Put inwhich so far has supported military action, despite the multiple condemnations of the invasion.

The measure, however, seems more symbolic than effective. It is not known exactly what his possessions are. Strictly speaking, Moscow has kept a great deal of secrecy around them. He never officially confirmed their names and, in fact, they both did different surnames.

Putin with the mother of his daughters, Lyudmila.
Putin with the mother of his daughters, Lyudmila.AP

Both Mariya and Katerina are the result of Putin’s marriage to Lyudmila Putina, from whom he divorced in 2013. Neither the Kremlin has officially confirmed affiliation nor themselves. In Moscow, the official answer is that there are no comments on the life of the president’s relatives.

According to the versions that have emerged over the years, it is known that they spent their lives between Russia and Western Europe. Professionals, they hold a high position in the business world and the Russian elite, as well as have significant economic power.

Putin referred to them just once during a press conference in 2015. “They are taking their first steps in their careers, but they are making progress. They have not been involved in business or politics”, He clarified. She stressed that “they were not star girls” and that they did not benefit from their position.

They live in Russia. And they have not been educated anywhere but in Russia”He said, amidst versions that indicate otherwise. “I am proud of them. They continue to study and work and they speak three European languages ​​very easily”, He expressed.

Maria Vorontsova36 years old, the eldest, was born in Leningradwhich is now known as St. Petersburg. Katerina Tikhonovafrom 35 years old, she is the youngest daughter of the president. second appointment The world from Spain, he was born in Dresden, East Germany, while Putin worked as a spy for the KGB, the Soviet political police.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the family settled in Leningrad. Despite Putin’s claims, both are alleged to have been sent to Germany to receive much of their training. Mathias Warnig, a former agent of the secret services of the former German Democratic Republic, was placed in his care.

the eldest of the daughters Putin will turn 37 on April 28. As noted Bloombergis a doctor and directs an Artificial Intelligence (AI) center in Moscow State University. She is married to Jorrit Faasen, a Dutch businessman, related to the Russian company Stroitransgaz. Both lived for several years in Voorschoten, an exclusive area near The Hague.

Mariya, the eldest daughter of Vladimir Putin.  AFP PHOTOS
Mariya, the eldest daughter of Vladimir Putin. AFP PHOTOSALEXANDER NEMENOV – AFP

However, in 2015, they had to leave that place for Moscow. Russia was accused of shooting down a plane traveling from the Netherlands to Malaysia a year earlier, killing all 294 on board. In the midst of the controversy of that time, the luxurious lifestyle of Maria Vorontsova and several activists came to demand his deportation, according to Village.

Katerina Tikhonovathe youngest daughter, It is physics and mathematics. He carries out his functions at Nomenko, a company in the health sector. She was married between 2013 and 2018 to Kiril Shamalova billionaire son of the oligarch Nikolai ShamalovPart of Putin’s inner circle. Shamalov the father is one of the shareholders of the Rossiya bank, designated as a financial institution of the Russian elite.

as estimated Reuters, Katerina and Kirill Shamalov in 2015 they had a inheritance valued at 1.8 billion euros. Among other assets, the couple won a home in the French Basque Country for $ 3.7 million. Kirill Shamalov reportedly made much of his fortune once Putin came to power. He has known the Russian leader since he ran municipal politics in St. Petersburg in the 1990s.

Tikhonova had a past as an acrobatic dancer.
Tikhonova had a past as an acrobatic dancer.Nevar Inc. / The Daily Mail

In the past, Katerina was acrobatic dancer and worked particularly in the Rock and roll acrobatic in competitions organized by the world confederation of this discipline (WRRC, for its acronym in English). You represented the Russian Federation and maintained links with the international organization.

second appointment The daily mailthere are versions that indicate this Katerina Tikhonova could be Putin’s eventual successor in power and that the Kremlin leader has prepared it to take control of the “zardom” as the Russian state is known.

Natalia Gevorkyan, a biographer of Vladimir Putin, echoed these rumors. “Promoting a woman in the presidential election in Russia is an interesting and modern political experiment.”, He considered in a note written for the site of Radio Svoboda

In this sense, Gevorkyan, quoted by the British media, claimed that although Putin does not have a male heir, “at least officially”the possibility that control of the Russian apparatus could remain in the same family would calm both Putin and the close circle of power.

Katerina Tikhonova was married to a billionaire, the son of a Russian oligarch.
Katerina Tikhonova was married to a billionaire, the son of a Russian oligarch.Navalny.com / The Daily Mail

Thus, it positions it for the upcoming election contest. “In 2024 Katerina will turn 38. She theoretically she can participate in the presidential elections and provide calm to his father in old age and his closest friends“.

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