With Real Self in Argentina, an immersive experience is totally anonymous

Sus creadores are defined as an immersive, artistic and technological experience that sums up people in total anonymity. Traveled from a train off, original music and 360 mapping on the dimensions of the space, the participants are guided to experiment with different emotions during a clock and media. Mascaras and overalls ensure the total anonymity of the “jugadores”, who take their breath away in a cell phone locker privado antes de ingresar a la sala. Nadie podrá reconcocerse entre sí, is a personal and collective experience at the same time.

Ideado and direction Jabo Drucaroffwith the production of Prelude and Ozone Productions (Fuerza Gruta), Real Self es, ante todo, an experience pensada para que participen up to 150 participants per functionthere are four conditions and environments that allow the inner fiber to move, “the absolute possibility of being absolutely real”.

Real Self is the sum of many experiences that take you away from my screws, mainly traveling around the world. Viajé much solo, like mochilero. Finding algae lugar recondito del mundo, solo, sin que nadie me reconozca, me permitió sent senta libertad increasble que nunca antes había vivido. Tal vez esa es la genesis de Real Self: poder irse de viaje a un lugar donde nadie te conoce y, desde ese anonimato, permitirse ser real; play a rat a ser alguien distinto a quien sos todos los días y, tal vez, en ese juego, permitirte ser un poco más verdadero, m reals real. También is the fusion of all the worlds. But the technology, the mapping, the sound involved. Me encantan las ceremonias y la experiencias profundas e intensas; I like the dance a lot, the stage design, the design of the lights. “It is proposed that the sum of all the basics that atrapan y me encantan desde hace mucho tempo”, said the director.

In Real Self we are the spectators
In Real Self we are the spectators of the “actors” of the experiencePATRICIO PIDAL / AFV

Alliance of theatrical arrangements, en Real Self there are no actors or performers, there is a staff available to assist the need for quality, but the recipients are now able to experience the most fluid and “discreet” possibilities possible. Pero is not currently performing new performance, the parts of which they participate to comprehend all the experience, while entering in the language of languages ​​and elements of the various arts such as driving on, off the music, the mapping.

“But a combination of decimations that is a show, but in reality, conceptually, is not it. The most representative and just to define is to decide what is an experience. But it is definitely something that you can do, you can live or experiment, but you can see a work or a spectacle. The roles are undecided, the spectator as it does not exist, is participatory; hay un text, sí, el de la voz in off, pero se completa con la action kada participant that, a su vez, is individual and collective at the same time. Entonces all the elements next to the scenic tongue are permanently altered”, Explains Jabo Drucaroff, director of this work and other experiences in the United States, South Africa, India, England and parts of Latin America.

On the other hand, it is difficult to plant a conflict as in many theatrical works, which is a more oriented approach to the game and the exploitation of different situationsmoments, constructs that are constructed from total anonymity. If comparison with companies like Fuerza Bruta, De La Guarda and various participatory variants is necessary, the condition of the anonymity of each participant in relation to a novel element.

In Real Self all the elements of the scenic tongue are permanently altered
In Real Self all the elements of the scenic tongue are permanently alteredPATRICIO PIDAL / AFV

“The anonymous surge as a hermit for permission to be more real, more verbal. For permitted exhibits without any separate ones. Here’s a famous Oscar Wilde phrase that says:. This is the practical experience. Many people have to confess by first going into some of the screws that the nun is animating or not controlling, and it is not uncommon for other people to have all their teeth separated which is revealed or revealed. Here is the potential of anonymity, because it is trying to experiment anonymously at a time that lasts the experience “, the director reflects, which is also set designer for Gloomy Eyes and Paper Birds installations, premium virtual reality experiences at Sundance and the Venice Biennale; y con su obra Machitún won a prize at the National Art Festival of South Africa.

The mascaras and overalls set in the hands of the participating spectators
The mascaras and overalls set in the hands of the participating spectatorsPATRICIO PIDAL / AFV
Jabo Drucaroff, director and creator of Real Self
Jabo Drucaroff, director and creator of Real Self


Insert and balance anonymous

One of the participants, the participants of Real Self access a first spacer where you have the ability to change gears, ponytails, guantas, mascara and reciprocate instructions. The preparation hacia ese anonymous is a key moment, that is to say the powers that be in the el locker, también se deja allí muchas barreras, inhibiciones, prejuicios, temores.

“The principal is intended to be completely honest, but it is not obligatory to do so without any hesitation; if you want to assume a much more passive role and watch out for a ring, you can. One of them is the conclusive experience, when the gentleman regresses his boxes and searches for his possibilities, because what we see in the probes that the nuns do not even know about the misma manners as a stranger. It is an experience that interferes and moves. Después, tanto el outfit do not overdo it as the mascara is taken with you to your house, that nunca usarán ropa ni mascaras that haya usado alguien antes. In essence, we all see that the sale goes with a lot of energy, results and with the ability to share with other people their lives and the worlds that are most mobile. “I’m like an ‘anonymous regress’ in what it takes in less than 75 minutes,” the director explained.

“At the moment it’s fuerza a nadie a hacer nada ni a decir nada ni a contestar nada”, aclara el directorPATRICIO PIDAL / AFV

Ast Hasta qué punto puede Real Self profundizar the experience of conflict with the real or the worst? “The experience is very respectful of the people who decide to participate. At the moment you do not want to hack nada ni a decir nada ni a contestar nada. By the way, the invitation is as deep as any one that can and will not be allowed or allowed. Por eso no es lo mismo vivirla la primera vez y volver a hacerla. Because it depends a lot on how many times it decays and then the spectator is pounded. At the moment, you can earn 100 depending on the price of each one “, concluded Jabo Drucaroff.

Real Self. Idea and direction: Jabo Drucaroff. General Coordination: Barby Esses. Original music: Dylan Lerner. Outside: June 2, at 20.30, at the Buenos Aires Convention Center (Figueroa Alcorta 2099, on the facade of the Derecho Faculty). Functions: weddings, games and shows from 20.30 to 22.30; Saturday and evening, at 18.30, 20.30 and 22.30. The value of the entries is 3900 pesos (por realselfexperience.com). Silo for majors of 16 years.

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