Write tangos in homage to the most famous dancers of all time

“Romance de María Nieves”, Milonguera Identity (texts: Adolfo Marino Ponti- Music: Ariel Prat)

Many years ago, when I accidentally discovered a milonga in Buenos Aires, I was fascinated by the tango dance. It was a landing night, the bar where I was with a friend closed and invited me to continue elsewhere. It was a local milonguero in the heart of Palermo. When I entered, the first thing I saw was people dancing, young, old, girls and boys from all over the world united in an embrace to the rhythm of a tanda. Osvaldo Pugliese. Suddenly, the couples went to their tables and the organizer announced a dance performance by the Flaco Danya charismatic milonguero, with magical feet chipping the floor.

That evening I also discovered that the dance was the continuity of the tango poetry. Since then my curiosity for this social practice has increased and I got used to every milonga that was there, I started taking lessons and following the exhibitions of famous people. I felt that social dance was the great contemporary revolution of this genre. If at the beginning and in the middle of the last century it was his musicians and poets, since the 90s his dancers have installed the tango as the last universal ballroom dance.

Since I am a songwriter, I have contacted Ariel Prat, musician River Plate, icon of the murga and candombe of Buenos Aires, residing at that time in Zaragoza, Spain, with whom I made several songs; and I proposed to create a conceptual work dedicated to the exponents of 2×4. He replied that he loved this dream and after a couple of emails we went ahead with the idea of ​​realizing this project, this conceptual work of tango-style songs that we then called Milongherina identity.

We both agree that dance tango is a cultural product born on the banks of the Río de la Plata, with a deep sense of neighborhood, with its deep roots in our historical origins, practiced first in the suburbs and then in clubs and halls. of Buenos Aires, Aires, so much so as to be constituted as a fact of Argentine identity, River Plate. And despite the many works and musicals staged in the big cities with the silver label, there was no one who spoke of the referents, of those who taught the world to dance tango in every milonga in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Madrid. until you reach Villa Urquiza or Puente Alsina in a bustle. Those references, dancers and milongueros, who have bequeathed the styles that are practiced today in countless countries. From Finished a Virulazo and of Juan Carlos Copes And Maria Nieves to current references such as Geraldin Rojas or Milena Pleb.

so with Ariel Prat we decided to embark on the adventure of creating this album, Milongherina identity. Let’s start with the milonga dedicated to Flaco Danyto my first surprise, with the coincidence that Prat he was his friend and they dated in Europe. The Skinny he danced the candombe in his samples “black tango“, One of his favorite songs, sometimes in the author’s version, Juan Carlos Cáceres and others in Ariel Prat. This coincidence was crucial because he gave us the tip of the ball to make our dream fly. I immediately sent him the first stanzas: “They tell him the Flaco Dany/ white dress / fiery blonde / and two flashes at the feet / of a suburban candombe … ”After a while, as if it were a game of ping pong, I received the melody, and our first milonga was made.

Adolfo Marino ¨Bebe¨ Ponti
Adolfo Marino ¨Bebe¨ Ponti

After some time, when the minstrel returned to Buenos Aires, we recorded the song,Milonga del Flaco Danyas the only one, arranged by the pianist Paolo Valle and a quartet of violin, bandoneon, double bass and percussion. We were lucky that the Dani He listened to him, made him his own and took him everywhere. Here in Buenos Aires she danced it in Marabù hallin an exhibition he held in that tango temple with Silvia Valz, he also exhibited it in Paris and in other great capitals where he toured. When he left this plane in December 2019, we felt we paid homage to him in life, as one should do recognition, without pettiness. This was the first truth we had of our illusion, that of knowing that we had chosen a possible dream in a difficult environment, without being either of the two splinters of the tango stick.

After this first theme we left the project pending, until the pandemic arrived and while we were locked up, taking care of ourselves, we resumed the idea of ​​completing the work.

In the midst of the silence that grew with the progress of the pandemic, we listened to the music of that dream that was left in a single song. We pick up the thread of the ball again and through the window of that silence let the kite of our illusion fly again.

The names appeared without thinking too much, arbitrarily as in any anthology, we are guided by chance and by those things that the unconscious has, where the brain preserves celebrated landscapes. Thus, for this first volume of six songs, the names of Mrs. Maria Nievesfrom Miguel Angelo Zotto, Geraldin Rojas, Tete Rusconi And Milena Pleb. All of them have an indisputable track record and are highly regarded by their peers and the milonguero audience.

disc cover
Cover of the album “Identidad milonguera”

The creative process was relatively short, it took about six months to finish all the songs. To create a work of a conceptual nature, in this case, it was necessary to deepen each of the characters, because each of the dancers chosen has a universe of rhythmic, stylistic, even spiritual concepts, and of a different era. Each of them has a unique expressive language. This study was fundamental to be able to build the work with its particularities. Every artist, every dancer is supported by a story and a kind of body language and the themes must necessarily reflect this quality poetically and musically.

We know that many names are missing as precious as the chosen ones. We thought, later, when we do volume II, to include other personalities of the tango dance. It was about starting, throwing a bottle into the sea and letting it flow.

A song is a timeless dream. Milongherina identity It is a tribute to dance over time and its protagonists.


On Milongherina identity

It is the first full tango album by Ariel Prat and is made up in homage to popular dance. The new studio album Ariel Prat brings a novelty: the special participation of Mrs. Maria Nieves in the launch video clip and the opening act of the EP. Each song pays tribute to a male or female dancer Argentine tangoor. All the texts and the original idea belong to the poet Adolfo Marino Baby Bridges and musical compositions Ariel Pratwith direction and provisions of Paolo Valle.

The EP contains six songs inspired by tango and milonga figures, including: Maria Nieves, Milena Pleb, Geraldin Rojas, Miguel Angelo Zotto, Tete Rusconi And Danny Garcia.

Ariel Prat was born in Buenos Aires. Musician, poet, writer, teacher and murguero. Great referent of Argentine popular song, also recognized in Spain and France where he usually moves with his style of “murguero court milonga tango”. With ten own edited albums, most important collaborations between them with Bersuit Vergarabat, Juan Carlos Cáceres, The Chicana or Leon Giico. The minstrel when he was baptized, he was declared an outstanding personality of culture in 2008 and stood out for his contribution to cultural heritage and creative diversity, both recognized by the legislature of the city of Buenos Aires.

Adolfo Marino Baby Bridgespoet and songwriter with more than one hundred works recorded by mercedes sosa, Peteco Carabajal, Abele Pinto And Leon Giico, among others. He is a member of the Letters Examination Commission of Argentine Society of Authors and Composers (sadistic) and dictates the workshops of the lyrics of the songs of the Instituto de Iniciación autorale Sebastián Piana for the tango and folklore genres. He has published eight books and has been running a program for nine years National folklore 98.7. Winner of Argentores Award for his radio listening.

Milongherina identity

“Novel by Maria Nieves“(Texts: Adolfo Marino Ponti – Song: Ariel Prat). Acting: Maria Nieves.

– “A Miguel Zotto“(Texts: Adolfo Marino Ponti – Song: Ariel Prat And Paolo Valle).

– “Waltz Tete“(Texts: Adolfo Marino Ponti – Song: Ariel Prat And Hernán Kallis).

– “The Milonga of Geraldino“(Texts: Adolfo Marino Ponti – Song: Ariel Prat).

– “Milena light silk (Texts: Adolfo Marino PontiMusic: Ariel Prat).

– “Milonga del Flaco Dany (Texts: Adolfo Marino Ponti – Music: Ariel Prat).

– Ariel Prat: voice.

– Pablo Valle: piano, arrangements and conducting.

– Andrés Santarsiero: double bass.

– Oscar Ismael Yemha: bandoneon.

– Leo Gasso: bandoneon Milonga by Flaco Dany.

– César Rago: violin.

– Gerardo Solnie: percussion.

Registered at the Estudio Findelmundo, Bs. As. By Boris Peñoñori. Production: Adolfo Marino Ponti And Silvia Damiani.


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