With Messi’s goals, Argentina rolls Estonia to Spain

The Argentine captain annotated the penalty at the first time

At the Osasuna Stadium in Spain, Argentine selection flores against Estonia: le gani 5-0 con five goals by Lionel Messi and cerróa with a sonrisa the FIFA fan in that además obtuvo The Finalissimathe Copa de la que, as the champion of the Copa America, super 3-0 in Italy, the winner of the last Eurocopa.

Scale the duel as a platform to try and achieve eye change with respect to the formation that is imposing in Azzurra: Messi, Rodrigo De Paul and Nahuel Molina repeat between those who act from the beginning in London. But they all play in El Sadar as an official duel. And this is reflected in the result … And in Messi’s personal account.

The part started with the full control of Argentina, from the activity of De Paul, Papu Gómez and Messi. Las legadas do not hicieron esperar. In the first rounds, Julián Álvarez stands at a point where he connects a center racing into the bow box and your captain a free-range shot is perforated as it hits the bar. Hasta que In the last 6 minutes Estonia will have scored an absurd penalty to Pezzella, who was kicked and kicked in the face by the line. And Messi, 60 seconds lost, exchange rate inflation by goal: 1-0.

Trace the aperture of the score, the wind blowing as Estonia hits and busses a little more: no success. On the contrary, prioritize the order, avoiding the search that Albiceleste hallara pass between lines. Consequently, the desirrollo is convicted in Tokyo with a profound degree of selective Argentine, but at the cost of meeting grievances. Whether it is intentionally changing the rhythm, or with little precision, or jumping with the barrier of reverse.

Intonations, the main actions of the full leg with remote media remotes. Alexis Mac Allister in 14 minutes, Messi in 37 and Nahuel Molina in 39 minutes merodearon el grito with intentions that pass apenas anchos. In one of the passages of Pulga, when retrospective and providing panorama, you can make computers one by one with the arc, but open offside.

Hasta que The 44 de combine Paulo with Papu Gómez, and ex Arsenal and San Lorenzo dejó Messi cara a cara con el portero. The PSG team does not lose: with a high resolution and potentially the 2-0.

The Argentine captain made it 2-0 over the final of the first half

La Albiceleste salió con fiereza al complement i golpeó enseguida: al minuto, Nahuel Molina cheats on Messi for his victory as N ° 9: he conquers N ° 84 (he died in 86) with the selection box. And the cayeron ries jugadas as well as in cascade. Casi meditamentament, Igonen tapó un mano a mano ante vlvarez, y De Paul le hizo viento al palo derego del arquero con un rasante remate. In the area of ​​Araña tuvo otra opportunidad franca, trace cession’s by Papu Gomez, pero su tiro le salió al medy’s terminó las manos del guardameta.

On the other hand, allowing Scaloni to do so. Entraron Senesi, Dybala, Equequiel Palacios, Juan Foyth de N ° 5 … Pero el control no cambi nunca de manos.

The Argentine captain made it 3-0 at the start of the match

Messi’s show was followed by acts of high bills. At the age of 25, a corpse was found to be recovering from Molina and from the hermit Palacios, all of Estonia was waiting for the sanction. The rosary, 34 years old, se metió en el área observando con el rabillo del ojo si lo frenaban. How not to succumb, jumping on a bow and arrow with a crank-engaging arm and bow on the bow before going 4-0.

Era su primer p enker en Albiceleste. Pero does not want to be logged in. Porque at the age of 30, a double intent of Nicolás González and vlvarez, the ball fluttering in his boots, as if imbued with immanence. Sign up for something, but only celebrate with a son.

The Argentine captain makes it 4-0 to advance the full trail avivada

Y pudieron ser más. The important thing is that it does not import the rival that is interested (in this case, the N ° 110 of the FIFA ranking, because it is the best passer-by in the camp of Europe); tampoco the numbers in the field: Argentina acquire a physonome, a plan, with the accumulation of an invitation of 33 incentives. He flew to Qatar with the idea that he would fly to the World Cup since 1986.

The Argentine captain makes the 5-0 run a series of rebounds


Argentina: Franco Armani; Nahuel Molina, Germán Pezzella, Lisandro Martínez, Marcos Acuña; Rodrigo De Paul, Alexis Mac Allister, Alejandro Gómez; Julian Alvarez, Lionel Messi and Joaquín Correa. DT: Lionel Scaloni.

Estonia: Matvei Igonen; Maksim Paskotsi, Markus Soomets, Karol Mets; Sergei Zenjov, Artur Pikk, Mattias Kait, Henrik Purg, Taijo Teniste; Martin Miller, Erik Sorga. DT: Thomas Häberli.

Stadium: El Sadar (Osasuna, Spain).


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