“¡Ya está, ya está!”: Filter a video of a file by Hiena Barrios in the Campana penalty area

The ex boxeador is offline to add to your ex, María Soledad Muñóz

Rodrigo Barrios“La Hyena” as it is popularly known, to be found in Campana penalty for attacking your ex, María Soledad Muñóz. In the last hours, filter a video in which it is on the ex boxeador of 45 years peleando en la cárcel con otro detenido.

With boxing bags and on an impregnated patio as a ring, the Tiger orbit is full of shotguns with a man, men otros pesos filman y arengan. In the pictures, advertised by the site Boxeo Mundialex ex boxing the super box of the World Boxing Union (WBU) and the OMB launch various goals, even if the final day and end of the contingent.

On the way, La Hyena was translated into C Camprcel de Campana, while currently completing the preventive price, it has permanent news months ago in Commissariat 1 of the Tiger. Professional box boxes, detonid antenna bars Barrios brindaba classes in your box box, special brindaba classes with zoom.


Fue in March of this year, the Justice of San Isidro dictates the preventive approach to Rodrigo Barrios, in the margins of a cause due to generosity in which a woman has the news of the news golpado and amenazado with a weapon when visiting the inn of Rincón de Milberg. In a fall of 25 pages, your access to Telam, the Guarantee 5 star of San Isidro, Diego Martínez, the introduction of “La Hyena” the delta of “levies aggravated by the fan and through the violence of generosity and amenazas agravadas by the use of weapons, in real competition ”.

Además, the magistrate argued that prisión preventiva de Barrios al presumir “A flight of fire” and a “probationary entropy” of the charge, the quality is based on “the expected pen and the constants of the input, the resulting results are clear indicators that the input does not appear in the process”. For other people, the game does not go unnoticed in the defense of an alternative medium or preventive pressure, such as the fiscal order of Pablo Menteguiaga, of the Functional Instructional Unit (UFI) of the Violence of the Tiger, brindarle contemplation of police protection against the victim.

Hatching in the middle of the 4th of Februaryled by a member of the Tiger Operations Center (COT) arrives at Barrios’s home, located in the Galileo Galilei district at 1000 Rincón de Milberg, play of recycled sheets on the emergency line 911 that alerted about a genre of violence. The primer is fired from the shadow of the victim, a 13-year-old teenager who warns that his mother is setting him up and that the aggressor only has a firearm, and the other wants a weapon that bears the collective and that, by the house, turn on the 911 to see that the inside of the Barrios’s living is being dug up by a woman who has auxiliary pedal and gritaba “¡Me vas a matar!”.

Así Fue La Detención De Rodrigo La Hiena Barrios En El Municipio De Tigre

Ante la denuncia de la mujer, que afirmaba haber sido agredida y amenazada, Barriers set up in a procedure where sequestration of living marijuana plants per se at gunpoint by the denunciator. I agree with the fact that I play the victim and the professionals who assist me, I was shocked by Barrios the 28-year-old had the energy to go through the Badoo app and had a couple of things in it, while the exboxer had Fernet and Fumado marihu todo el día ”, según los dichos de la denunciant, qui agregó que el acasado“ fumaba faso, uno atrás del otro ”y que recién se pudo levantar el jueves por la tarde.

Denouncing the fact that the problem is exacerbated by the night of the essay, the price of the price, the fact that it is present in the marijuana plants and commenting on the fact that it is rare that the only tube for personal consumption, Barrios “flashes” que ella lo quería denunciar. Según la mujer, Barrios la agredió, la sujetó, la tóóra contra una pared i hasta la amenazó con un a gun of fire that luego escondió, todo delant de su shadowi 13 años al que había invitado para conocer, porki dijo que quería entenlo boxeo.

In his indignation, Barrios neglected the hackers and said that the situation in the world had been revived, that in reality the beekeeper had been hacked and the habeas corpus was denunciated by ten marijuana plants.

In 2014, the ex box boxer was condensed 3 years and 7 months ago by the late homicide of the young man Yamila González, who was tempted to jump with his other truck that atrophied the victim, in a hurry 2010 in the delinquent city of Mar del Plata. Judicial rulings indicate that, as the Mar de Plata tribunal has informed the Tiger fiscal department that the pen was recruited to be published in 2018, but no news has been leaked to it since it was condensed but it is still new, Barrios said. resident.


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