“Yo fui intensa y no siempre para bien”

Acaba de ganar su primer Martín Fierro as the Best Actress of the Department for their work in the El Tigre Verón and Apache series, broadcast on the El Trece and Telefé channels. Además, look at Clara’s character in the movie Cadáver Exquisitoa psychological thriller directed by Lucia Vassallo and starring June 9 in the big pants.

For this project, the first film of the cinematographer, Sofia Gala Castiglione (35) changed her look radically. Y se puso en la piel, cuerpo y psiquis of a young theatrical make-up artist who finds her new white Blanca – or at least like this – in the bathroom.

Destroyed by the situation, intentionally recovering your novelty by means of recuperators. Little by little, unplug a parallel screw that is a pair of adjacent pipes and that is disconnected. If you are obsessed with getting past the point where you just want to trade and change profusely, you are just unwilling.

Ante Vivathe conversion pattern centered on the lathe al amor and the vents that are constructed in the types that are used. It’s what Cadáver Exquisite, Sofia’s character invites to reflect on the ideas constructed around the design, the fidelity, the whole and the love of money.

“It’s a movie that crashes”, asegura la actress. “We are totally programmed from the position of the other, from the sufferer, from the tragedy. Eventually all of them sang their love songs, even if they snapped Disney movies, they licked their brains with subliminal messages that were not subject to change and that they had obsessive, possessive relations. In the film it is left to the extremes of the queer mal, of the phagocytosis of the other, of the poseerlo bus, dominant, que sea tuyo. Aunque suene fuerte, son situations que pasan todo el timempo. Gente se quiere pesimo. This is a type of mandate in which we leave to explore, to mistreat, to overthrow, to host. We are the ones who are in the name of love. ”

For director and guitarist Lucía Vassallo –who worked on Sebastián Cortés’s junta project–, at the moment the shape of the trauma always represents the idea of ​​reconstructing the “exquisite cage” of the other person.

This is exactly what the media suggests that advance. Combining a potential fusion between the skins, the Blanca –which is in a coma– and the Clara, which also have an active search post. And in this case it produces a vampirization sequence, a transformation in which a term abducting the other and the other is disintegrating.

In this sense, Vassallo, as a resource, cares about actions that take the form of being possible in the private life of the other. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true love of money comes in.

Sofia Gala Castiglione:

Sofia Gala Castiglione: “Look for guides who have modified me”. Photo: Gabriel Machado.

Gente se quiere pesimo. This is a type of mandate in which we leave to explore, to mistreat, to overthrow, to host.

Sofia Gala Castiglione

“It simply came to our notice then. And these are interesting reflections that the film must hacerse. Eso me lleva a la prgunta que me suelen hacer seguido y que tiene que ver con los personas que elijo representa i los thema que me gusta trabajar ”, says Sofia Gala.

-Entonces ¿do you have a direct choice in this sense?

-Claro. When I get algo, I get the art by estimating that the other person is going algo. I do not know the content with the proposed conformist art. Search a lot of guions that interest me and modify me. What is most important is that the art of moving, that you inquire, that you love and care about. When I go there I want to pass by art because I think it’s good, or I want to impose it as a message or line bajadores, that’s me baja.

– The idea is that there is no direct sea.

-You do not always have to be mobilized to fall. A veces es fuerte, a veces te hace sentir bien, otras veces mal, a veces te parece bello ya veces horrible. Y todo eso ya es un montón. The idea of ​​quality artistic expression is mobilized. That one does not have the experience of knowing how to enter, which is difficult to answer. The answer is precisely the preconceived notions that are part of the interaction with the work. There are no correct answers or there are only correct answers like people who are asked.

– The interesting thing is that Clara ille hager is this mimeras su novia is in coma.

-El amor texico también tiene que ver con la forma que uno se vincula con el otro. The mentor, the transaction, the engagement, their diary situations in their relations. And this provoked reactions in the other. Between the reactions, the disconnection. But I have an ida and flight in which the son is a toxic fan. There are people who react in a reaction that they do not approve of. O sí te pertenecen, pero probablemente uno no sea de esa forma con todo el mundo. Hay algo in essence relations, as a kind of virus, that you pass with the other person sin darte cuenta, or you.

-But who created Clara to be the decisive one that relates to the state of your novelty?

-We rarely act and the decisions we make. We are set as the skin. There are a number of situations that take us up and down our way of reacting like they do with absorbing water or taking care of our teeth. The interesting thing is that one can form. ¿Por qué ella hace eso? Cadáver Exquisito is a cell that leaves you in the plant. Porque, hasta cierto moment, qualquiera’s situation Clara se hubiera puesto a investigar cosas acerca de la pareja. As soon as the situation is controlled and apparatus the excesses and looping.

Sofia Gala Castiglione, multifacetica.  Photo: Gabriel Machado.

Sofia Gala Castiglione, multifacetica. Photo: Gabriel Machado.

Sharing and adhering boxes

From the movie director, Sofia Gala’s character is morocco. But, as the actress explores the secret screws of her novelty, her external aspect is radically transformed, she is just converting – but through the art of make-up that is practiced mismatch – into an albino woman and mentally disturbed.

Interpreting the algebra that goes unnoticed is a psychic experience. As actors, our heroic workmanship is simply the psyche. In China the processes are short, intense. The representation of the one who composed the scenes and the filming, the attraction in real time, from the emotional prophecies. Entonces, one that is indefinitely broken. And more in a story like this, when the emotions are in the flow of time all the time. Each one tends to have resources for selling this essay ”, admit Sofia Gala.

With my grandfather Dante we have a very intense relationship. Including us casamos. Pero fue un venculo que me hizo darme cuenta de que no podía ni quería seguir manejándome así.

Sofia Gala Castiglione

-What is the transformation that attracted Clara’s character?

-Clara de cierta forma de dejando de ser ella misma. The company will show itself as a tranquil and related woman. For other terms the form is completely different. Blanca, on the other hand, experimented with transformation in a direction. Ambas se van desvaneciendo. And at this point the plant is very interesting about the idea of ​​romantic love, fusion and interest. The film is all the way to the opposite: the intention to cut on the other, to absorb the other, exaggeratedly, to reach an obsessive level. It’s what makes us romantic lovers. However, the action is negative and the film is shown as highly toxic and harmful.

Sofia Gala Castiglione recoil the Martín Fierro for its activation in the El Tigre Verón and Apache series.

Sofia Gala Castiglione recoil the Martín Fierro for its activation in the El Tigre Verón and Apache series.

En carne propia

Not only are the people who interpret Sofia Gala being asked the ideas constructed around the work, the fidelity and the whole, but it is also a process in which there is a lot of money. Lo hace tanto en Cadáver Exquisito como en Closer, which debuted in Calrientes with a new theatrical version of the 1997 text. Junto to Juan Gil Navarro, Gonzalo Valenzuela and Carolina del Carmen Peleritti. protagonize a work that does not solo sound only when it is planted on the spectator more than a respectable one. Algo que a Sofia Gala le resuena en lo personal.

-¿Do you have a record of what you are doing, is this reflection respecting your love and why are we confused?

-Creo que fue cuando me separe del papá de mi hijo Dante (N. de la R .: se refiere al músico Julián Della Paolera). We want a very intense relationship. Including us casamos. Pero fue un venculo que me hizo darme cuenta de que no podía ni quería seguir manejándome así. Había algo que no funcionaba. It can not be said that enamorada efforts of a person and terms a relation with a disconnection, which is what suele pass in the screw. You have a different separation. Our costó.

-¿Is there any emotion and reflection on the topic?

-Sí. Coincidence coincides with the stage of my third and peak, which is one of the most consciously sought after endeavors. Mirando for atrás, knowing that between the third and the fifth sobreviví. No hay consecuencias cuando sos tan joven. O sí las hay, pero en tu mente no. Creo that in the decade of the third triangle can see all the consequences. ¡Ojo! It does not mean that you do not like what you like and what you like. But you can actually do what you want to do, what you want to do, what you want, what you prefer.

-In a point, a desire to replace the sentiments …

-Should you love me, wholeheartedly, is it a mess of sensations? Yo fui súper celosa, intensa y no siempre para bien. Hablo de mí y de toda la gente que conozco. Muj pocos son relajados en ese sentido. I try to ask you all this idea of ​​what love is really like. Love is a topic of interest, of course, because the gentile is available to look at and decide: “Whoever gets better, whoever feels better”.

-Why do you want to reschedule your mandates?

-It’s a search in a mismo. A mí la cuarentena me lo marcó muy de frente. At the moment, my aspiration is the best possible passage, no autoboicotearme m .s. There are many programs that can take you to a form that is not really your own. De eso se trata la búsqueda: de desprogramarse. Pero, para verlo, también hay que atravesarlo. Quizás, algún momento, podés brake in med de la vorágine diarr ya darte cuenta de que esas programas non ne te pertenecen. Y tratar de encontrar el mejor camino para vos y abrirte a tu mundo. It is collectively, not all. Pero, con suerte, si une tiene loj ojos abiertos, puede hacer algo al respecto.

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