Who is Dillom, the 21-year-old single-album rapper who sold out four shows in 4 minutes

When the pandemic confinement put a forced pause on the dizziness of his days and the accelerated growth of his career, Dillom thought: “See if I die now that I could finally make my dreams come true”. This was a few months ago and since that time he not only is not dead but sold out four shows at the Vorterix Theater in record time: four minutes. dream come true for him 21-year-old rapper. There are no more tickets for 27th, 28th, 29th April or 3rd May. The great impact of Post mortemhis debut albumthe set he gave in one of the main hours of the Lollapalooza – and this has placed him as one of the great revelations of the festival – and the expectation for his next recitals, are his victory and also his revenge.

Dillom he managed to avoid the path of his personal life to make his way into music. His family history, his mother’s addiction and legal problems, the difficulties of integrating into his father’s mixed family, his own death – which he believes to be latent, resentment, (lack of) money and excessive consumption of pills were obstacles he has overcome to become one of the most famous figures of the Argentine music scene. Dillom had a short but intense tour: he appeared aboard a thick trap that exploded with his BZRP music session. His arrival in the mainstream is the epic of an outcast teenager. Dillom has transformed her wandering life, filled with excess, into a mundane punk trapstar who has come out of the mire and has not yet fully understood or adapted her success..

I don’t talk about my life, that shit is very sad / and now that I have the money my jokes are funnier”He says inside Post mortemthe song that gives the album its name and that also marks the beat of the entire album. In a universe built from the rawest trap and inspired traditional rap Bestial guysDillom has broadened his horizon towards pop with melodic moments to tell his own story. The songs on his first album are a horror story inspired by his demons and ghosts, a life worthy of Lovecraft or Poe. Far from the traditional ego Trip aspirational of the genre, Dillom is incredulous at the novelty of abundance. And to this he adds an air of reproach to all those who until recently treated him with contempt: It’s very easy for them to love me now that I don’t have scabiessing 13th floor.

The Dillom principles: music is the way

Dillom is Dylan León Masa, born in Once and raised in Colegiales. At the age of nine he was playing bass. Some time later he was a part of punk and hardcore bands. But he was inside hip hop where he improved his songs and printed the dirt of his style. At 15, through MH, a boy he met in the square where he used to stop, he starts attending a recording studio in Villa 31, Retiro. There he became the beatmaker and DJ of the group La 31.

Meanwhile, what happened in the house marked his personality. With his parents separated, little Dillom bounced between the two houses and could not feel comfortable in either of them.. In one he dealt with violence and drugs; in the other they made him feel excluded in order not to adapt to the rules and dynamics of the new family.

“My poor old woman did what she could and went into some semi-dark episodes of addiction and depression. I have had several boyfriends who were a bit abusive. And, well, one day, after all that bad encounter, she ended up in a semi-dark case and went to jail. “, Dillom told the US edition of Forbes magazine. Since he lived with her mother, who was arrested after a raid, Dillon had the chance to end up in a juvenile institution. To avoid this, he moved in with his father and his new family. But the religious discipline of the “new house” collapsed with his restless spirit of him, so they ended up kicking him out. That night he slept in the square.

The options were Ushuaia or Misiones, in the homes of other relatives. “The only thing I thought about was making a living from music. So I said ‘I’m not leaving, unfortunately there aren’t as many opportunities as there can be in Buenos Aires'”he also told Forbes. A childhood friend gave him refuge in his home. Between the ages of 15 and 16, she Dillom felt an orphan. Those were tough years, of deepening their consumption and of strong resentment. “If nothing good happens to me, why do I have to be good to others?”She said Julio Leiva in black box.

He went on to compose instrumental backing tracks for the group’s songs The 31while he thought no one in Argentina was making the music he liked. By the end of 2017, she decided to give it a try and took her songs one step further. It appeared the following year Drippinghis first single, and in 2019, the second, Super glue. with punk fury embraced a dark trap: “That was what I listened to the most when I was making music by myself. Also, within everything it’s a simpler genre, you don’t need a lot of tools to make it happen. You don’t need a lot of tools or a super recording studio. ” said supplement no., page / 12.

They were the first sketches of the style that he was able to polish over time: a sharp, dirty voice with lyrics full of sex, drugs, aggression and a particular sense of humor. Her appearance was new. And it also meant discomfort on the scene: they pointed to him as an outsider. Dillom led the second strong Argentine trap wave -who already had Duki, Neo Pistea and Ysy A as main figures- and renewed the crazy sceneL.

No rapper can alone: ​​how Post Mortem was conceived

Even though his name has gained weight of its own, it would be impossible to think of Dillom’s musical steps as a solo adventure. With Muerejoven, ODD MAMI, Taichu, Saramalacara And The sick Quentin they formed the Rip Ganga artistic collective that includes producers, graphic designers and an audiovisual team. And it was his collaborations with other artists that marked the turning point and the definitive take-off of his music in terms of public. Yours first Bizarre music session with the refrain repeated as a mantra of This is garbage / Yours is garbage and then the crossroads of worlds with L-Ghent, in Ugly Tinty. Dillom blossomed in 2019. He was eliminated last year.

Fame has put the fear of dying on the table. The death of rappers in their early twenties due to drug use in the United States – Lil Peep, Juice Wrld – brought him closer to a psychosis that combined irrational fear with anguish. With that idea in mind and together with the team of Bohemian groovethe record label founded by some members of the Rip Gangwas managed Post mortemtheir debut album. Dillom wanted to release a posthumous album while he was alive, a work with an autobiographical meaning in which he would be immortalized in the event of his death.. A little far from that initial irreverence and aggression, from that adolescent resentment, Post mortem it also means a rebirth for Dillom.

“My idea is to unite and embrace the whole audience. Most of the children are already in my pockets, I know they will listen to me. I am extremely grateful, of course. But that trap being the popular music of today’s youth, you definitely have kids. What costs more is to get important people to listen to you. What fills me the most is reading comments about ‘hey I’m 40 and I love your music‘”, he said in the Forbes interview.

Reaching huge audiences outside the niche is also a risk. UP Speakerthe youth program of the Public TV, Dillom was interviewed. The studio, full of fans. The driver took advantage of it and asked a girl of about ten if she knew any lyrics of the rapper. He sang naturally: “I smoke it with the falopa, if you want what I have, I know the one with the ticket”, A fragment of Takeover bidone of the previews of Post mortem. That clipping went viral on social media and Dillom tweeted: “Where they saw a 10-year-old girl singing ‘I smoke con falopa’ on public television and it’s not a scandal. Total madness “. Upset, the news reports reacted. In the face of criticism, Dillom doubled down and used the exposure to his advantage. composed the version of Takeover bid suitable for all audiences: it passed from I smoke it with the falopa, if you want what I have, I know the one with the ticket“to the innocent”I take it with soup, I also get a good grade in school.

“For me, being here today on this side of the stage is a dream come true,” he said from the Lollapalooza stage. In a series of fortuitous events, changes in the festival grid put him in prime time and his set was one of the most anticipated. A week later, the monster appeared. The first two shows to feature Post Mortem at Vorterix sold out in two minutes. The two dates they added the next day, April 1, also disappeared in two minutes.. The quadruple presentation of the debut album opens a stage, perhaps with an imposing destiny. But it is, without a doubt, Dillom’s revenge.


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