Zelensky reveals how Ukraine has a heroic resistance of grace and an amateur air of young hackers

Volodymyr Zelensky
Volodymyr Zelensky

Russia has been trying to harass those cybernetic extremists in its conflict with Ukraine (which in 2014 led the Kremlin to annex Crimea), but the invasion of the country provoked a backlash against its predecessors among the “hackers” who openly the extraneous. The country created one “Ejército of voluntary computer pirates To eliminate Russian web sites, use Starlink’s satellite Internet system to manage your communications infrastructure without having to worry about launching and launching a crash on social networks in order to gain access to the world.

In exchange, the leaders of Russia, and weighing a traditional air much more powerfully, se han stancado in an obsoleta strategy of the anterior siglo. In an interview Wired with Volodimir Zelenskyexplicitly how Russian cybernetic security systems tampered with The computer pirates who are being hacked are being hacked by the IT lanzaban continuously or by the de facto distributors of the service against Russian web sites, además of publicity propaganda and notices in favor of Ukraine in sites that Russia has no surprise.

These hackers, as the article explicitly, no cybernetic master masters with training in clandestine operations, adolescents and teenagers who learn by following Internet tutorials or the art of basic computer piracy in just a few seconds. And one of the most common puddle semen puddles attracts the stupid defenses of Russia and their canto mantle of censorship in guerrilla warfare.

“In the first days of the war, we dedicate much time to the logistics of a battle in cyberspace.”, aseguró Zelensky in dialogue with Wired. “Creo que este es el futuro, y se convirtió en nuestro, creo, tercer ejército. Probably ten different types of airplanes: our Popular Airplanes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the IT Airplanes. The IErcito of IT hizo much by the cyberdefense of the institutions that are fortunately attacking. The invaders querían caer el Banco Nacional y el Gabinete de Ministros. Querían talar todo that no pudiéramos darle a la gente sus suldos y pensions, that no hubiera luz ni communication, that la gente no pudiera escucharme y escucharnos a todos, escuchar information vivo. Our IT operating system works here ”.

These teenagers and teenagers take up-to-date Internet tutorials or the art of basic computer piracy in one of the few places (Getty)
These teenagers and teenagers take up-to-date Internet tutorials or the art of basic computer piracy in one of the few places (Getty)

“We are all on a social network. Ya no se trata de si es bueno o no; most of our videos are online. The online study, obtained information; la gente lee, la gente lo usa. Este es nuestro mundo ahora. This is a dividend. The Internet is a reality. No it’s possible, it’s a modern reality. “As soon as the guy likes you like that, you have to use what the guy did.”respond to one of Geoffrey Cain’s questions.

“Unsurprisingly, only young people do not have long pieces of information. Quieren desplazarse y obtener information cad vez m ns nueva. “Consumption is rapidly rising as I notice that the video is 10, 20 or 30 seconds long before the interest is lost,” he said.

Sin embargo, aclaró que “Every generation is more intelligent than the front. The future is more amplified than the past, and if it is intentionally related to the future, it will lenguaje común. In addition, remote responders, remote controllers, and remote control programs tend to be much larger and slower. The gent does not have to be very interesting. The gent does not tolerate engage; the government does not tolerate dictators. If you have the honesty, sincerity and franchise, you connect with the gentile ”.

He lamented that there are so many great technological innovations that the continent operates in Russia: “Recuperating Russian weapons while carrying or destroying battalions, destroying many projectiles and parts of firearms made by Western companies. Entonces, de hechowe are not fighting solo against Russia, we are against all the main companies. “We have a flame in these parts for which we can work together.”

Starlink, the constellation of SpaceX satellites that appeals to people with Internet access
Starlink, the constellation of SpaceX satellites that appeals to people with Internet access

Qu Who ocurre with social network companies? Según Zelensky, “some platforms and social networks are not the only one in Russia, which is very important to me, but I do not like to be influenced by the internal policies of the country. What follows is that the companies are the ones that now have all the influence. It has information, such as a wall, or a subset of information, which is the genius of the Russian Federation. Debid on this veil, hecho by the political elite of the Russian Federation, you are in this proprietary information space, and this space is supplied by the Kremlin, which only the information that is favorable. I have no freedom in space”.

For this, because “some great and genius platforms, even though they are blocked in Russia, deberían find a technological, ideological or creative form of samples of the world of our real life before the Russians claim that they live in another world. “The main thing is that the people on the social networking platforms live in freedom, and the Russians are out of the blue, as they were created on another planet.”

As for the Starlink system, the SpaceX satellite constellation that hits people accessing the Internet is effective, Selensky assures it is. “We have a lot, in many moments, relations with the block of our cities, places and relations with the occupied territories. We have completely completed the communication with these places. Losing contact with most people is losing control completely, losing reality. Cream: the people who salivate in the occupied cities, who do not have the help of Starlink, who know that the Russians do not know that Ukraine does not exist, and some people who do not include it. This is a reflection of Starlink’s goal ”.

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