Zelensky confirmed the defeat of Putin’s troops in Lyman: “The city has been completely liberated”

las tropas ucranianas show que han recuperado Lyman y sacan las banderas rusas de los edificios públicos

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has announced this Sunday that the city of Lyman, situated in the region of Donetsk and the gateway to neighboring Lugansk, in this country and the territory occupied by Russia, is “completely liberated”. since midday

“Desde las 12.30 Lyman se encuentra completamente despejada. Gracias a nuestros militares, nuestros soldiers. Gloria a Ukraina “, declared the head of the Ukrainian State in a video published on Telegram.

The Ukrainian Army intends to convert the conquest of Lyman into the “opening of a road to the Donbás”, as announced yesterday by the spokesman of the military forces of the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Army, Serhiy Chereviy.

Los soldieras de Kiev le arrebataron a Moscú el territorio ubicado en la región de Donetsk

It is believed that some of Putin’s troops are trapped in Lyman, an important logistic center, after having been surrounded by the Ukranian relay advance. Se enfrente a tener que rendirse o luchar para salir, en una maneuver que probabilita les haría sufrir enormes pérdidas.

This past Saturday, the spokesperson of the Russian Army, General Igor Konashenkov, confirmed the withdrawal of the Russian forces from the city. “Since there was a threat of encirclement, the allied troops were withdrawn from the settlement to the most advantageous lines”, explained Konashenkov in a press conference by the TASS agency.

Ukrainian troops posed for a photo in Lyman, Ukraine, and this image was shared on the social networks on October 1, 2022.
Ukrainian troops posed for a photo in Lyman, Ukraine, and this image was shared on the social networks on October 1, 2022.

The city was used by the Russian Army as a vital transportation center. There, according to Ukranian estimates, they were surrounded on Saturday by around 5,000 Russian soldiers, the mayor asedio a un contingente ruso from the beginning of the war.

Konashenkov no ha confirmed cuantos military rusos permanecían exactly en Lyman y se limitó a señalar que la ruptura del cerco ucraniano se ha saldado con la muerte de unos 200 efectivos a las orderes del Gobierno de Kiev, sin dar tampoco más detalles.

La toma de Lyman supone una clave victory para Kiev, ya que se trata de un importanto nudo ferroviario en la exionada región de Donetsk.

Reacting to the Russian retreat from the city, the leader of the Russian Republic of Chechnya, Ramzán Kadírov, instructed Moscow to use “nuclear weapons of low power”, and record decisions without considering “the Western-American community”.

Justicia international

After the official annexation on Friday of four Ukrainian regions by part of Russia, Ukraine announced that it will appeal to the International Court of Justice (CIJ), “exhortándola a que se ocupe de este caso lo más rápido posible”.

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenski, also indicated that he was “signing the candidacy of Ukraine with a view to an accelerated accession to NATO”, a decision supported by the United States and Canada.

“We firmly support the entry into NATO of countries that want to join and that can contribute their capabilities,” declared the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

On Friday night, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, held a ceremony for the annexation of four Ukrainian territories: the separatist regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, and those occupied by Russian troops (Zaporiia and Jersón).

“¡La victoria será nuestra!”, launched the mandate between the applause of thousands of sympathizers, congregados en la plaza Roja en Moscú y undeando banderas rusas.

Los dirigentes de la Unión Europea y la OTAN condemned this annexation, which they qualified as “illegal”.

In New York, the Security Council of the UN examined a resolution condemning the “pseudo-annexions”, but it was immediately blocked by a Russian veto.

El presidente Joe Biden affirmed that the United States and its allies “will not be intimidated” by Putin and warned that NATO will defend “every centimeter” in its territory.

The head of the European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, warned without embargo that this territorial adhesion is “practically” impossible at the end of the war.


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