Yanina Latorre reveals details of her audience to China Suárez:

Yanina Latorre there is a small amount of what you have in the audience that you are with Eugenia China Suárezbecause it is sending a document card at the 24th of May, it must be downloaded against “LAM“(America TV), Dengel de Brito and the panelist by hostigamiento.

The panelist should have a reunion with the actress, who intends to search for all of them in order to have the best possible manner to do so is a legal topic. Hoy por la mañana, Yanina grab your Instagram stories and expose: “By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive“.

Asimismo, Latorre launch a piece of data about how Hebrew terminated this audience is with China Suárez: “I can not say no. I can only say that the saw of the pavadas that was heard, has no name… “. Por otro lado, Yanina transmit security before the legal dispute is affirmed: “Likewise, if quadaron calladitos, ya les contaré, qué sé yo, igual imaginance, is not very different“.

What happened between Yanina Latorre and China Suárez

May 24, Eugenia China Suárez correspond in red with a full download in red. The actress grabs a video and shares a Twitter post that directly shows a Dengel de Brito, LAM, Yanina Latorre. Además, le mandó a mensajje a la gente que “le soltó la mano”, y todo apunta a que se refere a Paula Chaves.

“Aparezco por acá. Estoy un poco nerviosa. Me llegó un hilo de Twitter that resume muy bien lo that always digo del hostigamiento. You are not a victim of bullying, you are equal to me and you are equal as all the world. Pero habla of a persecution. “Nunca hablé seriento de esto porque me cuesta, me pone nerviosa”, comenzó diciendo la China Suárez in a video that grabs and shares the party in your stories Instagram.

“Aunque dam that las cosas do not affect me or tenga a coraza muy grande, porque no me quedó otra … Es feo, es doloroso. También me siento avergonzada y sad. Y recién ahora me siento fuerte. Ya pasó lo que tenía que pasar, ya me alejé de la gente que me tenía que alejar. This is a good moment. This is good, but not enough ” Rusherkingof 21 years.

“Acá lo tienen. Fue muy difícil para mí todo este timepo y proso. “Poder animarme a ver esto, compartirlo”, indicating China in a new junta story and the capture that the master of the Twitter account hacked to get his name. “Pero necesito sacarlo de adentro porque no me quiero nufermar. Thank you as much as 30 for notifying you ojos de esta manera y haberme ayudado a salir de lugares (y de gente) que nunca debería haber frequuentado “, señaló.

Download China Suarez

“Thank you for your messages. And all my friends who do not know what to do with it and that I am writing more than what I complete. Thanks to my abbot Agustín Rodríguez for having news on my life at the right moment and deciding that everything will fall“, concludes, confirming that you are leaning against the Justice of De Brito and Yanina Latorre for the information that has been given in”LAM sobre su persona.

Outraged by the departure of China, which also sends a document card, Yanina Latorre goes against asking a sensitive topic for quality: motherhood. Desperate to see the tape being taken from the actress while leaving a hotel near Rusherking, the current couple, Yanina says: “I do not call myself a periodic worker, I am not a host. de ella, tiene un problema groso. Á Are you working on something? Algo necesita “.

¿Did Benjamin (Vicuña) gustar saber que ella no duerme con sus hijos? I Who’s left to go to college? From ahí in Pilar “, aggregó la panelista de”LAM “, poniendo en duda el rol de madre de la China. He added that the Chilean actor “is currently flying an aircraft”.

“Debe tener todo recontra organizado./ Es una mama presente”, acotó Nazarena Vélez. “Debe tener a alguien que la ayuda y lleva lis chicos al collegeio”, opinó Dengel de Brito. “Ella está presente”, dijo Estefi Berardi. Mientras que P Shaa Shaw indication that China “también tiene derecho a salir, si is in a new relation puede ..”.

“Tiene tres chicos … Cuando saos madre …. ¿No lleva nunca al college? I do not feel hot “, arremetió Yanina bancando su propio comentario. Luego, Yanina cont que la China “Sequence of the finest semen department in Palermo” and that this habría hecho enojar a Vicuña, which does not see the situation with good ojos.


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