With double from Salvio, Boca le ganó to Central Córdoba – Football

Boca Juniors volvió to sample the two caras pero dio un buen hacia the classification of the final phase of the Professional Football League Cup, the winner is easily visiting Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero, 2-1, part of the duodenum in the area of ​​2 degrees.

Eduardo Salvio announce the goals of Boca (2m PT and 38m ST). Renzo López, penal, had impatiently transiently for the local (45m PT). The “xeneixe” Javier García, junto figure with the goalie, leprosy on prop Lopez otro penalty (21m PT).

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With the victory (which the air went to the questioned DT, Sebastián Battaglia), Boca established itself in the second place of zone 2 with 21 units; the students are La Plata Students, with 25.

The match is located south of the stadium Madre de Ciudades and county with the refereeing of Yael Falcón Pérez (Germán Delfino in the VAR).

Boca arrangement with todo, at the point where it takes a minute to generate the first row of rice cierce and one more for pounding in the vent. Las jugadas tuvieron los mismos protagonist: carscar Romero, Sebastián Villa y Eduardo Salvio.

In the first Romero tocó for Villa, the Colombian escapes through the equator and sends the center pass to Salvio, entrained by the second fold, the arrow hitting the Toselli arch of Vencido.

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In the second you turn on the primers (Villa tocó for Romero and fire in Paraguay in the center), but Salvio does not fall. In those 120 seconds Boca fired ambitious, flattening caskets, but 1-0 in favor, in the place of darling confianza, operated on a counter-attack and volleyed into the deconstructing team of the ultimate jornadas.

Sbuttoni, que ganó en la altura tras un kerner y cabeceó desviado, dio un primer aviso. From all over Central Córdoba dominance and genre in proportion and Boca are Javier García.

The stopper first removes a remake of Renzo López, trying to get south of the body to salivate and turn a league into a Riaño solitaire and then fly hacia atris to make a hacia cost a bombed-out rematch by González Metilli. If you do not convert, then 21m’s penalty kick by López (the referee or referee’s error is Marcos Rojo’s instances of VAR).

It is deception, to disprove an immortal opportunity to alienate empathy that is intended, disinflated locally, but not enough for Boca to retaliate protagonism, but rather a rematch of the Peruvian Advíncula, crucified or broken se fue desviado por poco.

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The game takes place in a position and is full of impressions. Pero cuando llegaba el descanso García cometió su único error en la stage, le hizo falta a González Metilli dentro del área y, esta vez sí, Renzo López lo cambia por gol para poner un justo 1-1.

The “Ferroviario”, impulsive by the igualdad, makes the best of the complement, maneuvering the fleece, cuddling the gaps in the medium and digging the dividends, but does not want to fly to Boca, which is part of the 15 reactions and so on arco rival.

Bendetto traverses a center of the equator of Villa; despised between Toselli and his palm imposing the second goal visiting an Aranda cab and more than another with the “Pipa” account with a good situation with a gap between the teeth of the jar that is fired by the trabeculae. Ramírez’s exchange operated by “Pulpo” González.

The Battaglia team, as it were, took their lead over Central Córdoba and flew in and out in a few minutes before the turn, followed by a goal from Salvio, Cabeza, Villa center. Entonces ya era otro Boca, el buen Boca, el candidato de siempre. Y se llevó, bien, los tres puntos.

In the vicinity of Facha, 13th and penalties from the first phase of Copa, Central Córdoba visit Godoy Cruz de Mendoza (Monday 2 May from 19) and Boca recycle at Bombonera in Barracas Central (although close to 19 ).

On Tuesday, Boca visited the Corinthians of Brazil in San Pablo by the other side of the group E the Copa Libertadores.


Central Córdoba (SdE): Cristopher Toselli; José Gómez, José Leguizamón, Matías Di Benedetto and Franco Sbuttoni; Matías Laba, Jesús Soraire, Francisco González Metilli and Jonathan Bay; Renzo López and Claudio Riaño. DT: Sergio Rondina.

Boca Juniors: Javier García; Luis Advíncula, Gabriel Aranda, Marcos Rojo and Agustín Sández; Diego González, Guillermo Fernández and Oscar Romero; Eduardo Salvio, Darío Benedetto and Sebastián Villa. DT: Sebastián Battaglia.

Stadium: Madre de Ciudades, de Santiago del Estero.

Referee: Yael Falcón Pérez.


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