Why abstinence is convincing a phenomenon that has plagued Latin American choices

Obtain the highest percentage in the Costa Rican presidency. The protagonist of the last election of the governors in Chile. Represent a chronic malignancy in Colombia comics. Electoral contents in Latin America find an adversary such as atemorize the goblin democrats: electoral abstention.

The negative of the citizens to the point of voting represents a constant in the Latin American countries and corresponding to many of them by their higher digits, or by presidential, legislative, local or referendum choices. Abstention is a wake-up call for Latin American politicians, or that “the formula of skepticism respecting the choices in itself is one of the pillars of representative democracy and the establishment of a degree of consent with the political system”, defines the International Court of Human Rights.

Abstention means not only political resignation – which is clearly one of the problems number one of the current liberal democracies-, sino a clear discount on the electoral offer que se presenta ”, indica a LA NACION Ann Ravel, member of the Assessor Council and part of the Electoral Transparency observation mission.

In the last decade, the confusion of Latin Americans in their electoral institutions cayó in pizza: from 51% in 2006 to 28% in 2018, according to the latest Latin Barometer report data. This descent corresponds to one curtain of credibility of the choiceswhich does not show how a lymphatic process leads to corruption.

In the PASO of Argentina's 2021 legislatures, 70% of voters vote
In the PASO of Argentina’s 2021 legislatures, 70% of voters voteAlejandro Guyot

The most recent information from the Intelligence Unit The Economist that evolving democratic democracy in all the world, advocates about a predisposing tendency, and the potential for the coronavirus pandemic, of critical skepticism about the capacity of the most democratic democrats to overcome the problems of the region and an instrument of tolerance beyond the authority of the governor, a mal that is reflected, precisely, in the compromises “which are more stupid with a democratic political culture”.

En el mundo hay 27 countries that stabilize the mandatory vote. Two of them – the center of which is located in Argentina – are Latin America. With abstention being given to the mayor in all the seats where the vote is optional, “abstention when the vote is binding is especially symbolic, or the voter asume las consequence of not voting to send a message”, Explicitly Ravel.

At the second presidential electoral flight passed Perua pause in the ballot is mandatory, which you as the winner of the masterpiece Pedro Castillo ahead of candidate Keiko Fujimori, of the more than 24 million city-dwellers able to vote, only 74.56% are represented by urns. The general supply rose to 81.22%. More than a quarter of the electorate does not express its vote, but it does the major registrar of abstinence in the last 20 years in the country, según information from the National Electoral Process Office (ONPE).

En el caso argentinoincluding the relevance of official historical data, the participation in the electoral acts always exceeding 70%, the exclusion of the PASO of the legislative 2021, the elección con m bajs baja participation in which 67.78% of the votes cast. The official information advised that the tendency may be affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

In the electoral context that flows from the presidency Costa Rica a Rodrigo Chaves on April 4, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal advised on one abstention rates ranging from 43.23% to 36.57%. Además, in their general choices in the first round, triumphs over abstention – which is reduced by more than 40% -, which, according to the candidates, can be calculated in figures. The Central American country is one of the few countries that requires mandatory voting, but is not implemented in practice.

The cases of Chile y Colombiathe parts in which suffragette is not obligatory, increase the attenuation by its participation fees which, if fluctuating in the choice, do not mark abstraction rates higher.

The vote in an electoral college lasted the second round of presidential elections in Santiago, Chile, on December 19, 2021.
The vote in an electoral college lasted the second round of presidential elections in Santiago, Chile, on December 19, 2021.Esteban Felix – AP

Voting is voluntary in some countries only when the Organic Constituency is renewed by the electoral registration system and Electoral Service in the year 2012, which allows those who decide not to vote to qualify for any penalties. Before reforming the ley, the 2009 Ultimate Elections accumulated a 88% participation rate. To track the modification of the norm, Chile has a chronic abstinence. The 2013 presidential election ruined the marker with 58% abstention; in 2017 increased by 53% in the first quarter and by 51% in the second, a percentage that has recently declined in the first half of 2021, with austerity above 47%. The historic baja obtained the election of regional governors from the past year, in which it participated in 19.6% of the convocations.

Historical comics to choose from its representatives Constituent Assembly of 2021 también tuvieron as ganador al ausentismo, que fue casi of 60% según the official figures of the Electoral Service of Chile (Servel). “It simply came to our notice then [que explicó la baja participación] fue that the choice was made at the same time as a Covid-19 sign. But at the same time, the Chilean majority does not have to worry about the process or the fact that the wind is an important choice. However, the voters of the constituency are more motivated and the result is much more than the constituency of the median voter ”, profound in conversion with LA NACION Nicolás Saldías, a Latin American expert on The Economist intelligence unit.

“This is a problem for the new constitution because the Chilean majority now expresses that they have a level of confusion in their constituents (because they are more than just the median voter) and their masterpieces that the Chileans take seriously new constitution. It is important that the referendum to approve or revoke the new constitution is mandatory and in the new constitution chilena the vote vuelve a ser bindatorio”, Agredas Saldías.

The Colombian case is based on Chilean reality. Balances show that the low level of electoral participation responds to “decades of rural violence and social exclusion from part of the civil society and the civil war and an increase in the presence of the state in parts of the country”. The exchange rate tends to change the Paz Accords with the Colombian guerrilla – no less, the augmentation in the plebiscite of 2016 from 62% -. From the points of view, the 40% share participation fee in the first half of 2014 and 54% in the current account in 2018. “Sin duda although electoral participation is permissible, it is permissible to take a salutable situation for Colombian democracy”, Aclara el analista.

The first flight is from Colombia, which is on the horizon Gustavo Petro to dispute the presidency on June 19 with el outsider Rodolfo Hernández, tuvo a turnout of 54.91%, the highest in a presidential election since 1998.

Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández fly to the front on June 19
Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández fly to the front on June 19YURI CORTEZ – AFP

Diego Alejandro Rubiano, co-ordinator of the Electoral Political Observatory of the Electoral Observation Mission (MOE), observes the registrars of this latest election as “a positive aspect”. Subraya that Colombia always has to abstain from taking care of a system of incentives that take place in the majority of the city to generate a culture of participation.

Además, indica Rubiano, “abstinence is always a form of master of apathy with the electoral political system of the country ”which responds to“ a diffusion of partisan ideologies that blur apoyan and an electoral amplification participation ”.

In these choices, some Colombian cities create historic participations, such as Medellín and Bucaramanga, which account for 65%, according to political analyst Miguel Jaramillo. Other municipalities show a participation of 70-75%. “It is established in the game by the candidates in the contingent, who are basically different, Rodolfo Hernández in Bucaramanga and Fico Gutierrez in Medellín. But we see that there are incremental variables, and in the background reading we have a similar percentage [a los registros anteriores] “and an abstention that is kept above 45%”, said Jaramillo.

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