Who’s going to pay Amber Heard’s $ 10,350 million to Johnny Depp

After Amber Heard can not pay USD 10.35 million to Johnny Depp
After Amber Heard can not pay USD 10.35 million to Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has paid US $ 10,350 to Johnny Deppwhen the members of the jury are pushing the actor’s oil against him out of space.

The Fairfaix (Virginia, EEUU) condominium, Penney Azcarate, reduced USD $ 15 million owed by Depp to $ 10.35 million, and Heard recovered USD 2 million per dollar in defiance of defamation. Su abogadaElaine Bredehoft, dijo el jueves por la mañana que el proximi paso de Heard es apelar el veredicto, and confirm that the actress “Absolutely not worth it” pay the mountable stable by the jury.

Además, Bredehoft mentions in his final arguments the following week Heard, from 36 years old, has been paid up to USD 6 million at legal costs per year.

In a communiqué the corpses despised for knowing the veredicto, Depp says: “El jurado me devolvió la vida. It is honorably honored ”.

Debid from Heard’s accusations, Depp knows what to say “nada menos que todo ”.

On the other hand, Heard said that he established the phrase “more than words” and described it as a “review” for women.

“It simply came to our notice then. This desconsolada porque the assembly of evidence is not sufficient to prevent harassment and the disproportionate influence of me ex marido”, Said Heard in a statement. “This is more of a delusion because the significance is obvious to other women. It is a review“Let the idea that violence against women must be taken seriously be retroactive,” he said.

Legal analyst Emily D. Baker runs the magazine People as heard pass he Heard can not be purchased with these legs.

“Depending on parts, for an egg that fell on June 24, I was asked by the abogados to comment and negotiate the salary of the lot”, dijo Baker. “Ben Chew knows in his final allegation that Johnny Depp did not cast a shot at Amber Heard with dinero,” he added.

Before the jury, Chew affirmed that the case “nunca ha sido por dinero” or por “castigar” a Heard.

“If they want to complete the sentence”, continent, “initiate a process completely separate from the short, potentially to reserve a property, stabilize the forms in which it must be paid. “I’m imagining, and like Depp’s team, this is what it’s like: buscarían obtener a judicial order to avoid that Amber Heard repeats statements that the jury considers defamatory and stipulated that they do not pay the bills.”

“É“he is not interested in the other world, because he is more interested in what he does not repeat these accusations”, added. “Obtener el fallo es unka cosa. Obtener the diner is completely different, ”says Ella.

If Depp’s oil were to stick with the diner, then, Baker’s, it would embarrass the proprietorship and “intentionally embarrass both salario or ingresie ing, because it is a separate process that combines an egg that dictates the sentence and can be used in a judicial process.” muy largo para hacer cumplir una sentencia ”.

“From the point of view of public relations, no ideal series to see Johnny Depp trying to hack is the essence of aggressive behavior,” says Baker. “It simply came to our notice then. No matter what aggressively persuasive people are judging the media. “I do not think that I have accidentally been hacked at the moment.”

As Baker explicitly states, heibre inadvertently adheres to Heard with the pay of the dais.

Amber Heard abandons Fairfax's joke after the newspaper announces it has been reprimanded (Reuters)
Amber Heard abandons Fairfax’s joke after the newspaper announces it has been reprimanded (Reuters)

Listened to in the air the promissory notes of Heard passages. In 2016, the actress made a public announcement that she donated the total of her $ 7 million divorce deed to charitable organizations, including the Civil Liberties Union and the other’s Infantile Hospital in Los Angeles. As Depp’s team demonstrates on the court, the act is not clustered with substantial prominences, which establish pay-per-view programs. In his testimony, Heard said that he had all the intention to complete the donations.

“I find it difficult to ask for money”, says Heard, who is the mother of Oonagh Paige, in the stage about the completion of the promotional salaries.

Depp’s victory in July by definition produces 19 months of demand-driven demand in the United Kingdom in November 2020. Demand for the British tabloid The Sun. por llamarlo “golpeador de esposas”. Heard testified to answer the affirmations, and a London jury confirmed the affirmations of the medium as “substantially false”. In March 2021, it was canceled with the intention of revoking it.

Depp demand on your own for USD 50 million to raise a column that will be signed in 2018 The Washington Postin that there is no name, but it can be described as “a public figure representing the domestic abuse ”. Heard, for your part, present one contrademanda, solicitando USD 100 millones de indemnización.

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